Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The wacky world of the far left

The far left gets more insane with every passing week . I grow more disgusted each and every day with the arrogance lies and sloganeering. There is never a plan on how to deal with terrorism. There is even denial that there is a problem. I have seen the problem up close and they tell me it doesn't exist.

The far left fools seem more concerned with Falwell the Bin Ladden. Sorry, I can not get worked into a tizzy about tuition tax credits or school prayer. Last we checked Pat Robertson did not fly planes into office towers.

There is a deranged sickness that ignores beheadings, bombings and general mayhem. Scoring political points is more important then winning the war. Yet the second we get hit again every cook crank and creep will be pushing conspiracy crap.

The far left has been proven wrong throughout history but its adherents never learn.


Esther said...

They live on Fantasy Island, where we don't face a murderous enemy. Some days I think that must be nice to have one's head in the sand. Then I remember how much I don't like sand in my eye.

Always On Watch said...

Recently, Falwell chose a new dean for his seminary at Liberty University--a fellow named Caner. Caner is a convert to Christianity. Nothing new there, right? But there is something new: Caner used to be a Muslim.

What amazes me about Caner's appointment is that some Leftists (and some Muslims, too, of course) have objected. Never mind that it's really none of their business whom Falwell hires. Furthermore, I understand Falwell's choice: the orientation at Liberty Univerity is an evangelical one. What better person to reach out to Muslims than a convert to Christianity?

Now, I'm not a great Falwell fan. But one thing is certain: he's not Bin Laden, and he's not advocating anarchy/nihilism. The followers of Falwell's religion, as you pointed out, don't fly planes into buildings.

justin said...

When will people learn this is not just any war this is a war of Good vs Evil. The Iraqi terrorist were defeated. It is a proven fact that over 90% of the people we are fighting now are not Iraqis. Those who are Iraqi for the most part are being forced into the action. Families threatened men handcuffed to the steering wheels of cars with bombs.

They kill innocent men, women and children to further their goal of rule by terror.

I would just like the people who are in denial of this action to tell me what street corner are you going to defend because brother if you dont wakeup and smell the coffee that is exactly what you are going to be doing.

Ooooops my mistake these people would never fight them they think that you can appease terrorist just as Chamberlin and Europe thought they could appease Hitler.

Take a lesson from history folks one day you are going to run out of food to feed the alligator's then guess who gets eaten.

Robert Bayn said...


Interesting argument, but the left is not in denial on the war on terror as you and many republicans say so (i know i'm the minority here so go ahead you all jump on me, i don't mind). The only question is how do we handle it, and is the the bush administration handling it correctly, if you feel he is, more power to you. But don't call people ignorant or unpatrotic just because they see things diffrently then republicans do, thats really the problem with republicans, everyone is unpatroitic unless you conceed to thier agenda. Did fallwell and robertson crash planes into towers? Of course not, but this is where you fail at being realistic beak, your so worked up on the war on terror, you fail to see the war on social issues, and that is where fallwell types are the terroist. Let me take you back to 911, Do you know who fallwell blamed for 911? No it was'nt the terroist, Fallwell blamed the american people, but yet thier was no outrage from the RIGHT, but i guranteee you if a leftest communist said it, you along with every other right looney would have been all over it. The truth is the right is afraid of the Fallwell types, they like catering to these folks, and they will in the end be the downfall of america and our goverment, failure to see that is just being ignorant of what is going on in soceity and having your head in the sand.

Now feel free to go on about how i'm a godless leftist. You may disagree with my message, but you know it never changes, and it's something i really beleive in, can i say the same about other people on the right.

Jason_Pappas said...

Robert, I wish what you say was true – that they only difference to fighting the war on terror is one of technique.

Unfortunately, there are two groups on the left. One sees the problem and respectfully disagrees on the means. The other see the goal itself as a fabricated bogyman and our response is motivated by an evil sinister agenda.

I have no problem with those who disagree with the battle plan but I have no sympathy with those who think we are the bad guys in this war. Beak has made similar distinctions in the past as have almost everyone else here.

Jason_Pappas said...

By the way, here's a positive report on the progress in Iraq. I enjoyed it and thought I'd share.

Robert Bayn said...


You have a valid point, maybe i read it wrong. But i'am on the left, and we take alot of heat for alot of things only a FEW are doing. I would never call us the bad guys, however when thier are issues, and those must be investigated for the U.S. maintain military and social intergity.

Robert Bayn said...

Let me also say, i'm not anti-bush, i don't hate him, in fact i think he is a pretty decent person, in fact Justin can vouch for this, i would have voted for him in the last election if it had not been for the war and the gay issue (which he is more accepting of, then most in his party).

beakerkin said...

Rob here is my problem with the left in general. There is patriotic dissent . I do not think that Iraq is in the long term best intrest of our country. Then there is the type espoused by the Chemist Bush lied troops died BS.

Come up with a long term vision and step away from the Communists. What we basically have is Blame America first crowd.

justin said...

Yep he would have voted for him even tho I tried my best to educate him not o.

Jason_Pappas said...

Interesting, Robert, how you almost voted for Bush since I almost didn't vote for Bush.

