Thursday, September 30, 2010

The new model is Mumbai

Most of security resources went into imagining another 9-11 attack. However, a low tech Mumbai type of event can be much easier to pull off in Europe and in cities like NYC where strict gun control are the norm.

A disarmed populace would make an attractive target and it remains to be seen how easily the attackers can blend into the populace.

The Obamites press for more gun controls and the cycle gets worse.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tears of Clowns

Commies were out in force yesterday crying about home searches of communist thugs who visited Hezbollah. Sorry, but Jet Setting about the globe on behalf of terrorists and regimes hostile to the USA does invite legitimate national security and legal concerns.
This scrutiny is long overdue and it is good that the FBI has decided to do its job.

Of course had these searches been done under Bush the Old Bolshevik Chorus in the media would run this story for months.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Final Review of Northwest Passage

Ideally if one is to read the works of Kenneth Roberts this is to be read first. The book is an excellent work by a master author but it is below Arundel and Rabble in Arms

The oft criticized second book is much better than advertised. There is a ten page selection near the end that was upsetting only because it took away from a great spot to end an excellent novel. However the final eight pages make for an excellent ending.
Up next Lydia Bailey also by Roberts.

I spent the day with relatives of the Tranquil Sea. She was exhausted from a 14 hour day at work and I had no desire to wake her. I sat reading the end of Northwest Passage when her little Maltese caught my scent and raised a ruckus. She was breathtakingly beautiful but so tired I felt bad even as I held her, The Maltese was so excited that he jumped all over me for 20 minutes greeting me and made off with a tiny finger sandwich. I had a Turkey on pumpernickel with coleslaw and Russian dressings but he smelled it even in foil and in a plastic bag.

I went to stay with some friends in the Guyana community. The country where I will be going is not safe and my health may be compromised by local food. My trip may just be a short stay at a resort hotel.

I really wanted to charter a small craft down the Berbice River it isn't safe. My trip may be pushed back until a larger group is going for safety reasons.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Running Themes in the Works of Kenneth Roberts

I have read the vast majority of his major works and am within 100 pages of the end of Northwest Passage. These themes are ones we see in life.

1) Great men of vision are often hampered by lesser clods.

This is true in real life. I find myself amazed by some of the clods who are in upper
management. To say that these people are hacks is just to give these people too much credit. Even a person like myself who has no interest in climbing the chain has to frequently deal with snakes. The cliques protect the mediocre and the incompetent from those with genuine ability. Large structures or organizations are social structures and some of the things I have seen shock me. Yet according to Rogers it should not as this phenomenon runs through his books. Political hacks like Gen Howe, Sir William Johnson and Gen Gage make messes out of the works of visionaries.

Can we be surprised when it happens in our own lives??

2) Sometimes great men are flawed seriously

Benedict Arnold literally shines anytime he is in a scene written by Roberts. We are well aware of the shabby treatment and the almost superhuman courage displayed by Gen. Arnold. Yet turning traitor and the debts run up by his wife are also not the signs of good judgment. In the case of Arnold there is some tragic irony in that his valor and vision laid the groundwork for something he clearly did not want. His actions at Saratoga paved the way for open French aid. Arnold did not want the rebels to become a pawn of France.

Major Roberts is a self promoter, drunk, womanizer, ethically challenged on many levels as well as a great leader and hero. He is brought down by lesser men and his own character flaws. By the time we see him in Oliver Wiswell he is a shell of himself consumed by alcoholism and forever scheming. The real Major Roberts did have a role in the capture of Nathan Hale.

3) Sometimes heroes come in odd places. Oddly, in Northwest Passage the lead character is saved by the strange Indian woman with relatives everywhere Princess McNott. Her skill at learning gossip and persuading the tribes to help the lead and her husband saves the day. Nattanis the Abenaki saves the day and is almost super human in Arundel.

4) The passionate loves of our youths are often ill advised and true love is closer to home.

Life is sometimes strange and Roberts does develop these themes while conveying predictable but excellent stories that are well researched.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ducky flunks basic math

The bird brained Duck once again proves that Communists are not capable of rational thought. The Duck brags that Narcoterrorist antisemitic criminal mental patient Hugo Chavez has reduced the gap between rich and poor.

With all the wealthy and professionals heading for the doors this is not exactly rocket science. A colony of sewer rats is equal but not optimal or a desired outcome.

Stick with doodling and idiotic films that should be forgotten Duncy.

Great Day for Anticommunists

The FBI finally started doing its job and raided the home of lunatic activist who support FARC and terrorists in Lebanon. How these people fund their law breaking activities and travel will be interesting. Of course the US government needs to look into those that support Chavez and somehow manage to jet set the globe on limited salaries.

Communist criminal and Obama buddy Bill Ayers was denied emeritus status. It would be far better if he were fired asked to resign, but it appears his publicity clown act has worked against him. A complete investigation into how this criminal was hired and granted tenure is long overdue.

Maybe it is this.... Just do not ever say this in public

On another site I was posting about the lives of my family in Eastern Europe. The borders changed frequently and the one constant was that they felt like outsiders. They
were not Poles, Austro-Hungarians and so forth.

Many African Americans even today convey this outsider sentiment. This was the reason
that many Jews were active in the struggle for Civil Rights, those that were communists were agitators. There was a common experience that has been shattered forever, by an element in the Community that has embraced hard core antisemitism. I am writing this not to infer Blacks owe Jews anything, but to report on events. Thus one will see rants about Jews and the slave trade, Jewish conspiracies to negatively portray Blacks on film and so forth.

Obama may have a Black father, but he had zero contact with that father and was raised by a bug eyed radical mother and far left grandparents. He is more Al Gore educated in elite Private schools than the Black family up the block. He is a social science type of Marxist elitist.

