Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Sanctimonious Imam

I would like America to thank Donald Trump for his generous offer to alleviate the abomination of the proposed Ground Zero Mousque. We have not been fans of Trump, but he has heard the voices of his fellow NYC residents and made a generous offer. Of course the founders of this project who claim that they would have gone elsewhere had they known about the public reaction is revealed to be empty words.

The new line of the Ground Zero Imam is "If we don't build this radicals will be empowered to attack America".

Excuse me but radicals look for any excuse ranging from when the Golden Girls are on the Tube to Eggo recipes to rationalize their war crimes. The nutty Imam is saying that Muslims are like spoiled children who will throw a temper tantrum if they have to move the mosque a few blocks.

As President Obama is useless the best hope is for Mayor Bloomberg to hold a summit.
Let the Imam meet with Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, the victims families, Governor Patterson, Donald Trump and come up with an alternative plan. Bloomberg is a capable leader and can hold a meeting in good faith.

The notion that the fate of Islam in America depends on placing a foreign funded mosque in an offensive location to Americans is sanctimonious. The nutty Imam forgets that a new congress will examine funny money for religious institutions and prevent future projects.

Win a Battle loose a war.


Anonymous said...

Beak, I have a few words about the Qur'an burning. What has been revealed is how liberals hold an unspoken contempt for Muslims worldwide, acting as though they are simple-minded robots, acting on pure emotion, unable to restrain themselves.

The message from liberals is, "Muslims are culturally inferior and lack the ability of civilized man to control their base emotions. They are simply not responsible for their actions and you, the mean conservative, need to respect this cultural disability." Man, I need to get the message out in Indian Country that the best way to acquire stolen land and enjoy access to sacred sites currently located in national parks is to threaten mass violence (peaceful violence, of course) against the U.S. This seems to be the only way white liberals notice one's "plight."

I guess the message liberals wish to convey is that, far from a religion of peace, Islam is comprised of mindless automotons, unable to control themselves and too stupid to understand that our president can't simply stop the preacher from burning a book. Way to go libs, you've finally helped the world see how Muslims have zero ability to control their emotions and are too cripplingly unintelligent to figure out the restraints our gov. has on limiting free speech and freedom of expression.

Would their be a world-wide concern over hundreds of millions of Christians if copies of the New Testament were burned? No. The fact that their is this level of concern about Muslim violence says everything about Islam.


Anonymous said...

And yes, there are typos in my previous post's usage of their when it should be there.

I also believe this imam that's heading the Islamic community center two blocks from Ground Zero has dug himself into a ditch. I'm continually blown away at the utter narcissism of first, Christians, who used to revel in building cathedrals and churches atop other culture's sacred sites, and contemporary Islam, which enjoys the same sort of juvenile acts of machismo. T

this orgy of mosque building to show how great one's god is so pathetic. It's apparent that this form of theism is really a form of meeism, serving the narcissistic egos of Muslims worldwide. I suppose this sort of insecurity is what you get when your religion is essentially the Mormonism of the Middle East.


Ducky's here said...

See here's the deal, Beak.

Muslims are not going to give up there rights and humble themselves to the Likud freaks.

Can you explain why they have to sit down with Yeagley's female equivalent Pam "The Douche" Geller. No, Geller can sit on it and rotate.

Likewise Robert "The Pimp" Spencer. That pimp has no standing or authority in this matter.

Now I imagine you think this matter is trivial and we should allow Trump to come in and grandstand but I can expect no less from a friend of the white supremacist bigot Yeagley.

Ray, what constitutes an "orgy of mosque building"? Most American Muslims do not attend a mosque. You are as informed as Yeagley.

beakerkin said...

Lets start it this way. Muslims have started a war with the American people. They have needlessly provoked
us with a poorly placed mosque. Other than some commies who are useless except as targets in Dirty Harry movies they haven't got a chance to win this one.

You see it works like this the mosque gets built and good old Americans shut off the funny money using some novel new legislation and perhaps the RICO act. Obama is going to be weakened and can not lift a finger and is not known to stand on principles despite his Marxism he dreams of a second term.

Now commies scum like yourself demand Jews meet with Islamo Nazis
like Hammas. Well if you can make such demand on Jews than the Imam should meet with Trump, Geller, Spencer, Patterson and the victims families. In the real world deals are made to keep the peace.

Only commie turds like yourself get power from divide and conquer and Jihadis will soon realize you and your kind are useless. The Iranian loonies got one thing correct. After they consolidated their power they killed their Marxist Allies.

Moving on to Yeagley. As a commie and political criminal you are lower than a mixed up mental patient that frequently cites me as the leader of a cabal to make him look absurd. Yeagley's own writings are far worse than any satire I can conjure up and I need not bother with dissecting them.
Your treasonous views and bigotries exceed that of the cartoon Yeagley. Lets see Yeagley has an obsession with race. Funny, but a person who uses racial, antisemitic and homophobic rhetoric is not fit to judge anyone. Your antisemitism is more pathological than Yeagley's racial fixations.

A commie pointing the finger at anyone is a comedic punchline.

Anonymous said...

The orgy is the rather consistent history of Muslims acting exactly like their Christian counterparts, acting like the creator is their personal secretary and that constructing "houses of worship" under new management, actually means anything meaningful from metaphysical standpoint. It's pure egoism. This is the usual thuggery I've sadly come to expect from religions derived from the Middle East.

If Christians deserve scorn for their atrocious history (and they most certainly do), then why the refusal on your part to call a spade a spade, and condemn Islam for it's own similar history? Islam is a colonizing religion with just as much blood on its hands as Christianity ever had.

You're blinded by the brown skin and erroneous perception that this is a minority religion. Again, you and other white liberals refusal to even acknowledge the rabid dog behavior of hundreds of millions of Muslim's inability to control their actions (i.e. not to go on murderous rampages similar to the "rage virus" suffers from the 28 days later film)is telling.

Defending Muslims to this extent, completely overlooking the always present potential for millions upon millions of Muslims to erupt into violent berserkers, reveals how deeply in denial you and your ilk really are at this point. Like I said, I sure do wish Native communities could enjoy the mindless, near suicidal adoration you bestow upon Islam.

Like I said, book-burning is disgusting and this minister is a scum bag. That said, it's just revealing how liberals simply overlook as a defense mechanism the real barbarism of most of the Islamic world. The fact that you people condemn as a matter of routine, the atrocities of Christianity and the right, all the while acting as though hundreds of millions of Muslims rioting over both real and imagined slights is no big deal, is disgustingly hypocritical.


Always On Watch said...

The new line of the Ground Zero Imam is "If we don't build this radicals will be empowered to attack America".

A threat on the imam's part, IMO.