Sunday, June 19, 2005

The dark side of Messianism

I have often taken heat for my pro christian views as a Jew.I am not a Christian but the apex of good messianism is in Christianity. The notion that kings and peasants and all of man is a promise of what man can be and should aspire to. Judaism aspires to this in my opion as well so I do not see the incongruity of my admiration. I am still a Jew but admire the noble principles of Christ.

I have written extensively on the revolutionary falacy. Marxists and Jihadists seek to reinvent this world through destruction . David Horowitz writes on this theme in his latest book The End of Time. I have contrasted Mohammed Atta's vision of sexual utopia and hated of women with my thoughts of my family on 9-11. Horowitz compares the zeal of Atta's religious fervor with his fathers marxist utopianism.

I guess I am simple in that I do not see a world that needs a fiery cleansing. There is much beauty and joy at hand if we do not get all caught up in ourselves. Who cares if your friend has a better car then you, be happy for him. The truth is that the only person who can give us happiness stares at us in the mirror each and every day.

Happiness through Marx or Jihad is an illusion. Learning to create joy in ourselves and in our lives is realistic. Revolutionaries rant and rave but they are doomed to never see the forest for the trees.

The other night I did something unusal I just stopped to look at the stars and wonder. We do not see the stars much in NYC and the Vermonters must have taken me as a fool but I was greatful for the freedom to wonder and the beauty of possibilities.


Esther said...

This was a beautiful post, Beak. I'm thrilled you're taking the time to admire the beauty around you, rather than yearning for tomorrow in another place. Enjoy the moments....especially the small ones.

Warren said...

How utterly strange.

The other night I was going to send you an Email urging you to look into the face of the heavens. I decided that you probably had already done so.