When Michelle Obama states "this is the first time I have been proud of my country" we cringe. We have all this history of working to make things right and yet this is the sentiment of a person who like Obama is a product of far left University social science lounge lizard culture. Neither Obama's sentiment reflects the vast majority of Blacks who are just as proud of their country as the next person.

Near the End of Northwest Passage

I am in the last 200 pages of Northwest Passage. Kenneth Roberts seems to have a thread that our first Romantic choice is often very poor. The main character falls in love with a self centered woman. The woman dumps him and marries Major Rogers and proceeds to make his life miserable. The wife of Major Rogers also seems to have a unique ability to drive people up a wall.

This book is the first that seems to lack a major Cap Huff figure. Cap Huff appears very early in the book and is mentioned in passing. Hunk Mariner is not developed much. In the last 200 pages SGT McNott is likely to fill this role. Former Violent Hummingbird posters would probably laugh at the antics of "Princess McNot" who is a Souix indian who was kidnaped and adopted into the Chipewa. The wife is mistreated but gets even and steals her husbands wooden leg when he threatens to leave her. The deranged one is older than she admits and probably was the inspiration for that character. Then again Princess McNott many times shows she is useful and usually well mannered and can not be compared to the rabid one.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I am always amused at Commies who think they know why people are poor and attempt to rationalize their power mad scams of theft based upon people they know zero about

Why is person X poor

Person X is frequently poor because of poor lifestlye choices.

1) Person X is in the country illegally and is not supposed to be here. They are thrust into the sub economy and some of these jobs are not all menial. Furthermore the presence of illegal labor depresses wages and increases the cost of social services. Given the cost of education, it is more cost effective to give a family with two children a plane ticket home than to pay for educational costs.

Many illegal aliens do in fact earn a better living than commonly assumed and have enough money to send back home.

2) Failure to get a HS diploma

This restricts the available opportunities. When person X drops out of school this is an individual choice.

3) Substance Abuse

This is a lifestyle issue.

4) Having children out of wedlock.

Lifestyle issues.

5) Failure to relocate to where jobs are available or retrain.

Person X is in a factory that closed. Person X may have to relocate or retrain to do something else.

6) Untreated mental illness

This is not politically correct, but some of the poor do in fact suffer from mental illness and despite an army of civil servants remain untreated. Of course the notion that society could mandate treatment was fought by the far left who aided and abetted the plight of Billie Boggs. The notion that she should have been taken into a mental health facility against her will and medicated was fought by the far left.
After speaking in colleges, jobs in law firms Billie Boggs resumed being homeless.

7) Having more kids than one can afford and out of wedlock.

Lifestyle and choices

8) Failure

Thursday, September 23, 2010

How low can the loonies of Iran go Trutherism

The looney in Iran is starting to sound much like an imbecile at Violent Hummingbird
and Ducky's commie pals. From the same loonies that brought you Holocaust denial comes trutherism. Maybe Ahmindejad really wants a job teaching in Depaul University.

Velma Hart and Obama Exasperation

Note that in the celebrated exchange between Hart and Obama the issue of out of control prices for higher education was discussed. The notion that those costs are out of control is the dirty secret Obama and his MSM allies want hidden from view. The idea that Universities can hire political hacks for absurd salaries and pass the bills for ever is beyond what Americans can afford. Obama is more interested in ensuring his Old Bolshevik buddies get absurd salaries for zero work at public expense.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Obama Fatigue

The nation is seems tired of a President who seems aloof and not capable of listening to the American people. The change that he has delivered has been a change for the worse. While he rails against corporations, the sector that is the most messed up and out of control is higher education. Costs are out of control and an inferrior product and feather bedding by his old Bolshevik allies have created a system where the costs are prohibitive.

The President pushed for a health care plan that the American People want repealed.
His position in congress will be somewhat weakened and the odds of an alteration to the monstrosity he created are slim.

The supporter who spoke of eating Franks and Beans spoke what many people feel. His response was precanned and aloof. Oddly, both Clinton and Obama have been trying oddly to co-opt the Tea Party stating the blame for the mess is tax and spend Republicans. This is a wasted attempt by Obama to attempt entryism into a movement his arrogance and catering to his allies in big education fueled.

Beamish and Elmer in 12

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The life is cheap debacle

I am quite amused at the antics of politically correct foolishness largely by Commies and their Muslim allies over the life is cheap quote. The problem with Communism and Islamacism is that life is indeed cheap. Commies think nothing of sending large numbers of people to their deaths for their power mad cult dreams. Of course when the rest of us look at the mounting evidence the game becomes claim the crimes had nothing to do with Communism and blame an individual.

As far as Islam and taking lives for no discernable reason much of terrorism as we know it starts with Arab Communist movements like the PLO. Over time these communist groups spawned more religious rivals that think nothing of committing similar types of mayhem. The notion that the Arab commies are less violent than Islamacists is a leftist delusion.

Groups that will send children with plastic keys to heaven to clear minefields, shoot school kids in the back and smack fuel ladden planes into office buildings do indeed not respect human life.

The real reason for the over the top criticim ( odd considering the notorious bigotry
in the writtings of clown prof Walt) is that the professorsip is named after a Jewish supporter of Israel. This is little more than the Old Bolsheviks club in higher ed trading in populist antisemitism.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Approaching Halloween

I want to caution people of a terrible animal that walks the night called the Werecat.
The werecat is related to werewolves but is less dangerous than than its better known

Signs that you may be a were cat

1) Do you have a desire to sleep more than 50% of the day and spend the remainder in pointless meanderings.
2) Do you have odd cravings for hideous foods like liverwurst, salted fish and so forth.
3) Do you spend your waking hours on the sofa
4) Do you go through large amounts of kitty litter without reason.

You may be the dreaded werecat and not even know it.

