Sunday, June 05, 2005

9-11 and Religion

You should tell children that our country was attacked by religious fanatics. True
religious people cherish life and do not fly air liners into office buildings. There is no excuse or rationalization this was an act of inhumanity.

Religion is the celebration of life within a set of divine principles. Life is a gift from god and it is not to be wasted calously. Cults do not value life and treat it as a throw away comodity. The perpetrator rewards were 72 virgins in a garden. The brave heroes thought of duty and saving lives at great risk to themselves. My prayer before death was the messianic I believe in everlasting peace. Christians no doubt were thinking about salvation.

9-11 shows the difference between Nihlism and Humanity. What do your extreemist do after 9-11 . They hold rallies and blame everyone except the perpetrators, Marx is a death cult with 100,000,000 served oops victims. They dance in the street in much of the Muslim world except Iran where vigils were held. They invent conspiracies involving Joooos, Neocons, Likud ect.

Any person who justifies 9-11 or shooting school children in the back does not worship god in my understanding of the term. Warfare is to achieve a goal or objective . What town was captured on 9-11 ? What goal was achieved except for publicity ? 3000 dead at the WTC and we were lucky the number wasn't higher and for
what publicity.

There is no cause or rationale for this behavior. Any time we even listen to people who commit terrorism we are acting as an enabler. I do not care what your cause is shooting school children and blowing up Pizerias is evil. Do not enable evil and be firm . Sorry I do not care about your cause as you are not fit to be with civilized
people. You may dream of 72 vigins and a glorious death but I see my girlfiend and family and dream of life.


justin said...


You are right we should tell our children and our friends about 9-11. The extreme right and the extreme left should both shut up and look listen and learn. The extreme right should learn that when you foment hate this is what happens. This was a group of fundimentalists. The extreme left should learn that appeasement does not work. What happens when you run out of chickens to feed the alligator.

We appeased these groups for so many years even supplied them with weapons thinking this would make them like us. The dont like us the never liked us and their only goal in life is to destroy us and all we stand for.

The moderate middle must stay coheasive as to not let either the extreme right or the extreme left take charge. The scenario would be the anhilation of all we know and care about.

beakerkin said...


On another level 9-11 was about healthy love and unhealthy love.
Religion as you and I define it is
a healthy love. Jews and Christians talk of salvation in various forms. People don't associate Jews with salvation.

You and I pray for life and loved
ones. I can not imagine a sense of honor that permits 9-11. It was just such a waste. Death for no purpose is just evil. Rationalizing that act in any form
is ignorant and dangerous.

Mustang said...

Always on Watch told me something recently that I did not know: There is no "past tense" in the Arabic language, and that of course explains why those morons can't let go of events that occurred hundreds of years ago. For them, everything that has happened in the past resides in the present.

I am not amazed that there are such idiots in the world because fanaticism has been with us always. I am not amazed that these people "hate" in the name of religion (if you can call Islam religion). What does amaze me is that there seem to be countless numbers of people willing to do harm to others, and themselves in the process, at the urging of those who never seem to place themselves in harms way.

I noted recently that the only cure for violence against Americans is even greater violence against those who would harm our citizens. It appears to be the only real language they understand.

I have great disappointments that our President remains "too friendly" the the government who fosters, pays for, and aggitates for terror. I am equally disappointed that our State Department continues to allow these miscreants into our country. Perhaps it is time to start a flow of congressional correspondence that demands a change in OUR government's behavior with respect to these "enemies of the state" who are among us -- not to become brothers with us, but rather to destroy our country.

Keep telling the truth, Beaker man. I admire you for standing up when most are content to pretend that we were not attacked, or worse, in thinking that somehow WE are the bad guys. If they are not careful, these "nay-sayers" will be out shopping for Berkas soon.

Semper Fi . . . said...

Any time we even listen to people who commit terrorism we are acting as an enabler.
its a moral inversion.... a slippery slope that descends into the abyss, inevitably a point of no return

Always On Watch said...

The Saturday after 9/11, I was out and grabbed a bite at a fast-food place. A Guatemalan woman, all decked out in red, white, and blue, came up to me and said, with tears in her eyes, "You are an American. And I want you to know that the people who did this are not humans."

That brief encounter was a moving moment, and I'm not telling this story very well. But the point is that this woman, a total stranger to me and a visitor to our nation, recognized evil for what it was.

What happened to moments like these?

beakerkin said...

my computer is down temporarily. beakers nephew is subing for me. i'll be up in a few hours.

Robert Lindsay said...

Atlasshrugged, damn, why does such a beautiful woman have such a despicable blog and such reprehensible politics?

beakerkin said...

Mustang Atlas and Always

We must stop accepting excuses for barbarism done by terrorists. Excusing this under PC will get us all killed. I have been there twice and it is enough.

Robert Looser

I would be careful not to pick a fight with Pam. She is beautiful and brilliant and you will look even dumber then usual.

Robert Lindsay said...

Hi beaker. She's beautiful but she looks totally deadly. With all due respect, I wouldn't touch her with a 10-foot pole and an 11-foot extension. I like my women submissive, and that's all I deal with, period.

beakerkin said...

You like your women submissive because you are not man enough to handle one with spirit. I am not interested in a doormat but an equal . A wise woman is always an asset , fun and never boring.

You are correct that Pam is deadly as she posses a razor sharp mind and does not suffer fools easily.

bum from jersey said...

and lets not forget that these were religous extremists. most of those who are of the muslim faith, regardless of their opinion of the west, did not agree with the events that took place on 9/11. lets condemn the individuals who did this but don't condemn an entire religion (which i didn't say you did btw).

beakerkin said...

Bum from Jersey I do not blame all of Islam for 9-11. Yet our culture of PC has rationalized this event. We must stop enabling this idiocy.