Friday, June 17, 2005

Mental Rot

I find myself not as sharp as I once was . There aren't six newspapers up here and most of the news is local. In NYC I would be through the NY Sun and Post by now. I find myself reading more. I am trying to read Horowitz latest but this blase lifestyle is getting to me. The locals are wonderful but I am homesick. I miss Staten Island and adventuring in NYC.

I am going fishing with some of the locals. I haven't done that in almost 30 years.
Vermont is almost like a time trip to the beloved Catskills of my youth. It will be good to get out on the lake. I bet I strike out but you can't catch something unless you try.


Justin said...

Kick back and enjoy. If you dont catch a fish you will have caught something much, much more. Let your soul soak in the beauty that surrounds you up there. That is something that the City whether it be NY or Dallas cannot give you.

I enjoy going to the ranch when I can just to enjoy the peace that the canyons and the hill country bring to me.

Let yourself be reminded that in this world of hustle bustle God has provided us with places of beauty for reflections into our souls.

Always On Watch said...

Maybe now you have a clue as to why so many Americans are not as fired up about world events. The rustics have their own little world, and it's a pretty nice one.


Elijah said...

whats up beak,
got hacked after clicking on a questionable
good to see your still writing
my computer is toasted tha

Esther said...

What about reading your papers online?

I used to love fishing with my uncle. I'd catch a fish and then if it wasn't big enough (which they never were), we'd throw them back in. Have a great time!