There is a cure for this disease. Try Dr. Beakerkin's elixir of life

1) Listen to or play any manly aggressive sport and indulge copious amounts of alcohol while doing so. Bowling while drinking is manly watching it on TV dosn't count.
2) Take your car on a drive in the wilds and listen to classic rock and surf music
3) Read Non fiction books and historical fiction books written by people hostile to communism.
4) Remember you are the top of the food chain. Eat the animals that eat the veggies and serve them with appropriate condiments, snack food and beer.
5) When all else fails crack a Mountain Dew and remember tomorrow is another day unless you are dead.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back from the Car Show

I didn't find any surfer rock. However, Bobby Vinton, Johny Maestro and Dion and the Belmonts will upset Vegans and lawless types.

It is amusing to see many of the old car heads need walkers. In my day one was either a car head, jock, hippie, military type, dico, heavy metal, jock, nerd or young Republican. I was part of the last group where we were young GOP types telling the aging hippies that they were full of crap.

I guess that subculture never produced much memorabilia beyond some books, Family Ties and the impetus for FOX news.

Going to an Old Car Show

My father does enjoy the Old Car shows. I do enjoy them as well but for entirely the wrong reasons. Many of these car shows have the dreaded Dodge Dart which was a religious experience to those who drove in them. You thanked the Supreme Being that you arrived in one piece. I also enjoy seeing woodies which the under 25 set think of means erections.

Usually these shows have retro food and CDS. Last year I think I found Surf Instrumental Classics number 5 and the Best of Tony Orlando. I will see if they have any Surf CDS but other than Classic Rock it is far and away the next best driving music. If I were still in VT I would have long ago purchased a CD player fot the car.

I also like the retro lunch boxes. I am going to see if I can find the classic Hawaiian Punch model.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Communist Traitors Caught Passing Nuclear Secrets

Once again communist traitors were caught sending nuclear secrets to madman Hugo Chavez. The couple should be tried and spared the death penalty only if they fully co-operate and then agree to be denaturalized and deported.

It will be interesting to see how his US cabin boy Kappos spin Julius and Ethel Mach two.

My gifts

I want to pause before Yom Kippur to count my blessings. Many of us are hurting and I am uncharacteristically doing well in the Obama recession. I want to thank the guy upstairs for all my wonderful friends both in my personal life and the blogosphere. I want to thank my family and especially the Tranquil Sea for filling my life with love. I have never been happier than the moments I spend as a family. I want to thank the guy upstairs for providing me with wonderful work I love and the honor of serving the American people. I also want to thank the man upstairs for providing drummaster a chance to start a job I dreamed about.

As an officer we see so many fine moments in life that are beautiful and fade into our memory. Right before I left for the holiday one case that I really worked on for 4 months looks like it is coming home. I had to work with work with officers in three other offices to get the information. Oddly this case sits in my supervisors office for review of the applicants fate. I am 100% confident that a woman who has waited 12 years will be getting good news. My Vermont training literally saved the day for her. Sometimes getting the right officer makes a difference and in her case it did. I sometimes remember cases if they are good or if I have been able to fix ones that have been messed up for a decade or more. I will not forget this case.

Useless types talk about pushing paper. They talk of doodles and imbecilic foreign films as important. They do not grasp the research, legal debates, charisma and effort needed to serve the public. Lives and laws are more important than doodles. I thank the man upstairs that my life is not wasted in irrelevancy like teaching doodling.

Beamish in 12

Northwest Passage Book 1

This is the best of Kenneth Roberts that I have read thus far. The main character in this book stands on his own better than in other Roberts book. A running theme in Roberts work is that the line of greatness and evil are blurred. Benedict Arnold was at times valiant, brilliant and traitorous. Famed generals are mere political hacks and office pettiness appears in Roberts work.

Major Rogers at times appears larger than life and at others ethically challenged. He does do a cameo in Oliver Wiswell albeit as a broken man. He was somewhat of a self promoter and a visionary.

I want to return to the subject of Eastern Indians. In the current era we have a naive view that they were angelic. They were often acted as mercenaries in their own interest. There were abductions and torture, but none of this justifies their extermination and dispossession. From the perspective of the settlers these are horrific crimes. The raid of Rogers was an act of retaliation for a series of brutal raids. Roberts does not gloss over the cruelties of war and a Ranger driven mad by bloodlust over a tortured brother becoming like a rabid dog is shown.

Book 2 which is the Carver Expedition was highly criticized.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I will be taking off tomorrow. The Federal GVT is concerned that I have too much vacation time. The old administration was a pain complaining if I took a sick day. Fortunately the new administration is more sensible. The top executive stated that one can not have 350 hours of sick leave and be accused of abusing the system. That is why
when I had food poisoning the office wasn't busy and said have a nice day.

I will be going to Atlantic City with the Guyanese Church and the Tranquil Sea. I enjoy those trips and get to spend some time with the community. I will also be going
to a major community event in the next day or so. The host of that event told the Tranquil Sea to make sure I go. For some unknown reason I never get sick from the food at those parties but a home cooked bmeal .... I am probably the only person who likes the potato in the curried chicken more than the chicken itself.

The Sprite did manage to grab my spinach roll. I order her a kids meal and she ignores it and makes off with my spinach roll. It is a huge portion of spinach, garlic and a touch of onion in a flaky crust. I didn't say anything and she just smiled. The waitress brought over another one. It probably was better for her than the generic chicken fingers and steak fries anyway.

I am almost done with the first book of Northwest Passage. All I can say is it is Kenneth Roberts at his best. The second book which talks about the Carver Expedition
was not as highly rated. I have been to most of the locations in the book. The Upper Connecticut River and the White Mountains are a favorite place of mine. Some day I will go to the Kennebec with Drummaster. Now that he has a great new first job it is in the future. I worked many places but none as impressive as where he is now.

