Monday, June 27, 2005

The wacky world of 167

Evertyone's favorite anti- semitic clown is at it again. He is calling for the dismantling of Isreal to protect the Joooooos. The Jews should not have the IDF protect them they should be protected from themselves by the UN and some blue helmeted Fijians. The fact that he picks the worlds only Joooooish state is a mere coincedence. Yes the Wacky world of the Recididoofus is filled with a number of them.

He rails about Rachel Corrie and another useless "Peace Activist/ Commie" but is oblivious to Saddams mass graves. A country that uses WMD on its citizens has a right to self determination and genocide is just a leadership variable. How dare you place your Western standards on Saddam.

What leader waged warfare on two of his neighboring countries and lobbed scuds at another country unprovoked. How dare you judge Saddam it is all evil zionistic media.

What leader had extensive ties to terrorism sponsored ABU Nidal , housed Abu Abas and employed the architect of WTC 93 Ramzi Youseff as an intelligence officers ? All evil neocon zionist media propoganda.

To those who ask if I label all Israel critics anti- semitic the answer is no. However Jewish cabals manipulating the White house and non stop mono focus on the worlds only Joooish state is anti semitic . This latest batch of hypocrisy is over the top even for the brain dead 167.


Robert Bayn said...

I read his post on this. Basically his point is, too bring peace to Israel the UN should take charge of the state. I would totally have to disagree with that statments, as corrupt as the UN is, they have no business running any state. Though i beleive Palenstine does need to be thier own state, terroist acts, and killing of innocent people is not the answer to get what they want, that being State Hood. I think Isreal does what it has to do to protect themselves, be it not PC, but they have to do what they have to do.

On to beaks point about Saddam, i agree he was a tyrant, killed his own people, the mass graves prove that, he's out of power now, and that is a good thing. Only thing this libreal questions, is the reasons we were giving for war, and the reasoning now, are they two of the same. Only a moron would say, Saddam being left in power is right. Probally the one good thing that did come from this war is the fact the Iraqui people can not prosecute this man for his horrible Deeds.

Speaking of, i hear Saddam has a book coming out, i would buy it, but i got enough paper weights!

beakerkin said...


Most people who support Israel want genuine peace but it is just a fantasy at this point. In the spanking the Recidivist series we went through a list of countries with far worse human rights records then Israel. The difference between you and the REcidivist is night and day. In short most of us would like genuine peace but playing word games with Joooo and Zionist coming from a person who apologizes and mittigates the crimes of Communism, ask Jason is baloney. Much better to kill people for class crimes then alleged racism.

Presumtions about Israel are wrong and if the public knew the facts they would have zero patience. There never was a Palestinian people and biblical Phillistines have zero connection to modern people who call themselves Palestinians. There is zero difference between Palestinians and other Arabs and the PLO charter itself is filled with Arab unity and Palestinian Arab quotes.

Arabs arrive in the area in the seventh century and subject Jews and other indigenous people to a series of restrictions called Dhimmi laws which are worse then Jim Crowe. Yet in our zeal to be PC
( not you Rob ) some of us have white washed the history of Islam.
It is acceptable to rail against the crimes of Western Civ but pointing out the exact same crimes perpetrated by Islamic civ on a worse scale makes you a bigot or a racist. The fact that neither Muslims , Arabs or alleged Palestinians are remotely racial is lost on the idiots of the far left like 167.

The idiocy was compounded in that the land was divided up allready and Jordan was created. How many more Arab states are needed ? The tragedy is that the people called Palestinians have been used as human hockey pucks by their Arab bretheren. The solution to the Palestinian issue should be squarely on the shoulders of the Arabs who have plenty of real estate.

Much of the anti Israel obsession on the far left is basically anti-
capitalist in nature. A person like 167 who mitigates the crimes of Communism hardly gives a rats ass about the Palestinians , its dem Joooos.

The people here know the difference between you and 167 .

Justin said...

I have to smile a half smile at the total lunacy of anyone having the idea that the UN should be in charge of anything. I think that this proves my point about 167 and his supposed intellegince. As I have always said Genius is only a border line idiot. To use my old adage people like 167 need to pull their heads out of their asses or change the plexi-glass in their belly buttons so they can see the real world around them.

I would not allow the UN to watch my dog with their human rights abuse record.

I think that 167 subcribes to much to his hero and his beliefs. Which I quote here.

A lie told often enough becomes the truth.
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

I think all the lies have become the truth for Mark and the truth has become lies.

Always On Watch said...

When will the history books start proclaiming the truth? Beak, you are exactly correct:
"Arabs arrive[d] in the area in the seventh century and subject[ed] Jews and other indigenous people to a series of restrictions called Dhimmi laws which are worse then Jim Crowe. Yet in our zeal to be PC, some of us have white washed the history of Islam."

What most unites the Islamists is their hatred of Israel and the Jews, and that hatred has deep roots, well established long before the founding of the modern nation of Israel.

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