Sunday, June 12, 2005


I am in Vemont and it is like another world here. The locals have been exceedingly friendly and courteous. To Bum from Jersey I did spot about a handfull of blacks and Asians here.

I miss NYC because it is my home but I am learning to like it up here. They do not allow hunting of Yuppies so a fishing liscense will have to do. On the way up a bald eagle swooped over the car on I87.

When my cable is up I will post more.


drummaster2001 said...

i guess i dont need to post that you are having delays

Always On Watch said...

The bald eagle--an American symbol of strength and courage.

I'm not a New Ager, but if I were, I'd say that you had been visited by a good omen.

Esther said...

I'm with AOW...sounds like a great sign. And what a wonderful welcome. Sounds like you moved to Mayberry. Have any ladies brought you over some pie?

Warren said...

Tell Aunt Bea, howdy do, for me!


beakerkin said...

I like it here the locals are friendly but they make too much of a fuss over me . I miss my family but it is fun up here.

Way too many misquitos and I can't get a good knish. In fact people have asked me what is this knish thing.