After I am finnished with all of Kenneth Roberts I will be reading some English translations of classic Polish Lit. I may also pause to read some classics. Those of you turned off by Last of the Mohicans, Johny Tremaine and Moby Dick can pass on those posts. I will be reading Lydia Bailey after Northwest Passage so there will be some discussion of the Haitian Revolution as seen by Roberts. Of course neither Ducky
nor Sonia is likely to have seen the Lydia Bailey movie.

I may even discuss was any movie better than the book at a later date.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Truther Element in the Mosque Supporters

I did notice that there clearly were Truthers present in the demonstration to support the Mosque. This fact was neglected by the MSM who refuse to note that the non Muslim supporters are frequently communist agitators.

Imam Rauf talks about building bridges and has an unusual ally Faiz Khan Truther. Rauf refused to comment about his colleagues Truther rhetoric. No doubt Faiz Kahn will abuse the memory of the dead by spreading his bile at the Ground Zero Mosque. Once again I advise those to listen to his rants on the web and note the references to UPJ.

Once again I do not blame all Muslims for 9-11. Responsible members of the community like the folks at the CIP are quite different from the folks at CAIR. Once again the Marxist- Jihadi alliance of evil is quite evident in the ranks of Truthers who almost always are communists. Khan was very careful not to use the most typical code words for Jews most commonly observed in Truthers. Instead he talks of corporate conspiracies which has a rather odious obvious source.

One can read about the real Imam Rauf and his connections at the Center for Islamic Pluralisms website. The CIP does not mince words about Rauf and the Ground Zero Mosque. The CIP also never plays word games about terrorism being evil.

I want to point out that while Duncy is a commie he has never endorsed Trutherism. The Duck merely feigns ignorance about the overwhelming numbers of Truthers who just happen to be commies.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Interesting Letter

I read the letter of Noman Benotman from a link at Harry's Place. Had the folks in CAIR
displayed the frankness and candor of this correspondence the American Muslim community
would not be describing an atmosphere of hate.

The letter written is from a former fighter who spent time with Bin Ladden in Sudan and Afhanistan. It hits some of the same themes that the CIP has been saying for years
unequivocally. Terrorism hurts Islam far worse than bigots ever could.

What is perhaps more shocking is that Mullah Omar may not have known about 9-11 before it took place. Also there may have been those in Al Queda who wanted to avoid provoking the USA for fear it would respond aggressively. If this is true it is very interesting.

Amazing Reading Northwest Passage

I am about one third of the way done with Kenneth Roberts Northwest Passage. I have four smaller books left. I want to point out that the oft criticized second book is not as highly ranked by reviewers. One of the reasons I am really enjoying this book is that I am very familiar with the area described by Roberts. I visited the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont several times. The vivid landscape and foreboding doom shines through this book.

Those of you who are not familiar with Kenneth Roberts and enjoy Historical fiction should really give his works a try.

Onto Surf Music I will probably break the bank and reluctantly spend on an IPOD. This way I can take Surf Music with me to Guyana. I can also download classics like Pintor by the Pharoes without tracking down CDS.

I will be doing some events with the local Guyanese community very soon. I will be going on a Church trip to Atlantic City with the Tranquil Sea. I enjoy spending time with the community and raising money for charities in Guyana. I will be going to a 50th birthday party of a community leader who asked me to be there for my unusual sense of humor.

Onto a certain very bitter commentator. I may have been in very poor health recently. However, I have never been happier in my life. The love of the Tranquil Sea and having a wonderful six year old daughter has filled my life with joy a bitter crone like you can not fathom. The fact that my beloved and my daughter are darker than me is incidental. For the record my younger brother and father are also darker than me along with 99% of the planet. Rav Roov and has gone out of his way to arrange a meeting between his family and my new one. He is my brother and a true man of God in the most noble sense. There is a difference between a true person of God like my brother, Warren, Justin, TMW and AOW and a certain Dr of Divinity. A man of God knows his brother

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Why I Suppack ort the CIP Salim Mansur and Stephen Schwatrz

There is an anger in the land aimed at the Muslim American community. Much of the blame is due to the media appointed Muslim Community leaders like the folks at CAIR.

America after 9-11 does not want to hear word games rationalizing terror. There is no excuse for the war crimes committed on that day and elsewhere. Radical Islam is really a political movement more closely related to Communism than to your average Church or normal mosque down the block. The media claims that the Imam of the Ground Zero Mosque is a Sufi except his credentials seem ambiguous to the folks at the CIP.

The folks at the CIP want good relations with the American people and grasp that Muslims should seek good relations with their neighbors. Placing a super sized foreign funny money mosque with a narcissistic charlatan sufi Imam with ethical judgment lapses is a very bad idea. There is no shortage of mosques in NYC. An offer to buy the property with a profit was generously provided by Donald "You Da Man" Trump and local government at all levels has stated a desire to resolve this amicably.

There is a rash of painful stories on TV of Muslims feeling frightened by the raw hatred they are seeing. Part of the blame is for local Muslims to get behind groups like the CIP instead of the CAIR clowns. The folks at CAIR are as unequivocal about telling Muslims to stop harassing Jews as they are at securing a peaceful atmosphere at home.

On the way back from my ill fated visit to the Tranquil Sea and the Sprite I passed by the end of the Ground zero mosque protest.

1) The Non Muslim supporters of the project were lilly white. Communists went out of there way to provoke the marchers. There were many Hispanics, Eastern Europeans, Hindus and immigrants from other places against the mosque.

2) Some of the signs were over the top such as the one calling Mohammad a pedophile.

3) There were no signs from the Muslims apologizing for 9-11 or stating Osama does not speak for me that I could see. If these people are sincere a statement like that would go much further than the sanctimonious bunk of bile pushed by the communist nuts who back this project.

