Thursday, September 09, 2010

Moby Beakerkin

Even as the narco terrorist Marxist mess in Caracas deteriorates, Captain Ahab Poultry searches the sea for the his obsession Moby Beakerkin the great white Zionist Sperm Whale.

Crew: Captain Poultry the Marxist ship is sinking and we haven't had food other than cheap alcohol in months.
Captain Poultry: I am after the great white Zionist Sperm Whale Moby Beakerkin. He gave me wedgies in gym class, dated all the hot chicks and made fun of my doodling. He must die even if we all die. Marxists are used to death as we deal it in abundance.

Crew: There is Moby Beakerkin off with a bottle of Port and a Fat Burger Bag.
Captain Poultry: Deploy the harpoons we will kill the Zionist Whale.
Crew: If I didn't know better Moby Beakerin is laughing. This snow is a funny color.
Captain Poultry: You fools its no snow its garlic.
Crew: Swim for it its the theme from Jaws.
Captain Poulry: Damned Zionists and cheap unmotivated labor.

So ends the voyages of Captain Poultry.

In the next chapter of Beakerkin abuses the classics The Odd Couple Starring Oscar Beakerin and Felix Poultry.


Ducky's here said...

That was terrible.

Ducky's here said...

That was terrible.

beakerkin said...

It wasn't meant to be priceless. You commies have a series of obsessions that are evident even though your ship has sunk long ago.

Speedy G said...