Sunday, September 12, 2010

Why I Suppack ort the CIP Salim Mansur and Stephen Schwatrz

There is an anger in the land aimed at the Muslim American community. Much of the blame is due to the media appointed Muslim Community leaders like the folks at CAIR.

America after 9-11 does not want to hear word games rationalizing terror. There is no excuse for the war crimes committed on that day and elsewhere. Radical Islam is really a political movement more closely related to Communism than to your average Church or normal mosque down the block. The media claims that the Imam of the Ground Zero Mosque is a Sufi except his credentials seem ambiguous to the folks at the CIP.

The folks at the CIP want good relations with the American people and grasp that Muslims should seek good relations with their neighbors. Placing a super sized foreign funny money mosque with a narcissistic charlatan sufi Imam with ethical judgment lapses is a very bad idea. There is no shortage of mosques in NYC. An offer to buy the property with a profit was generously provided by Donald "You Da Man" Trump and local government at all levels has stated a desire to resolve this amicably.

There is a rash of painful stories on TV of Muslims feeling frightened by the raw hatred they are seeing. Part of the blame is for local Muslims to get behind groups like the CIP instead of the CAIR clowns. The folks at CAIR are as unequivocal about telling Muslims to stop harassing Jews as they are at securing a peaceful atmosphere at home.

On the way back from my ill fated visit to the Tranquil Sea and the Sprite I passed by the end of the Ground zero mosque protest.

1) The Non Muslim supporters of the project were lilly white. Communists went out of there way to provoke the marchers. There were many Hispanics, Eastern Europeans, Hindus and immigrants from other places against the mosque.

2) Some of the signs were over the top such as the one calling Mohammad a pedophile.

3) There were no signs from the Muslims apologizing for 9-11 or stating Osama does not speak for me that I could see. If these people are sincere a statement like that would go much further than the sanctimonious bunk of bile pushed by the communist nuts who back this project.

4) I really did a number on two losers from the Neturai Karta who were there to support the mosque. They did not like being called inbred Kapos mamzer frauds who were paid to desecrate the Sabbath and perpetrated a fraud. I did so at close range and even their commie friends did not lift a finger. It was not my nicest moment but those traitors deserved much worse than that and a few people chanting "Am Yisroel Chai with their middle fingers raised".

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Always On Watch said...

Part of the blame is for local Muslims to get behind groups like the CIP instead of the CAIR clowns.

Well, the local Moslems had better get the show on the road. Anger is running high -- and not only in the usual circles for anger against Islam.

Now, if the builders of the Ground Zero Mosque had backed off earlier on, Moslems would have gotten some excellent pr! Why didn't they back off? See THIS by Amir Taheri.