Friday, September 24, 2010

I am always amused at Commies who think they know why people are poor and attempt to rationalize their power mad scams of theft based upon people they know zero about

Why is person X poor

Person X is frequently poor because of poor lifestlye choices.

1) Person X is in the country illegally and is not supposed to be here. They are thrust into the sub economy and some of these jobs are not all menial. Furthermore the presence of illegal labor depresses wages and increases the cost of social services. Given the cost of education, it is more cost effective to give a family with two children a plane ticket home than to pay for educational costs.

Many illegal aliens do in fact earn a better living than commonly assumed and have enough money to send back home.

2) Failure to get a HS diploma

This restricts the available opportunities. When person X drops out of school this is an individual choice.

3) Substance Abuse

This is a lifestyle issue.

4) Having children out of wedlock.

Lifestyle issues.

5) Failure to relocate to where jobs are available or retrain.

Person X is in a factory that closed. Person X may have to relocate or retrain to do something else.

6) Untreated mental illness

This is not politically correct, but some of the poor do in fact suffer from mental illness and despite an army of civil servants remain untreated. Of course the notion that society could mandate treatment was fought by the far left who aided and abetted the plight of Billie Boggs. The notion that she should have been taken into a mental health facility against her will and medicated was fought by the far left.
After speaking in colleges, jobs in law firms Billie Boggs resumed being homeless.

7) Having more kids than one can afford and out of wedlock.

Lifestyle and choices

8) Failure


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Always On Watch said...

Having more kids than one can afford

Big factor.

Time Magazine recently had a feature article about the advantages only-children have. Good read.

Speedy G said...

How about... below average intelligence? Half of Americans are "below average".

beakerkin said...


Single children have advantages but a sibling is always good.


Of course a certain Duck will take years to figure out that comment. I am starting to wonder if social skills are a larger factor than intelligence.

The_Editrix said...

Homosexual: Lifestyle and choice. Hehe...

The_Editrix said...

Another, and more serious, comment: We have a big "underclass" discussion in Germany right now. What is always overlooked is the fact that it is precisely the open society with chances for advancement for everybody that leads to an hardore-underclass that can not and will not be bettered. Our society is shaped by men from the lower-middle- and working classes who made good use of the opportunities they were given in the Seventies of the last century. It is dangerous and destructive to lower the standards to give even the dregs every society has an illusion of advancement, but it's non-politically correct to say so.

I'd guess it's somewhat similar in America.