4) I really did a number on two losers from the Neturai Karta who were there to support the mosque. They did not like being called inbred Kapos mamzer frauds who were paid to desecrate the Sabbath and perpetrated a fraud. I did so at close range and even their commie friends did not lift a finger. It was not my nicest moment but those traitors deserved much worse than that and a few people chanting "Am Yisroel Chai with their middle fingers raised".

Difficult Situation to Explain

My health has been poor over the last few days. My stomach and lungs have been giving me problems. Normally, I can handle the spiciest food with zero problem. Unfortunately,
I have gotten very ill from the Tranquil Sea's cooking. I went over yesterday and had a very small amount and had a relapse. I felt the searing pain right away.

It is very hard for me to explain to the Tranquil Sea that lets go out to eat when I have a difficult time with even the most basic of solid food. She worked so hard at preparing the meal that I felt guilty about saying no. I am now stuck in bed with pain that is off the chart and am in the bathroom every thirty minutes or so.

I love her so much, that it is hard to explain how sick I am. I certainly wouldn't want to worry her so. No matter what I will be there on Sunday with the Sprite. Words can not express my joy when my little Princess hugs me and says "I love my daddy". Even helping with the school work is a great joy. Rex the Maltese chases me to and fro and has the advantage of avoiding curry powder.

Curry has never bothered me before and I can usually eat the spiciest food with no problem.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Congrats to the Drummaster

The Drummaster will be working for a company I greatly respect and admire. It is the wish of every Uncle that their nieces and nephews exceed their old man. I am even more proud that he got the job on his own without asking me to pull strings.

I went to visit the beloved Sprite and the Tranquil Sea. My health has been crappy the last two weeks and I have been to work a total of one day. I had a wonderful tie with the Sprite whose love and smile makes my day. I really enjoy going out as a family more than anything in the world. Unfortunately, I had a relapse and am resting in bed.
My lungs and stomach are still bothering me and I still have to be careful with what I eat. Sadly the one small piece of curried chicken was enough to make me ill. I tried to
explain that I am not up to it. The Tranquil Sea was offended and I had a small piece
and now my stomach is shot. At least for now I can eat soft grains like plain rice and a broth.

Maybe Muslims Need to Talk To Their Own

We have grown accustomed to Muslims burning the flags. It is almost a routine story that has become a cliche. We have seen several Muslim Snuff films such as the Daniel Pearl tape. We have seen Muslims desecrating the bodies of the dead.

I am not in favor of burning any books. However, I am in favor of using volumes of Marx, Trotsky and so forth as toilet paper. If Muslims wish to live in the West it does not allow them to negate the free speech of others. Burning a Flag, Koran and so forth is a stupid thing to do. However, the First Amendment does allow for this sort of stupidity. If IQ and sanity requirements were added than people like Duckkky who have never had an intelligent comment would need to move to North Korea.

If Muslims wish to exist in Western Civilization than some norms can need to be expected. Muslims need to act as adults and not go postal at every stupid comment such as the idiocy after the Islamic riots after a quip about beauty pagents in Nigeria.

There are a few brave voices of reason like Wafa Sultan who has in no uncertain tones pointed at the snuff films made by radicals as being an abomination. Her voice is one of a handful that discusses the pathological elements within Islam without spin.

Friday, September 10, 2010


It is another 9-11 and every year I tell me story of an ordinary man in the vortex of the winds of history. I am not a hero just an ordinary man in the wrong place at the wrong time.

On September 11 the greatest war crime in the history of the USA was perpetrated by thugs clearly acting in the name of Islam. It was not the first time I went through this, but none of us took the 93 bombing seriously. If we want to be technical most of the key players from the earlier blast including Sheik Rahman were present at the trial of the killing of Meir Kahane.

The media has gone out of the way to portray previous acts of terrorism by Muslims as
the acts of insane lunatics. The notion that a group of people were planning war crimes against the American people was discounted. The 93 blast which I survived was portrayed as the work of Keystone Terrorists. Bill Clinton did not visit the site after 9-11. The matter was handled by domestic law enforcement and no serious attempt was made to get members of a wider network.

The media has run with this theme in a series of crime after crime. The killer of Ari Halberstam, The Beltway Snipers, The Ft Shrink, The Massacre at the El AL LA counter are all portrayed as mental defectives with no Islamic factor.

The media and the administration was seriously concerned with the anger of the American people after 9-11. A series of lies that Islam was the religion of Peace and that the religion was spread by trade. The administration made a series of gestures to so called moderates who were not moderate. The media let CAIR and other groups get away with BS and word games. The images of Arabs celebrating the deaths of Americans after 9-11 were quickly pulled off the air. Even the alleged moderate Ground Zero Mosque leader blamed the USA for promoting Bin Ladden. The leader of the Mosque conveniently repeated Communist Propaganda and forgot that our man in Afghanistan was killed on 9-10 by the butchers of Al Queda.

Communists were immediately starting Jewish conspiracy rumors at their rally in Union Square. While the stench of burning evil was in the air commies once again stabbed America on the Saturday after 9-11 when the city was still talking about 30,000 dead commies mocked the dead and blamed the Jews. I was at that rally and saw the entire spectacle.

None of us wanted to see innocent people beaten up and persecuted. However, the lies and distortion that Islam is peace and fake sanctimonious moderates is not what America deserved or wanted. The American people are fed up with the lies of the MSM and the government and slimy moderates who say one thing in English and another in Arabic. What the American people needed to see was a Muslim leader like Stephen Schwartz who states point blank in every language terrorism anywhere is wrong. Instead we got CAIR and rationalizations rather than an apology. Arab states continued the double game and allowed money to reach terrorists.

So now we come to the current era where Muslims feel that they have a right to place a Mosque on the site of the greatest war crime committed against the American people. This is not a mosque built by and for the local community. This is an oversized funny foreign money created abomination that is legal but in bad taste.
When those of us who live and work in the area point out a mosque built by and for the local community has existed in the area since 1970 with no fanfare or objections
the usual subjects yawn.

