Saturday, June 04, 2005

Saying the N word in Union Square

I am going to say the N word and some you aren't going to like it. Beakerkin is a moderate he would say the N word. I used the N word and almost started a riot in Union Square . The Radical leftist utopians were outraged at the nerve of a person in 2005 using such viscious barbaric language.

I am a NATIONALIST and I love my country and its people. Now some of you were thinking I used the other N word. No that word is an ethnic slur and should never be
said by anyone, including Rap Artists. There are a whole range of these words that should not be used and I wish weren't. Now the leftist Utopians want to equate my Patriotism with Nazism.They want to turn love of country into an evil thing.

I love my country and the people who live in it. I love the hard working men and women who serve in harms way each and everyday in the military, law enforcement and rescue services. I am proud of my countries history and accomplishment . Yes there
were some dark spots like Slavery and the injustices done to Native Americans. This
is part of any nations history.

Freedom of speech is my birth right and my legacy is the defeat of Nazism and Communism ( except at universities ).My legacy includes Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Dr Martin Luther King, Antonin Scalia, John Wayne, Chief Joseph and Sandra OConner. There are some Americans who renounce their own they follow Marx, Castro, Stalin,Che , Ho and Mao and their legacy is the Black Book of Communism. There are
KKK types and Storm Fronter White Power Nuts, NOI and other seperatist types they are also not part of my legacy.

At Union Square my use of the word Nationalist started the Leftists hyper ventilating. "You can't be a nationalist by definition that means that you feel superior to other you evil SOB".

Yes I am superior to the followers of the Marxist Death Cult. My way of life has not killed 100,000,000 people. Yes I am superior to Johny Jihad. I do not shoot school kids in the back , fly planes into office buildings, kill gays as a matter of law, treat religious and ethnic minorities as second class citizens.

I am an American Nationalist and if that word bothers the leftist utopians they can kiss my rear in Macy's window at Cristmas.


Amy Allen said...


beakerkin said...


Thank you for listing my blog amongst your favorites. I am really
an anti communist moderate.

Something happened to me after 9-11
and seeing the mayhem up close changed me forever.

Esther said...

I think it changed a lot of us, Beak.

beakerkin said...


I wish it were so but people are forgetting. I wish you could understand some of the hateful things people say to 9-11 witnesses. The one that annoys me the most is coward. I ran away from the WTC people do not understand.

justin said...

You were not nor are you now a coward for running away. I lost some very close friends in the WTC that day. I sat at my desk and bawled like a baby.

What annoys me ( no and sorry here what irks the hell out of me is the news media) daily I am subjected to Abu Grab, Gitmo, and everything else wrong with this country. They purposley decided to not show us the WTC over and over because they knew it would inflame patriotic fervor in this country.

They did it during Viet Nam and now they are back doing it to 9-11.

Their intended goal is to turn Americans and the world against our government simply because it wasnt the government they thought they had elected. How shocked they were when all there effort to put a government they wanted in place went down in flames.

I have no use for the news media and if I had my way they would be on their own in the middle east. Funny how the guys they vilify they sure as hell stick to for protection.

Beak never let your self feel a coward or let anyone else make you feel that way. Let people be in your shoes and then tell me what they would have done differently.

It is a whole lot easier to say what you would do when your not faced with the situation. Like you a lot of us lost people near and dear to our hearts and I will never let their memory bue desicrated by a few nit wits that werent there or knew some one who was.

Be at peace knowing you did what you could and did what you had to do.

beakerkin said...


Thank you for your kind words as I
seldom talked about what happened on that day.Leftist Utopians have
called me a coward but there was nothing I could do. The best thing I could do as a Civilian was to get out of the way.

Recently some of my heroes Sailors insisted I go back and retrace my steps. I explained to them that people who were there never speak of that day and when we do terrible things are said. They insisted that I do this and they have a right to know. This was the reason that many of them signed up.
My brother and sister in law are career Naval officers and I feel a kinship with the Navy. Leftist also
claim there are no Jews in the service.

