Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Truther Element in the Mosque Supporters

I did notice that there clearly were Truthers present in the demonstration to support the Mosque. This fact was neglected by the MSM who refuse to note that the non Muslim supporters are frequently communist agitators.

Imam Rauf talks about building bridges and has an unusual ally Faiz Khan Truther. Rauf refused to comment about his colleagues Truther rhetoric. No doubt Faiz Kahn will abuse the memory of the dead by spreading his bile at the Ground Zero Mosque. Once again I advise those to listen to his rants on the web and note the references to UPJ.

Once again I do not blame all Muslims for 9-11. Responsible members of the community like the folks at the CIP are quite different from the folks at CAIR. Once again the Marxist- Jihadi alliance of evil is quite evident in the ranks of Truthers who almost always are communists. Khan was very careful not to use the most typical code words for Jews most commonly observed in Truthers. Instead he talks of corporate conspiracies which has a rather odious obvious source.

One can read about the real Imam Rauf and his connections at the Center for Islamic Pluralisms website. The CIP does not mince words about Rauf and the Ground Zero Mosque. The CIP also never plays word games about terrorism being evil.

I want to point out that while Duncy is a commie he has never endorsed Trutherism. The Duck merely feigns ignorance about the overwhelming numbers of Truthers who just happen to be commies.


Always On Watch said...

Is Rauf himself a truther?

Always On Watch said...

I'm no fan of Bill O'Reilly, but take a look at this.

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beamish said...

Actually, the consensus leftist view is that America deserved to have Karl Rove plan the 9/11 attacks as an inside job because of our friendship with Israel.