Friday, September 10, 2010

Malaria Belt

My trip to Guyana will be in late January. The work schedule of the Tranquil Sea is not as flexible as my work schedule. If I were in VT one could dip into Abenaki lore
( likely other tribes) and take a pouch of bear fat in grease form to ward off mosquitoes. Michner describes this in Journey and Roberts describes this in Northwest Passage. Prior to the trip I will get the required shots, pills and carry a months supply of lomatil. I plan on staying at the Hotel for security and safety reasons. The Hotel is equipped with protective bedding.

I will be far away from insane Chavez supporters who would look great stuffed in their peasant clothing in my den. I would feed them to the Black Caiman but as they are all drug abusing losers this would be a form of animal cruelty.

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