Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A Prayer at Ground Zero

Regular readers need no introduction to my perspecive on 9-11 as a witness and at WTC 93 a survivor. 9-11 America was attacked and it was my city aflame. Most of you watched on TV in horror but I had a front row view. The WTC was a part of my life and it was being attacked again.

I joined the exodus North away from history as heroes bravely raced towards history and their destiny. While Beakerkin fled North what was the world doing. Most of America and a good part of the world watched in horror. Jihadist laughed and danced at the spectacle handing out candy. The exception was Iran where candle light vigils were held.Left wing Utopian vermin were planning to blame 9-11 on America. In NYC they held a Communist sponsored rally while the fires were burning that Saturday in Union Square Park.

I offered my prayer on behalf of all my readers, friends and family who can not get to Ground Zero. I will be away for 13 months and unable to do so for a while.It was my way of remembering and making peace. Sadly, I will not be there when WTC 7 emerges from the ashes of 9-11 like the Phoenix. Perhaps Jason, Pam or my NYC blog bretheren can post a picture of that event.I am not leaving as my appartment is ready and awaits my return. I am a NYC person in my heart and soul and that tie can never be severed by proximity.

"This is the site of the former WTC. I was first attacked on Feb 26 1993 as I had just entered the building. That attack is largely forgotten as only two handfull
of people perished that day. This event is over shadowed by 9-11 but should not be forgotten.

On 9-11-01 America was attacked by religious nihilist who have a warped view of humanity. Their version of paradise rationalzed wanton waste of human life for some depraved sexual fantasy. The rest of us celebarate and cherish life.

I was one of the thousands of faceless people who saw way too much and fled North after seeing way too much. I fled away from history after natural rubbernecking.
Brave men fled towards danger and sadly many of them lost their lives in an effort to rescue others. The courage of those brave men is an example of the best of humanity contrasted with the worst all in the same event.The rescue service personel represented the best of humanity.

The other victims were ordinary people going about routine daily functions. Some were going to work in the WTC or the Pentagon and others were traveling across the country. The were cast into a maelstrom ofv deveststion all due to some idiots twisted view of religion. They died for no other reason then being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

My prayer for all the victims of 9-11 is that they find whatever verion of heaven thet sought and that they dwell in peace. I pray for the families that they have the strength and fotitude. I pray for all of those who were touched either on TV or fleeing on foot as I did.

You do not have to be a NYC resident to feel the pain of 9-11.There were plenty of people who felt the pain in Virginia , Texas , Indiana and the red states as well.
People felt the tragedy in Canada, Israel, Australia and in Tehran. All you had to do was see a familiar face or story similar to your own.

The reaction of our enemies was predictable celebrations and giving out candy by Jihadis. The seditious Utopian leftist vermin planed on blaming America. They did so
in a disgusting rally in NYC with the buildings burning in the distance on the Saturday after 9-11 in Union Square Park. The behavior of the aforementioned proves that our enemies are barely human. The leftist utopians are terrorist enablers.

I pray that the perpetrators burn in hell for eternity.History will be unkind to the left wing utopian vermin. They were wrong in the Cold War they are wrong again. The liberals and the rest of the country can squable on specifics but Leftists Utopians are always wrong.

I pray that all who were left in distress on 9-11 find peace in their hearts "


Always On Watch said...

How eloquent! When I read this, I got angry all over again. How is it that so many have forgotten what happened there?

Ground-Zero cries out for justice, and the emergence of WTC 7 is a fine start--but not enough. I live in Virginia, far away from the site, but visited there in 2004. Maybe it's corny, but I wear my Ground-Zero cap almost every day. I never want to forget what I saw on my TV screen on 9/11/2001 because forgetting is excusing. Of course, YOU cannot forget, but neither should any American or any lover of liberty.

I'm glad to hear that your apartment will be waiting for you. I believe that you are doing the right thing in going to Vermont, but I hope that you can return to your beloved NYC.

Know that, every day, I will ask for the Lord's protection and guidance for you. We've never met, but I consider you my friend. In fact, sometimes I speak of you to my non-blogging friends, and I refer to you as "My friend, The Beak."

Thank you, Beak, for offering your prayer at the WTC site. That step will give you the strength you'll need.

Stay safe!

beakerkin said...

You and your husband were prominently in my prayers . I am just sorry that I will be unable to see the opening of WTC 7. Pam of Atlas shrugs will have to post a picture. The rebirth of the hole in NYC is starting.

Someday something wonderful will be there.Until then we will have ponder what was and what can be.