Monday, June 06, 2005

Flights of Fancy 167 Bawls

167 has posted a rather falacious reward of 500 pounds to anybody who can prove the assorted bigotries. Yet he bans the people who could readily prove this information.

Among his rather silly routine is he is claiming I wished him dead. That was never said even in jest. The point the moron may be refering to is that the people he champions violently persecute gays as governmental policy. The point that was made was go live there. It is only his rather limited inferior intellect that interprets
this point in such an assanine manner.

He has also claimed I am homophobic what he bases that upon is a mystery. Any simple reading of this blog has lengthy posts in favor of Civil unions. There are plenty of people who have read my point Gay rights are human rights. However a person that interprets Muslims, Arabs and alleged Palestinians as racial is illiterate by definition. We have proven the Recididope can not even read a simple chart on hate crimes.

The funny part is that while he bawls I laugh at his stupidity.What part of the infamous racist fascist Judea- American neecon war on terror fraud does he want to go into. Does he want to go into Simon Jones whose works are featured in the virulently anti-semitic Jewish Tribal review ? Does he want to go into a post that he complimented that claims jooooos call all gentiles the enemy and are responsible
for alienation and polution. The same articleclaims that Americans are defacto Joos
because there is a Holocaust Museum. I wonder how he will spin the Hugenot site downtown or the African slaves burial ground.

What a dope.

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