Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I am not hiding Recididoofus

A short time ago the comedian known to our readers as 167 made series of charges. I have challenged him to repeat them here in an uncensored forum.I find it amazing he fails once again to show courage .

Make your charges of Homophobia and racism here. You can bring all of your anti- semitic storm troopers as well. I rather enjoy Hawke and Zombie as unlike you they are rational. They are not bigots in my opinion , but you will need all the help you
can get.

Warren and I can easily handle your crew. If I remember correctly you ran as soon as Jason showed up.

I am not hiding show some courage.


Jason_Pappas said...

Was it something I said? ;-)

Always On Watch said...

No doubt! I read some of the exchanges with 167 and never could come up with anything any better than your pointed statements.

Maybe 167 forgot about you during your short hiatus. Some with very high IQ's have Attention Deficit Disorder. Or maybe 167 is on vacation. If so, I wonder where.

Robert Bayn said...


Me and you have had many discussions on the gay thing, even though we may not agree on the finer points, you are not homophobic by any ones defintion of homophobia.

beakerkin said...


At the time you arrived his line was Warren and I are the samew person. He could not maintain this farce for long as it got absurd.

Always on the Watch

The best exchange is in Early March on an post that David Horowitz picked up. Gay rights Israel and Muslim nations combined.


Gay rights like every other human right is secular in origin . Love is an elusive thing to be cherished and if you have found it you are blessed. If you haven't found it go out and do so. Love and our relationships define us. When we talk about this issue we are talking about human rights and identity at some level.

justin said...

167 is this guys IQ? Sheeeshhhh where I come from an IQ that low might get you a job as a diswasher or kitchen pearl diver.

Warren said...

Actually we think 167 is his hat size in millimeters.

Esther said...

You guys crack me up.

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