Monday, September 13, 2010

Amazing Reading Northwest Passage

I am about one third of the way done with Kenneth Roberts Northwest Passage. I have four smaller books left. I want to point out that the oft criticized second book is not as highly ranked by reviewers. One of the reasons I am really enjoying this book is that I am very familiar with the area described by Roberts. I visited the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont several times. The vivid landscape and foreboding doom shines through this book.

Those of you who are not familiar with Kenneth Roberts and enjoy Historical fiction should really give his works a try.

Onto Surf Music I will probably break the bank and reluctantly spend on an IPOD. This way I can take Surf Music with me to Guyana. I can also download classics like Pintor by the Pharoes without tracking down CDS.

I will be doing some events with the local Guyanese community very soon. I will be going on a Church trip to Atlantic City with the Tranquil Sea. I enjoy spending time with the community and raising money for charities in Guyana. I will be going to a 50th birthday party of a community leader who asked me to be there for my unusual sense of humor.

Onto a certain very bitter commentator. I may have been in very poor health recently. However, I have never been happier in my life. The love of the Tranquil Sea and having a wonderful six year old daughter has filled my life with joy a bitter crone like you can not fathom. The fact that my beloved and my daughter are darker than me is incidental. For the record my younger brother and father are also darker than me along with 99% of the planet. Rav Roov and has gone out of his way to arrange a meeting between his family and my new one. He is my brother and a true man of God in the most noble sense. There is a difference between a true person of God like my brother, Warren, Justin, TMW and AOW and a certain Dr of Divinity. A man of God knows his brother

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