Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ducky flunks basic math

The bird brained Duck once again proves that Communists are not capable of rational thought. The Duck brags that Narcoterrorist antisemitic criminal mental patient Hugo Chavez has reduced the gap between rich and poor.

With all the wealthy and professionals heading for the doors this is not exactly rocket science. A colony of sewer rats is equal but not optimal or a desired outcome.

Stick with doodling and idiotic films that should be forgotten Duncy.


Speedy G said...

Parliamentary elections today in Venezuela will either signal a new beginning or the end of democracy in that country. Let's all pray for a good outcome.

Speedy G said...

165 Delegates to the unicameral Venezuelan National Assembly will be elected today. The pre-Chavez bicameral Congress used to consist of 54 Senators and 207 Delegates.

Speedy G said...

Bad news from Brazil.

Speedy G said...


De agony of da feet! x2

Speedy G said...

Opposition candidates in yesterday's election in Venezuela garnered 52% of the popular vote but only managed to win a little over 1/3 of the seats... so is Venezuela's Congress "representative" of the Venezuelan people??? Or is Venezuela a democracy "in name only" a DINO?