Saturday, September 11, 2010

Maybe Muslims Need to Talk To Their Own

We have grown accustomed to Muslims burning the flags. It is almost a routine story that has become a cliche. We have seen several Muslim Snuff films such as the Daniel Pearl tape. We have seen Muslims desecrating the bodies of the dead.

I am not in favor of burning any books. However, I am in favor of using volumes of Marx, Trotsky and so forth as toilet paper. If Muslims wish to live in the West it does not allow them to negate the free speech of others. Burning a Flag, Koran and so forth is a stupid thing to do. However, the First Amendment does allow for this sort of stupidity. If IQ and sanity requirements were added than people like Duckkky who have never had an intelligent comment would need to move to North Korea.

If Muslims wish to exist in Western Civilization than some norms can need to be expected. Muslims need to act as adults and not go postal at every stupid comment such as the idiocy after the Islamic riots after a quip about beauty pagents in Nigeria.

There are a few brave voices of reason like Wafa Sultan who has in no uncertain tones pointed at the snuff films made by radicals as being an abomination. Her voice is one of a handful that discusses the pathological elements within Islam without spin.


Ducky's here said...

If Muslims wish to exist in Western Civilization than some norms can need to be expected.


That's a little more confusing than usual, Beak.

Do these norms also hold for Kahanist freaks and people whose best friend on the net is a white supremacist?

Z said...

Instead of muslims talking to their own (the koran won't allow the kind of talk you mean, Beak, you know that), some Christian churches are reading from the Koran this Sunday.
Man, muslims are THE most cunning bunch going, aren't they?
We've been made to feel Islamophobic (a word made up by NEWSWEEK, of course) and I keep asking "why is it only since 9/11 that we in LA have seen muslim head scarves? I thought they thought we're against them now? When we were absolutely not against them, before 911, when everyone just thought all was fine, they didn't!" Go figure.

beakerkin said...


My best friend on the net is Warren.
You remember Warren he's the guy that
calls you Nostradumbass.

As far as Kahanists go your friend Kapo Renegade Sphincter seems to enjoy their company. Unlike Kahanists I do not tolerate your kind. For me I would sooner eliminate Commies first and then deal with jihadis.

Contra time.

Actually Coptic Christians and Asyrians whose are fluent in Arabic
tell those who are unfamiliar with Islam to read the Koran, just not for the same reason muslims wish us to.

Brooke said...

"That's a little more confusing than usual, Beak."

As if confusing Ducky is a difficult thing.

beakerkin said...


I have been confusing the Duck for about six years. As a Commie he is not capable of higher thought. Moreover, anti communist liberals like myself are second on the commie pain list. Libertarians are the ultimate commie killers

Always On Watch said...

Z: some Christian churches are reading from the Koran this Sunday.

And mosques are teaching that Jesus rose again, right? [sarcasm]