Saturday, June 04, 2005

Leftist Utopians and Free Speech

Utopian Leftists like to rail about free speech and being silenced. However they seldom practice it on their own blogs. We have no need to delette comments or block people from this site. I stand behind each and every word that I post. There are no throw away clip posts here. We post no little surveys just honest editorial content
and some researched posts for education.

My critics the Recididoofus, Robert Lindsay Lohan and Simon " KC " Jones all block
critical commentary. They cry about being silenced but do not practice free speech
on their blogs. They love to wail about being victims especialy the recididoofus. Today his highly intellecutal site has a map of Jesus Land and a picture of Karl Rove with a Nazi Insignia on his mouth. Don't you dare call him anti- american or he will call you a racist, homophobe. He has been crying about the spanking I administer to him on the Chemist and Dirty Liberal words. I am a gentleman but if you start with the Ad hominem I will kick your tail. Respect your blog host and all is fine. AC Patriot , B and Rob posted here without a problem. I treat my guests in the manner they enter.

Today Comrade Linday is defending Syria a brutal repressive regime . Syria is ruled
by an Alawite clique that comprises 13% of the population. Its brutal human rights record is one of the worlds worst. Lindsay Correctly notes they have WMD and have had
Chemical Weapons since the 70's. Assad is not a fool any use of Chemical weapons on Israel will see the end of Syria. Syria also has a lengthy history of funding terrorism. However when you are a pathological anti Semite these are just minor points.

Meanwhile I say to all those critics of this blog Bring it on. I am here and I hide
from nobody. Freedom of Speech is my birthright as an American.


Robert Bayn said...

i have never nor will i ever block someone for having a diffrent opinion, in fact i encourage it, i think the problem we have in washington, thier is not a freedom of debate, its rather what ever group is paying them off, they advocate for, rather then what they really beleive, which i think is the true mark and great thing about bloggers, it takes us back to that freedom of debate!

beakerkin said...


That is the difference between a liberal and a Utopian leftist. Free
speech must extend to those that we disagree with.

I bet I fooled you on the post beneath this one.

Elijah said...

This is the thing that scares me, i dont think opponents of Israel realize their resolve when it comes to attacks on their country and people.

beakerkin said...


The far left opponents of Israel are totalitarian. If they think I am going down silently they picked the wrong American. My fight with these far left types begins in the Cold War.

Elijah said...

I am pro israel and pro American, but i would have to be careful to voice my opinions in Canada.

beakerkin said...

Montreal is a hop skip and a jump
but I won't go . If it were Toronto
I would feel different.

I spoke to some Canadian Sailors in Fleet week . They reminded me not all of Canada is Quebec.

Esther said...

That's sad, elijah. In Canada. Wild. I have to watch my opinions but only with regard to wanting a job. They don't call it La La Land for nothin'.

Robert Lindsay said...

That is not true. Commenting policy on the blog is here. Read it and weep. Critical commentary is not blocked at all. A highly critical poster was allowed to make many posts, probably 200 lines of commentary, over a 1-month period and was never blocked. You just have to keep it polite that's all. Also you cannot violate the rules. So saying that we block "critical commentary" is not really true.

beakerkin said...

Rob you do not even lie well . I was blocked after a single post on your verbose writting style. You are absolutely perfectly devoid of talent and brains. In fact I am certain you possess more earwax then brains.

Robert Lindsay said...

You need to read the commenting policy more closely. Go back and read it again please. All comments implying that I am a lousy - bad - poor - incompetent - etc. writer, or that I can't write, or can't write well, etc. - all such comments are banned. You didn't critique my style. You said my writing was crap. That's banned, because there is a large body of evidence that suggests that I am in fact a very good writer. Now, you may not like my style, but that's not the same as saying one is a crappy writer.

That's ad hominem. Pretty much all ad hominem stuff is just out and out banned on my blog. Period. Reread the policy and stay within the guidelines.

beakerkin said...

Lindsay your style is crap seriously. You are verbose and stupid and that is just the facts.