I showed them the route some real heroes took . Some investigators dashed from 17 Battery Place to the Facility about 3/4 of a mile and rescued children in a daycare

I retraced my path for the sailors
and some tourists insisted on joining. I told them all I am no
hero just a witness. I recounted where I was in 93 but some have forgotten . I was inside the building when it happened .

I took the sailors on my route north. Unlike Lots wife I kept looking back.I felt a compulsion to sing the rarer Jewish preparation for death Ani Mamin .
Oddly, my people sing of messianism when they prepare to die. I guess that is something people do not understand. The perpetrators were thinking about 72
vigins. I was thinking of my girlfriend , family and singing about ever lasting peace and the arrival of the messiah. Warren has said that that is defiance. In reality I was never in any danger.

I am dreading being asked that question in Vermont. What do I say
I was a witness and ran ? I bear no injury or mark from that day.

Richard Poe the writer who is a friend and know why I joined DHS
summed it up.

" Every American was injured on that day..". If you were an American and you felt nothing on 9-11 you have no soul. I was just a nameless faceless man racing from
history as brave men made history.

Thank you for your kind words Justin. I am bringing a book with me to Vermont of Eyewitness accounts. Never Forget an Oral history of September 11 2001 by Fink and Mathias.In case somebody asks I will show the accounts.

Always On Watch said...

I'm sending this post to everyone I know.

When I read it silently, I smiled. When I read it out loud to my husband, I teared up. What an excellent avowal of patriotism!

beakerkin said...

Always : I was called a Nazi Coward in Union Square. I was called a Nazi for saying I am a nationalist.

I was called a coward for fleeing to safety on 9-11. I did flee but it was what I was supposed to do.

Always On Watch said...

You were a coward for fleeing on 9/11? What an idiotic accusation!
As to your being a Nazi, that's ludicrous--for several reasons which I do not need to list.

Nationalism gets a bad rap in the classrooms of our nation. Leftist utopians are brainwashed, but that doesn't excuse them for screaming out their verbal attacks.

Despite their protests to the contrary, leftist utopians are among the least tolerant people on the planet.

beakerkin said...

Always I did flee but that is what I suposed to do. I was a civillian
and would have been in the way.

It is not the first time that the charge had been leveled and it won't be the last.

justin said...


yes, you were injured much deeper than physically. Physical wounds heal they type you suffered never heal. as one who has been in a war and smelled and tasted death i can feel some empathy for where you are coming from.

They guys that told you to retrace your steps were right. You were no coward on that day. You will always remember even the most minute detail of that day and you are charged to remind others of what you saw what you felt what you know. I know that is not easy my friend but you have been blessed with the strenght to do so.

The only cowards were the ones on the sidelines telling everyone else how they should have handled themselves as I asked you in a earlier blog. Where were these people? Were they there? nooo I dont think so. It is so much easier to judge other peoples actions when we are not required to go through the trial.

Bleak I always remember what my Grandaddy told me.

"Son as long as you can go look yourself in the eye in the mirror you are ok it doesnt matter what others say about you"

Hold your head up proudly and proclaim to the world what you saw there. Never let it die. For those who forget history are destined to repeat it. "God forbid we ever see another 9-11"

bum from jersey said...

hmm...i am not gong to use the n word only because i don't truly understand it and as i do now, i still dont' feel comfortable using it.

i don't support bush. i didn't vote for him the first or the second time but i do support the president. even though the men that i voted for didn't win the election i believe as an american, we should support our president. you hear people saying the president doesn't support the american people, well i don't see much encouragement coming from those critics. maybe if they supported the president he might think twice about the policies (some believe aren't in the best interest of the country). if they feel so disgusted, remember they can vote and elect a new person into office.

you know whats funny - everyone seems to have an opinion but when it comes time to make it heard only 1/3 of us show up and make our opinions count (i am referring to elections here).