Donald Trump made a generous offer and the sleazy slumlord Imam says no. Governor Patterson offered to swap land and the Imam says no. The Imam has tied the fate of Islam in America to his oversized ego and claims if the mosque is not built there radicals will use it as an excuse to violence. America should not yield to threats from loonies who use every excuse to justify violence except Miracle Whip shortages
in their criminal quest.

Part of me just feels that other than the folks at the CIP that the American people are being played in a game of good cop bad cop by the Islamic community leaders. Yield to every outrageous demand or we can't be responsible for the radicals whom we rationalize and play word games with.

I want to point out that I disagree with those who support the project but want to separate Michael Bloomberg who talks of America being true to its values and grasps the real objections of many who grasps that legal is not always in good taste or optimal. I will contrast this with the sanctimonious communist Duck, who will side with any and every enemy of the American people. I will contrast this with some condescending types at large blogs who regularly portray Americans as backwards and bigoted and get postal when called on their hypocrisy. I did apologize for the personal dimension. However, persons that regularly insult the American people as a backwards bigoted mob really need to look at their tone.

We will likely lose this battle but the big one is in November. It is time to end the funny money game with overseas money going to American religious and educational institutions. No more paid professorships for bug eyed loonies, no more mosques built by questionable sources and close scrutiny of religious workers.

Oddly, a weakened Obama might have to learn to work with others and attempt to be Presidential. If the losses are severe look for Biden to be a scapegoat and Hillary to be elevated to VP to keep her from jumping ship.

Next year it will be ten years. I never want to go through anything like 9-11 again.
Two times is enough.

I will be spending the day with loved ones. I really should remain in bed until my strength is better. Unfortunately, the Sprite needs me and my priority is loved ones before protests. I have just started solid food and my ribs were healed enough for a few good sneezes.

Beamish in 12

Don't Ask Don't Tell Tossed

The Clinton Era policy was ruled Unconstitutional in a Court ruling in California. It would be better if a smarter policy was constructed Don't Care act with dignity. The truth is that most people don't care who is not gay. Just comport yourself with dignity and decorum.

In truth the issues of gender and preference in the work place are more confused and convoluted than ever. Women are granted very wide latitude in dress code. In my office men are required to wear a tie five days a week even when the heat index is over 100 and no visitors are present. Men have complained with some legitimacy that women can go to work in a sundress, but we can not remove our ties ever. Now if a man decided to wear a sundress he would not be acting with professionalism.

Many jobs do indeed have restrictions that can result in termination over matters in our private lives that have nothing to do with our jobs. In theory a person moonlighting as a WWE Wrestler, an arrest for DWI or a public scandal could result in termination of federal employment. Now if Bob is living with a same sex partner it isn't my business and I do not care. Similarly, if person X is committing adultery with a non coworker it is not my business. However, if the person is a coworker than serious legal issues may have been violated. There are those that would argue that a coworker moonlighting as Siegfried the Shmendrick in the WWE would create integrity issues, but I see this as low brow comedy.

In truth the atmosphere towards gays is often very lacking. People should get severely disciplined for using racial, ethnic or homophobic slurs. However, in reality only the dreaded N word is enforced. People who would end a career over an imagined slight will use the F term for gays and brag of their "gaydar" without a reservation. As a person who worked in the fashion industry for decades I am rather amused by people who claim that one can tell a persons preference by vocation. I endured this in Vermont with a nutty local who insisted because of my prior vocation, interests in art and theater as well and having lived in Soho deduced that I must be gay. A horrified HR person had a long talk with the person. I explained that as a NYC resident being gay is not a big deal.

I do not like the presence of laws that encourage otherwise law abiding citizens to break the law. Some of the worst asylum cases one sees are issues where people face abuse because of who they are. I would be much happier to live in a world where there would be no need for Lambda legal, but sadly there is. One of the oddities in the VAWA act is that it provides protections for heterosexuals, but none for gays. A very respected senior official said "abuse is abuse and someday I hope the law changes". I agree with her 100 percent.

The truth is that a coworker who is gay does not impact my job in any way. I will contrast this with enduring a coworker who is a vegan who calls my diet " the toe tag diet". I have been off full calorie soda for about five years. One of the oddities is that after this new sickness it appears that I can no longer handle carbonated beverages without horrible pain. I got a lecture about Hawaiian Punch but as I have great difficulty with solid food at the moment it is no big deal. The soup in the cafeteria was unfit for human consumption even by my low standards. However, I got a long lecture about Hawaiian Punch, Gator Aide and everything else. I am somewhat better and can eat 90% food that is scratchy like potato chips and nuts are still too painful.

We make all types of reasonable accommodations in the work place. I doubt that any of us would object to Kosher, Halal or Vegetarian meals at a party. None of us object to religious head coverings, facial hair in accordance with religious beliefs, appropriate alterations of dress policy. Do note I am not allowed to wear sunglasses while addressing the public. Similarly a person wishing to interact with the public while wearing a burkha would create similar issues. Now I do grasp that the military is a different situation, but the matter should only be addressed if problems arise. In a normal job gays require zero reasonable accommodations.

We will probably be a better society when we move to "Don't care and show some class".

The Odd Couple

The mighty Beakerkin Art players presents a spoof of the noted play and TV show.


On November 13 Felix Poultry was asked to remove himself from his place of residence. That request came from his wife, neighbors and community. Deep down the Duck thought he was right. But someday he knew he would move back in with her when the settlement money ran out. With nowhere else to go he appeared at the home of his childhood friend Oscar Beakerkin. Several years earlier Beakerkin's wife threw him out requesting that he never return. Can two divorced men share an apartment without driving each other crazy?

