Wednesday, June 08, 2005

My Journey beginsToday

I am temporarily relocating to Vermont for a short term project. The trip will take at least six hours but I took my computer with me . I will try to post from Vermont tommorow night. I have to set up an appartment and bank accounts so my time will be tight.

By next week I should be able to post regularly again.


Always On Watch said...

Here's one you've gotta see. :

Flag-rippers part of New York jihadist group

"The video that I posted below of American Muslims stomping on and then ripping up an American flag comes from a New York-based Muslim group called the Islamic Thinkers Society. According to "Not just another Jihadi face:

"The Islamic Thinkers Society - Al Muhajiroun's identical twin in NYC" in Militant Islam Monitor, the Islamic Thinkers Society is an American offshoot of the now-disbanded British jihadist group Al-Muhajiroun:

"'The radical Islamist Al Muhajiroun, appears to have surfaced in Queens under the oxymoronic name of the Islamic Thinkers Society aka Intellectual Thinkers Society. The groups North American spokesman, Kamran Bokhari, is now working as a strategic analyst for Statfor - Strategic Forecasting Inc. run by George Friedman. Stratfor who also employs ex government counter terrorism analysts has dubbed Bokhari their "in house Jihadi"'

Lots of links at the above site.

Elijah said...

I am not anti muslim, but anyone in america who rips up the flag in public should be jailed, considering the current climate.

drummaster2001 said...

damn right. we need to overturn the court decision which said that flag burning was protected under the constitution as symbolic speech under the first amendment.

Warren said...

I find the whole idea of flag burning as a form of protected speech to be Schizophrenic.

There are laws against burning crosses and people have been prosecuted for it as a civil rights violation. (that's because it was symbolism used by the KKK to intimidate blacks, Catholics and others).

It seems to me that if burning the American flag and the desecration of it is a form of protected speech then burning a cross should be also.

Right now, under the cloak of campaign finance reform bill, they are talking about prohibiting blogers from endorsing a candidate 30 days before an election. The federal election commission says that it could be considered a direct contribution to a political campaign.

The right of free speech is enumerated in the first amendment in the Bill of Rights. It was specifically addressed toward political speech. So you can burn a flag and that is considered political speech, but we may not be able to endorse a candidate, (which is definitely, actual political speech).

We need to do some house cleaning!

drummaster2001 said...

we also cant burn draft cards, which although is political speech, the draft cards are govt property