Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Communist Criminal Castro Admits he discriminated against Gays

Communist criminal and thug Castro has admitted he discriminated against gays. In typical communist dementia he blames his crimes on the CIA. Sorry, but that reasoning does not work with anyone other than developmentally disabled political criminals like Duckkky.

Of course the time to try Castro for his crimes against humanity is running out. At least the world will be rid of this criminal shortly. Perhaps his buddy Chavez can build a shrine for idiots like the Duckkk to worship.

Maybe it is time for a parody of Poes Oblong Box with the Duck Dancing with Lenin's corpse as the ship sinks. Marxism is dead and its followers are imbecilles, criminals and buffoons. If you still believe in Marxism Paxil may be right for you ... Maybe we can have a Labor Day telethon to cure Marxism. Ducky here is a bigoted bird brain criminal devoid of social skills and independent thought for a small donation you could send him to North Korea...


The_Editrix said...

"Communist criminal and thug Castro has admitted he discriminated against gays."

To misquote W.C. Fields: Anyone who hates children, fags and dogs can't be all bad.

Ducky's here said...

“Five decades ago, because of homophobia, homosexuals were marginalized in Cuba and many were sent to agricultural or military labor camps, accused of being “counterrevolutionaries,” he said. “We had so many terrible problems, problems of life or death, you know, you do not pay enough attention.”

But he said, “No, if someone is responsible (for the discrimination) it is me.”


Yeah, sure sounds like he's blaming the CIA. You lie more than that douche Pam Geller or your best friend Yeagley.

beakerkin said...

Read the whole interview Comwad.

Ducky's here said...

What column, Officer, as usual you cite no sources and don't post links.

Sources get in the way off your bias, a trick you learned from Robert Spencer, another hero of far right Kahanist bigots everywhere.

The_Editrix said...

"...Robert Spencer, another hero of far right Kahanist bigots everywhere."

Not of this far right Kahanist bigot, he isn't. Stop stereotyping.
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