Friday, September 10, 2010


It is another 9-11 and every year I tell me story of an ordinary man in the vortex of the winds of history. I am not a hero just an ordinary man in the wrong place at the wrong time.

On September 11 the greatest war crime in the history of the USA was perpetrated by thugs clearly acting in the name of Islam. It was not the first time I went through this, but none of us took the 93 bombing seriously. If we want to be technical most of the key players from the earlier blast including Sheik Rahman were present at the trial of the killing of Meir Kahane.

The media has gone out of the way to portray previous acts of terrorism by Muslims as
the acts of insane lunatics. The notion that a group of people were planning war crimes against the American people was discounted. The 93 blast which I survived was portrayed as the work of Keystone Terrorists. Bill Clinton did not visit the site after 9-11. The matter was handled by domestic law enforcement and no serious attempt was made to get members of a wider network.

The media has run with this theme in a series of crime after crime. The killer of Ari Halberstam, The Beltway Snipers, The Ft Shrink, The Massacre at the El AL LA counter are all portrayed as mental defectives with no Islamic factor.

The media and the administration was seriously concerned with the anger of the American people after 9-11. A series of lies that Islam was the religion of Peace and that the religion was spread by trade. The administration made a series of gestures to so called moderates who were not moderate. The media let CAIR and other groups get away with BS and word games. The images of Arabs celebrating the deaths of Americans after 9-11 were quickly pulled off the air. Even the alleged moderate Ground Zero Mosque leader blamed the USA for promoting Bin Ladden. The leader of the Mosque conveniently repeated Communist Propaganda and forgot that our man in Afghanistan was killed on 9-10 by the butchers of Al Queda.

Communists were immediately starting Jewish conspiracy rumors at their rally in Union Square. While the stench of burning evil was in the air commies once again stabbed America on the Saturday after 9-11 when the city was still talking about 30,000 dead commies mocked the dead and blamed the Jews. I was at that rally and saw the entire spectacle.

None of us wanted to see innocent people beaten up and persecuted. However, the lies and distortion that Islam is peace and fake sanctimonious moderates is not what America deserved or wanted. The American people are fed up with the lies of the MSM and the government and slimy moderates who say one thing in English and another in Arabic. What the American people needed to see was a Muslim leader like Stephen Schwartz who states point blank in every language terrorism anywhere is wrong. Instead we got CAIR and rationalizations rather than an apology. Arab states continued the double game and allowed money to reach terrorists.

So now we come to the current era where Muslims feel that they have a right to place a Mosque on the site of the greatest war crime committed against the American people. This is not a mosque built by and for the local community. This is an oversized funny foreign money created abomination that is legal but in bad taste.
When those of us who live and work in the area point out a mosque built by and for the local community has existed in the area since 1970 with no fanfare or objections
the usual subjects yawn.

Donald Trump made a generous offer and the sleazy slumlord Imam says no. Governor Patterson offered to swap land and the Imam says no. The Imam has tied the fate of Islam in America to his oversized ego and claims if the mosque is not built there radicals will use it as an excuse to violence. America should not yield to threats from loonies who use every excuse to justify violence except Miracle Whip shortages
in their criminal quest.

Part of me just feels that other than the folks at the CIP that the American people are being played in a game of good cop bad cop by the Islamic community leaders. Yield to every outrageous demand or we can't be responsible for the radicals whom we rationalize and play word games with.

I want to point out that I disagree with those who support the project but want to separate Michael Bloomberg who talks of America being true to its values and grasps the real objections of many who grasps that legal is not always in good taste or optimal. I will contrast this with the sanctimonious communist Duck, who will side with any and every enemy of the American people. I will contrast this with some condescending types at large blogs who regularly portray Americans as backwards and bigoted and get postal when called on their hypocrisy. I did apologize for the personal dimension. However, persons that regularly insult the American people as a backwards bigoted mob really need to look at their tone.

We will likely lose this battle but the big one is in November. It is time to end the funny money game with overseas money going to American religious and educational institutions. No more paid professorships for bug eyed loonies, no more mosques built by questionable sources and close scrutiny of religious workers.

Oddly, a weakened Obama might have to learn to work with others and attempt to be Presidential. If the losses are severe look for Biden to be a scapegoat and Hillary to be elevated to VP to keep her from jumping ship.

Next year it will be ten years. I never want to go through anything like 9-11 again.
Two times is enough.

I will be spending the day with loved ones. I really should remain in bed until my strength is better. Unfortunately, the Sprite needs me and my priority is loved ones before protests. I have just started solid food and my ribs were healed enough for a few good sneezes.

Beamish in 12


Always On Watch said...

The murder of Ari Halberstam is hardly ever mentioned anymore.

I tell you, the cover-up of the deeds of Islamomaniacs drives me up the wall!

Just how much havoc do they have to wreak for the media to confront the real problems with Islam?

beakerkin said...

The US Government went out of its way to portray Muslims who kill as mental defectives. They didn't want any discussion that there could be a subgroup of people within America poised for lawless behavior.

The problem is that the US Government has allowed the Saudis to ship funny money into the USA and radicalize our domestic mosques and schools. This is not my opinion but that of the CIP which describes the problem at length.

Compounding this problem was an insane immigration policy that makes zero sense. We exclude people
based on an idiotic 7% rule even if countries have decades of real historic ties. In essence people from the Philippines, China and India wait longer than people from Pakistan.

Furthermore, we should end the Diversity Visa Lottery program.