Thursday, September 16, 2010


I will be taking off tomorrow. The Federal GVT is concerned that I have too much vacation time. The old administration was a pain complaining if I took a sick day. Fortunately the new administration is more sensible. The top executive stated that one can not have 350 hours of sick leave and be accused of abusing the system. That is why
when I had food poisoning the office wasn't busy and said have a nice day.

I will be going to Atlantic City with the Guyanese Church and the Tranquil Sea. I enjoy those trips and get to spend some time with the community. I will also be going
to a major community event in the next day or so. The host of that event told the Tranquil Sea to make sure I go. For some unknown reason I never get sick from the food at those parties but a home cooked bmeal .... I am probably the only person who likes the potato in the curried chicken more than the chicken itself.

The Sprite did manage to grab my spinach roll. I order her a kids meal and she ignores it and makes off with my spinach roll. It is a huge portion of spinach, garlic and a touch of onion in a flaky crust. I didn't say anything and she just smiled. The waitress brought over another one. It probably was better for her than the generic chicken fingers and steak fries anyway.

I am almost done with the first book of Northwest Passage. All I can say is it is Kenneth Roberts at his best. The second book which talks about the Carver Expedition
was not as highly rated. I have been to most of the locations in the book. The Upper Connecticut River and the White Mountains are a favorite place of mine. Some day I will go to the Kennebec with Drummaster. Now that he has a great new first job it is in the future. I worked many places but none as impressive as where he is now.

After I am finnished with all of Kenneth Roberts I will be reading some English translations of classic Polish Lit. I may also pause to read some classics. Those of you turned off by Last of the Mohicans, Johny Tremaine and Moby Dick can pass on those posts. I will be reading Lydia Bailey after Northwest Passage so there will be some discussion of the Haitian Revolution as seen by Roberts. Of course neither Ducky
nor Sonia is likely to have seen the Lydia Bailey movie.

I may even discuss was any movie better than the book at a later date.


Ducky's here said...

Had to look up Lydia Bailey ... Ann Francis, worth a look on that fact alone.

Brooke said...

You have a marvelous day off, Beak. You've earned it and then some!