Beakerkin: Will you stop crying about your wife?
Poultry: Who is crying about the divorce look at this mess. You have a pile of Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin books. Have you seen the food in the fridge there isn't anything that qualifies as plant food in the fridge.
Beakerkin: I believe in the food chain with me at the top. I eat the animals who eat the veggies and cut out the middleman.
Poultry: Typical Capitalist Officer devouring those ....
Beakerkin: Spare me the Marxist crap or I will have to play the best of Mark Levin CD. Besides tonight is poker night, the guys are coming over for some brews, fried chicken. It what us real men do to blow off steam. Why don't you run off to your cell meeting and plan your fruitopian revolution.
Poultry: Tonight is criticism night...
Beakerkin: Okay you are a snob and an imbecile. Now run along and let the real guys have some fun.
Poultry: Why do you think I am less manly than you.
Beakerkin: You teach doodling.
Poultry: Fine Art.
Beakerkin: Whatever. You don't exude manliness and machismo. Droning on about failed mendicant moron philosophers and obsessive bigotry aimed at Jews is not manly.
Make yourself useful get the door.
Poultry: Oh my God......
Mr B. : Beakerkin I know this place is a mess but now you let a Pinko from Union Square in.
Poultry: You don't mean to say we are going to be playing poker with the infamous enemy of the people Mr B. B-B-B but he is the man who stars in all of those films that make Rambo look like an amateur.
Beakerkin: Yeah those films are great.
Poultry: Can you at least have the decency to take off the gasmask when you drink the beer.
Mr B. In this appartment.
Poultry: He does have a point. But those films they inspire mindless patriotism...
Mr. B. : We have a cure for that.
Poultry: Stop it you brute this isn't gym class .....I'm too old for a wedgie...
Warren: Did I miss something whose the pinko
Beakerkin: That a childhood friend poultry. His wife tossed him out for being a commie.
Warren: Smart woman. How come the none of your comrades would take you in.
Poultry: God may forgive you brutes...ohmp..Aren't we too old for mindless violence
against political activists
Everyone: Nooo
Beakerkin: Meet my buddy Warren. He is a Vietnan era veteran who runs the best garage in the city.Poultry Don't say it don't think it or Mr. B will think of some new humiliation.
Pagan: I brought the deli from Katz's. Whose the Commie pantywaist.
Mr B: Some childhood friend of Beakerkin whose wife got tired of his Marxism.
Pagan: Obviously she was tired of waiting for her loser boy to get a job.
Poultry: I teach fine arts you Capatalist brutes. Is it my fault you clowns are to uncivilized to appreciate fine art.
Pagan: I am appreciating some of the fine art Sonia sent us.
Beakerkin: A drop dead gorgeous babe who enjoys porn we do and is sharper than a tack. They don't make them like that anymore.
Mr B: Hey let me look at those.
Poultry: Pornography is exploitation of women to suit the puerile interests of Capatalist jerks.
Beakerkin: Oh meet my friend Pagan Temple he owns Pagans Exotic meats. If it is legal and edible we sell it.
Pagan: Some would argue about the edible part. I got some rattlesnake meat prepared Texas style.
Poultry: You babrabarian trading the flesh..
Pagan: That's Pagan and smile when you say that.
Elmer: Hey guys the postman didn't ring. I see you wear Fruit of the Loom. What did you do to annoy Mr B.
Beakerkin: Never mind him he is just a childhood friend whose wife decided she can't put up with his communism.
Elmer: Guess she wanted a real man commies need not apply.
Beakerkin: This is Elmer retired navy man now working in the Post Office.
Poultry: You have a regular crime syndicate all you need is Hyman the Zionist hedge fund owner and you have a complete set of Capitalist Pigs.
Beakerkin: Poultry go to your room...
Poultry: Stop pelting me with chicken bones you are making a mess. Where is Che when I need him. It looks like a lynch mob retreat....

Malaria Belt

My trip to Guyana will be in late January. The work schedule of the Tranquil Sea is not as flexible as my work schedule. If I were in VT one could dip into Abenaki lore
( likely other tribes) and take a pouch of bear fat in grease form to ward off mosquitoes. Michner describes this in Journey and Roberts describes this in Northwest Passage. Prior to the trip I will get the required shots, pills and carry a months supply of lomatil. I plan on staying at the Hotel for security and safety reasons. The Hotel is equipped with protective bedding.

I will be far away from insane Chavez supporters who would look great stuffed in their peasant clothing in my den. I would feed them to the Black Caiman but as they are all drug abusing losers this would be a form of animal cruelty.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Sanctimonious Imam

I would like America to thank Donald Trump for his generous offer to alleviate the abomination of the proposed Ground Zero Mousque. We have not been fans of Trump, but he has heard the voices of his fellow NYC residents and made a generous offer. Of course the founders of this project who claim that they would have gone elsewhere had they known about the public reaction is revealed to be empty words.

The new line of the Ground Zero Imam is "If we don't build this radicals will be empowered to attack America".

Excuse me but radicals look for any excuse ranging from when the Golden Girls are on the Tube to Eggo recipes to rationalize their war crimes. The nutty Imam is saying that Muslims are like spoiled children who will throw a temper tantrum if they have to move the mosque a few blocks.

As President Obama is useless the best hope is for Mayor Bloomberg to hold a summit.
Let the Imam meet with Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, the victims families, Governor Patterson, Donald Trump and come up with an alternative plan. Bloomberg is a capable leader and can hold a meeting in good faith.

The notion that the fate of Islam in America depends on placing a foreign funded mosque in an offensive location to Americans is sanctimonious. The nutty Imam forgets that a new congress will examine funny money for religious institutions and prevent future projects.

Win a Battle loose a war.

