Sunday, June 05, 2005

The New And Improved Beak Speaks

This is drummaster2001, beakerkins nephew. He writes a mean blog but doesn't know a thing about computers, so I am doing the first guest blog on The Beak Speaks. These links were overdue and sorry for the delay. Should we link the anti-semites 167 and 147 just to make fun of them because they seemingly get no traffic? Let us know what you think. By the way, my link is nicotine and rock- all about the great music. Anybody that wants a link that doesn't already have a link, contact me via my blog and I will make the correction ASAP. Big Bubba, you already have one.



Warren said...

Way to go!

Now I can quit nagging the Beak. :^)

beakerkin said...

i am all thumbs with technology .Where is the legend ,the man, the myth BIG BUBBA
of Big Bubba House of Pain for Liberals

bum from jersey said...

i think you should link to blogs that you read, wheather you disagree with them or not. this way your readers better understand where your perspective comes from.

beakerkin said...

That is a great concept.