Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Chimps at Union Square and my Jihad

In a recent post I wrote of my reawakening after September 11. The perfidity of Leftist Utopians(morons by definition and reality)stabbing NYC and America in the back in Union Square was too much. The utopian Leftist had gone too far and it was time to have my own Jihad. My Jihad is non violent and metaphorical but the utopian leftist traitors deserve ridicule and scorn.

I decided to sit down and observe the enemy up close. So I sat in with the Groucho Marxist at Union Square for six months at their speaking. Individually they are nice people with one exception. There is a nasty vile German ignoramus named Andy who I
have dubbed Elmer Fudd.

Andy is exceedingly antisemitic and uses the terms ZOG ,Zionist media and equates
Auschwitz with Hiroshima. The world is one great Jewish conspiracy according to Andy.
Jewish computer programmers fixed the election in Ohio for Bush. They did that despite the fact the John Kerry has Jewish blood. The Zionist media torpedoed Dean for the Jewish blooded Kerry.The fact that Dean's wife and kids are Joooooos seems lost on Andy. If his whole conspiracy idiocy was correct why not push Joe Lieberman a real practicing Jew. The Zionists could never do that they need to work in secret.

Andy's greatest hits
1 Jews were the Bolsheviks
2 Jews manipulated the US into war with Germany
3 Larry Silverstein and the Neocons/Mossad/Likud blew up the WTC . The planes were remote controlled by Zionists to give Islam a black eye.
4 Sirhan-Sirhan was framed and Jews assassinated both Kennedys
5 The Zionist media covers all of the above up.

Andy is secretive about his past. However it did slip when somedody cried about my use of the Zinn model on the history of Islam. " That is unfair what did they ever do to you personally ? " My response was ever been in a building blown up under your feet ? (WTC 93)Ever seen a plane smack into an office building and see people fall from the sky and hit and run for your life ? Did you ever have to smell the stench of a burning evil death for two months ? The larger more obvious comment is that if this model is unfair when applied to Islam it is equally unfair applied elsewhere .
This is their standard model for attacking Western Civilization and Capitalism.

Andy slipped up and said " 9-11 was nothing ever been carpet bombed. He named a city
in Germany and now we know conclusively where his anti- semitism comes from Hitler youth. The fact that a real member of Hitler youth would be able to blend in with the Anti Semitic far left speaks vollumes.

The hardcore leftists are prone to conspiracy theories . They also have zero knowledge of history or economics. The USA and Capitalism are responsible for all the evil in the world. All the sins of Communism are exagerated or mittigated. Every
author of a book critical of Communism is the product of a CIA plant


Esther said...

Wow, Beak! Great job! How old was this Andy fella?

By the way, I have my very own anti-Israel troll who posted on my Nancy Pelosi AIPAC speech thread. Tho anonymous, thanks to stat counter, I do know he/she was using a University of Iowa (in Ames) ISP, so I outed that in my measured response. ;) And I forwarded the info to Nancy Pelosi's office (since the search thread was Pelosi Israel etc) just in case she has a stalker in the making cause of her support for Israel.

beakerkin said...

Andy is in his late sixties and I hope that the people at Slash Point
pick this up. He is no ordinary anti-semitic leftist but an Nazi appologist . The fact that the leftist Chimps needed me to point it out speaks vollumes. They thought he was an ordinary anti Israel goon.

bum from jersey said...

heh, elmer is in his late 60s eh? maybe he is becoming senile and can't distinguish wrong from right anymore. i think it would be funny if you return and only refer to him as elmer. i would just be curious to how long before he realizes that you are calling him elmer and if he asks for a reason why.

beakerkin said...

Bum From Jersey

I call Andy Elmer Fudd to his face and he is well aware of why. In fact the local leftist Utopians in Union Square Park know why as well.
It is the constant anti-Jew mania and the belief in Anti- semitic conspiracy theories.

Speaking of antisemites our local blog troll Robert Lindsay is a fan of yours. I assured him you are clearly not on the anti-semitic bandwagon and are a political moderate .

MissingLink said...

Somehow I am uder the impression that gentle irony and sarcasm miss 147 altogether.
Or perhaps it is the other way around - one cannot be too sure.

Talking about right and left - I only see radical and conservative.
In my terminology for example Nazis and Communists are in one sack (you can put them on the right or left at will within this area).
Just diffrent forms of totalitarian culture and mentality.
Some communists/socialist may delude themselves that they fight fot social justice - as they say the hell is paved with good intentions.
Just look at Soviet experiment.

beakerkin said...


Good luck trying to convince 147.
He is so dumb that he thinks you are a fan.

Please read his about me section it
has idiot written all over it.Liberation theology , Pan Arabism and Communism are all historical trashcan ideas.

Esther said...

Late 60s? Methinks you've hit the nail on the head with Elmer.