Actually, if it weren’t for the war and the nature of Kerry’s opposition to it (which I talked about here), I wouldn’t have voted for Bush or anyone for that matter. My vote was mostly an anti-Kerry vote (which I made clear in my endorsement of Bush last November)

Robert Bayn said...


My thinking going into the election was this, First off it was very clear of what Bush's positions were, weather someone agreed with him or not. With Kerry you could never really be all to sure what his positions were, alot of times it just seem he was running on the DMC platform, and not what he actually beleived. Where Kerry made mistakes was this, he try using vietnam to his advantage, the problem with this was, the swift boat guys have followed him all his career, and he should have known this would bite him in the ass, as it did. I do not beleive he really was sure what to do with the Iraq situation, lets face its a pretty big mess, half of america wants the troops home, and the other half, says lets keep fighting terroist in iraq, You can't very well cut and run, we made this mess and we have to fix it. Then thier was the gay marriage issue, Bush and kerry actually had the SAME POSITION, however republicans try making it look as though kerry was pro-gay marriage and used that to attrack evangelicals to the polls. Kerry said he was not for gay marriage, but for civil unions, Bush stated on the Dr. Phil show 1 week prior to the election that he too was for civil unions. However the GOP lied to the american people about it, how do i know this? Well see the night before the election i received a recorded message saying Kerry was for gay marriage, GOP denied having anything to do with it, but frankly i'm not that dumb. 2004 election was very complicated for a moderate libreal as myself, because i could not say i actually beleived in what Kerry was doing, but neither was i happy with the direction Bush was taking the country.

Anyways thats a little insight into my thinking before the election.

Grace said...

I've heard about people like you. People that believe whole-heartedly Bush is correct with his actions. I've always thought it was urban myth, that people actually existed that believe that human rights is only allowed for american citizens. I've heard that there were people so close-minded they believe whatever Fox News tells them is dogma and must be strictly adhered to.

Then I found your blog after hitting "next blog". Now I will come back if only to laugh at the bubble you live in.

Drew said...

Does it occur to you repetitive,extremist knee-jerks, that discussing the 'far left' is akin to bringing up the KKK as an example of rightist 'thought.'

I am definately certain that, no matter what smack talk flies out of Howard Dean's mouth, its not something that has been decided on after a pow wow with pasty-faced, sallow, dreadlocked stoners wearing Mumia t-shirts.

Jason_Pappas said...

I understand how you feel Robert. I don’t share some of the hesitancy (or worse) towards gay marriage of my fellow Republicans. But defense was the biggie for me. If I was in the UK, I’d be voting for Tony Blair. Whoever gets defense right, gets to call the domestic agenda.

Warren said...

Well Grace,
I've heard about people like you.

Dim wits that believe Noam Chomsky is an expert on human rights and regular Iraqi citizens aren't quite human and don't deserve to be free. People that believe Howard Zinn is a fair and balanced "historian", and Mikie Moore is a great film maker and and purveyor of truth.

Now that I'm done with the demagoguery, that you so freely use in place of intelligence, do come back. I'm sure we will get a bigger laugh than you will.

Warren said...

One more thing, Grace.

I looked at your blog. You need to get a life, one with roots in the real world.

Be careful of that light saber, yah hear?

Grace said...

Warren, your age is showing.

beakerkin said...


I use the force every time I step to the throne and flush. Warren has an excellent blog and is a brilliant writer.

Maybe you should take up a real hobby like bowling and get a life.

Warren said...

"Warren, your age is showing."

Meoow, hisss, hisss.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I wasn't blogging in September of 2001, but I raised quite a stink about Rev. Falwell's (and Pat Robertson's) remarks in my social circles and on internet message boards.

But to Robert Bayn's construed "Falwell is a terrorist because he disapproves of homosexuality" - besides the obvious earmarks of a diseased psyche inherently prerequisite in holding such a view - is a rather bold example of why the Left should be barred from any position where they might come into close proximity with someone that wields power in American foreign policy. Because to them, a "terrorist" is not a person who seeks to coerce a political view through violence, but rather "terrorist" is just a slur you slap on someone who gets queasy at the idea that some people enjoy licking feces off of each other's genitalia.

Robert Bayn said...

Beamish i never called Fallwell A Terroist, Go back and re-read my post!

Robert Bayn said...

you fail to see the war on social issues, and that is where fallwell types are the terroist.

Your taking this statement clearly out of context.

but rather "terrorist" is just a slur you slap on someone who gets queasy at the idea that some people enjoy licking feces off of each other's genitalia.

By that quote i would have to assume your a complete idiot, if you think thats what gays do.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

"Beamish i never called Fallwell A Terroist, Go back and re-read my post!"

" fail to see the war on social issues, and that is where fallwell types are the terroist."

"Your taking this statement clearly out of context."

Ah, I see. People who are "Falwell types" on social issues are "the terrorists," but Falwell himself is not a terrorist. Thanks for clarifying, I think.

...but rather "terrorist" is just a slur you slap on someone who gets queasy at the idea that some people enjoy licking feces off of each other's genitalia.

"By that quote i would have to assume your a complete idiot, if you think thats what gays do.

Well, I did leave out the part about show tunes.