Sunday, September 12, 2010

Difficult Situation to Explain

My health has been poor over the last few days. My stomach and lungs have been giving me problems. Normally, I can handle the spiciest food with zero problem. Unfortunately,
I have gotten very ill from the Tranquil Sea's cooking. I went over yesterday and had a very small amount and had a relapse. I felt the searing pain right away.

It is very hard for me to explain to the Tranquil Sea that lets go out to eat when I have a difficult time with even the most basic of solid food. She worked so hard at preparing the meal that I felt guilty about saying no. I am now stuck in bed with pain that is off the chart and am in the bathroom every thirty minutes or so.

I love her so much, that it is hard to explain how sick I am. I certainly wouldn't want to worry her so. No matter what I will be there on Sunday with the Sprite. Words can not express my joy when my little Princess hugs me and says "I love my daddy". Even helping with the school work is a great joy. Rex the Maltese chases me to and fro and has the advantage of avoiding curry powder.

Curry has never bothered me before and I can usually eat the spiciest food with no problem.


Ducky's here said...

Possible ulcer? See a doctor.

beakerkin said...

Doctor says it is no ulcer. It was food poisoning and my stomach has not returned to normal.

I have worked 1 day in the last two weeks and was almost sent home and was placed on reduced duty. I heard half the number of cases.

Always On Watch said...

MJB and family and I missed you yesterday at the 9/12 March on Washington. But we certainly understand why you weren't up to the trip.

How's your blood pressure? Sometimes intolerance of spices is related to hypertension.