Sunday, September 19, 2010

Going to an Old Car Show

My father does enjoy the Old Car shows. I do enjoy them as well but for entirely the wrong reasons. Many of these car shows have the dreaded Dodge Dart which was a religious experience to those who drove in them. You thanked the Supreme Being that you arrived in one piece. I also enjoy seeing woodies which the under 25 set think of means erections.

Usually these shows have retro food and CDS. Last year I think I found Surf Instrumental Classics number 5 and the Best of Tony Orlando. I will see if they have any Surf CDS but other than Classic Rock it is far and away the next best driving music. If I were still in VT I would have long ago purchased a CD player fot the car.

I also like the retro lunch boxes. I am going to see if I can find the classic Hawaiian Punch model.

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Brooke said...

Old car shows are fun. Taking Connor, a Hot Wheels addict to see the real thing is a treat.

Around these parts we call them cruise-ins. :)