Moby Beakerkin

Even as the narco terrorist Marxist mess in Caracas deteriorates, Captain Ahab Poultry searches the sea for the his obsession Moby Beakerkin the great white Zionist Sperm Whale.

Crew: Captain Poultry the Marxist ship is sinking and we haven't had food other than cheap alcohol in months.
Captain Poultry: I am after the great white Zionist Sperm Whale Moby Beakerkin. He gave me wedgies in gym class, dated all the hot chicks and made fun of my doodling. He must die even if we all die. Marxists are used to death as we deal it in abundance.

Crew: There is Moby Beakerkin off with a bottle of Port and a Fat Burger Bag.
Captain Poultry: Deploy the harpoons we will kill the Zionist Whale.
Crew: If I didn't know better Moby Beakerin is laughing. This snow is a funny color.
Captain Poultry: You fools its no snow its garlic.
Crew: Swim for it its the theme from Jaws.
Captain Poulry: Damned Zionists and cheap unmotivated labor.

So ends the voyages of Captain Poultry.

In the next chapter of Beakerkin abuses the classics The Odd Couple Starring Oscar Beakerin and Felix Poultry.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

From the Sick Bay

I am much improved and apple cider vinegar really does work.

I am not in favor of burning books. Burning the Koran is perfectly legal, but I have more class and better methods of getting heat. This is not really a good idea.

I am perplexed at the uproar in Germany over the Sarrazin book. I will wait until it becomes available in English to comment in depth. I will keep my eye out for it.

The Duck seems to be outraged over my nostalgia for the good old Wilsonian days where commies were tarred and feathered and made to ride the rails. In fact given that they are exponents of political criminality this treatment is an effective way to deal with those who exhort violent revolution.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Oliver Wiswell Final Review

One of the problems when you are a great author is that you compette against your previous works. Michener is measured against his own works. Oliver Wiswell is long
and better than is appreciated.

Roberts is predictable but that doesn't detract from the book. Far and away the most compelling charachter is Tom Buell whose oportunistic ways are never boring. Benedict Arnold makes a two cameos but the author shows him as unchanged.

Next up will be North by Northwest

Labor Day

Once upon a time the labor movement was a noble thing. They stuck to workers rights and avoided partisan politics beyond the work place. Unfortunately commies infiltrated the movement and reduced it to a joke.

My local does an excellent job fighting for the rights of our members. In many cases MGT does not follow its own rules and procedures. I am considered a hard core activist by management. Whenever a union was available at work I joined right away with one exception. My family did not want me being the shop steward in the garment business. I won that election almost unanimously as I voted against myself due to potential conflicts of interest. My job was turned into management formally and that was the first step into management one of many.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sick Bay

I have been under the weather for the last week. I ate something that did not agree with me and it caused a series of violent complications. Of course I will blame the cucumber salad and not the oversized Keilbasa. Combined with the heatwave it was not pleasant and I went six days without sleeping. Yesterday I was so tired I fell asleep in the lawns and the niece threw a blanket over me. I slept for thirteen
hours. Iwoke up got a glass of water and have been alternating between a few moments of work and naps for the last five hours.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Lefties behaving badly

What type of person jumps out of a 39 story building and screws up their own suicide?
The jumper in question was an English major who was likely exposed to years of incompetent Old Boshevik Club hacks. The jumpee was depressed that he could not find a job in publishing and was working in a coffee shop. Apparently, Mother Jones and High Times have no openings at the moment.

The owner of the car was much more congenial than most of us. He borrowed his wife's car and likely will be on the couch for a month if he is lucky. It is a good thing the episode is in the paper as this would probably earn a wooden shampoo ( NY slang for beat down with a nightstick or broom handle) or a month of yeah sure from his wife.

The Duck is probably going to advise all future lefty jumpers to aim for gas guzzling vehicles like SUVs and Hummers. This seems in very poor taste as the person in question is likely mentally disturbed. If this idea catches on we could thin the herd of brain impaired lefties.

The Discovery Channel shooter was also a lefty.

Of course as lefties are criminal and screw ups by nature these stories should be expected.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Communist Criminal Castro Admits he discriminated against Gays

Communist criminal and thug Castro has admitted he discriminated against gays. In typical communist dementia he blames his crimes on the CIA. Sorry, but that reasoning does not work with anyone other than developmentally disabled political criminals like Duckkky.

Of course the time to try Castro for his crimes against humanity is running out. At least the world will be rid of this criminal shortly. Perhaps his buddy Chavez can build a shrine for idiots like the Duckkk to worship.

Maybe it is time for a parody of Poes Oblong Box with the Duck Dancing with Lenin's corpse as the ship sinks. Marxism is dead and its followers are imbecilles, criminals and buffoons. If you still believe in Marxism Paxil may be right for you ... Maybe we can have a Labor Day telethon to cure Marxism. Ducky here is a bigoted bird brain criminal devoid of social skills and independent thought for a small donation you could send him to North Korea...

This one is for Mac from Oliver Wiswell

The paradox of the American Revolution is well displayed by Roberts in his writings. Sometimes incompetents and morons and political hacks do find their ways into places
above their skill level. Rouges also find opportunity in political chaos.

Loyalists took many forms and some of them were wealthy land owners. However, Roberts in several places describes Scots as the key figures. Now there were many who were lured to Canada with promises of land grants for their services. However, more curious are the back woodsmen who had little to gain from the rule of another inbred idiotic useless English monarch.

Perhaps there is a large degree of truth to Macs claim that as a Mountain Man at the time of the Revolution one just highly likely to be a Scot in the first place. Some Scots did fight on the side of the Patriots as well. It should be noted that German, Dutch settlers did fight for the Patriots.

I have finnished the oft criticized third book of six in Oliver Wiswell. The criticism of this book is out of proportion. It is a transitional chapter and very important for the development of charachters in earlier chapters. Book two is masterful and Book four looks promising.