Rachel Croucher said...

my God that Andy person sounds like one of the most disgusting and disturbing people to ever walk the planet, the general public don't usually listen to raving lunatics like him, what I find equally disturbing is the covert anti-semitism in some sections of mainstream media...

love the blog, will link you to mine asap

kajando said...

wait, I thought Diebold fixed the election in Ohio for Bush???

Geez, now you've got me all confused, Beak.

Honestly, this may sound crazy, but what really lost Kerry Ohio, and ultimately the Presidency, was that stupid photo op when he went goose hunting. I grew up in Ohio and I have at least 10 people in my family up there who all are lifelong democrats. Each of them was planning on voting for Kerry or just staying home, but when they saw "that phony picture", or more correctly, "that phony man in the picture", trying so desperately to give people what he thought they wanted to see, each and every one went out and voted for Bush.

beakerkin said...

Rachel welcome to the blog. Andy is a loathsome person but the failure of the leftist to notice his problem was amazing.

On this blog we talk of three leftwing Antisemites.

Simon Jones is a vile idiot who has his blog

Jews are responsible for polution and alienation and percieve all gentiles as the enemy.

167 the Recidivist
He likes to mix in Holocaust minimization, neocon fantasies and general Pro Arab bigotries.

Amazingly prominent bloggers in America defend his word games with Jooos and Zionism. He gets real upset when you mispell Jew when posting with him.

147 Robert Lindsay
Is a knuckle scraping communist whose comedic anti - semitism is hilarious. He keeps coming back for more abuse. Esther is too sweet
by nature.

Sadly geting blown up in 93 at the WTC and seein g people hit the ground on 9-11 has made me impatient. I will not forgive the leftist utopian traitors for what they did to America that Saturday in Union Square Park.

beakerkin said...


Figuring out Andy may be beyond my extensive training in abnormal Psychology and Cults.

There were two people that were worse. There was an anarchist talking about evil corporate hospitals for two hours. I honestly wanted to Jump out the window but we were on the ground floor.

There was another lunatic with a Monacco fixation. Monacco is responsible for drug use and bad morals. The person was serious and I had to walk away to prevent myself from laughing.

Justin Morris said...

hi beaker,

Great article as serious as it is i could not help but laugh my butt off at these people. I guess these morons are the same in NY as they are in Dallas TX.

In my conversations I like to ask them how much they are willing to pay and give up to have the type of government they want. You get this blank stare and then the questions come "What price?" Funny you put a price tag on their own billfold they are not as intrested in that form of government or they just tell you that you dont know what your saying. You have been brain washed by the ultra right.

How much will you be willing to pay for fuel? $5,$10,$20, per gallon. How much are you willing to pay for your electricity to run your household appliances.

How much speech are you willing to give up because when the right has been silenced believe me they will move quickly to shut down any form of desent. Blogs left or right will not be permitted to exist.

Do you really want judges that think child molesters should live next to you. Just do a search and you will be totally blown away as to just how many of them are living in your neighborhood.

The problem with most of these people is they have no concept what freedom is or what price has been paid for it.

After they ponder these questions a bit and think on them unless they are totally brain dead they begin to see most of us are not really the bad evil devil worshipers they think we are and that this country might just not be such a bad place.

It takes work and you have to do it one heart at a time. Dont preach or condem. Just ask the questions and let them think on them. For the most part when people get their eyes open they change.


beakerkin said...


Welcome to my blog and I am sorry to hear this mental illness is in the great state of Texas. I hope it is not comprable to the hordes
we have in NYC. I tell the liberals kindly step away from the
Communists. They always fail but get real uptight when we call them
unpatriotic. This is why I use the term Utopian leftist. This protects the few patriotic liberals
from the traitors and fringe lunatics like Robert Linsay Lohan.

Here is the kick in the pants of
the critics. This blog is open and the only posts deleted are comercial spam. I have attacks that are 100% personal and laugh at them. Call me whatever you like
I stand behind my material. The anti-semitic far leftists cry about
being silenced and free speech but
do not have open blogs. Free speech
for me but not for thee.

I disagree with you on the nature of the problem. You and I can talk
about an issue rationally. However
in this day an age when a person talks about good communism we are talking to a religious type of fanatic to whom facts and history
are meaningless.

I find it odd that a confirmed Communist Lindsay and a Crypto- Communist Recicidivist should have
such obsessions about the alleged evils of zionism. They prove my points quite well about Communist
anti-semitism on the far left.Even
the Disgruntled Chemist is now defending good Communism,100,000,000 dead is not enough.But do not call them unAmerican.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I always tell these people that yes there is a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, serving as a mask for the Learned Elders of Zion, and as a member of a secret lodge I can only tell them that there's nothing they can do about it but join the conspiracy.

Then I laugh maniacally, like Dr. Doom.

justin said...

laughing outloud here Mr. beamish that is the best I have heard.
I can just imagine your laugh.

Remember always the words:

"I will bless those who Bless Israel and Curse those who curse Israel"

beakerkin said...

Beamish is funny.