Saturday, September 25, 2010

Near the End of Northwest Passage

I am in the last 200 pages of Northwest Passage. Kenneth Roberts seems to have a thread that our first Romantic choice is often very poor. The main character falls in love with a self centered woman. The woman dumps him and marries Major Rogers and proceeds to make his life miserable. The wife of Major Rogers also seems to have a unique ability to drive people up a wall.

This book is the first that seems to lack a major Cap Huff figure. Cap Huff appears very early in the book and is mentioned in passing. Hunk Mariner is not developed much. In the last 200 pages SGT McNott is likely to fill this role. Former Violent Hummingbird posters would probably laugh at the antics of "Princess McNot" who is a Souix indian who was kidnaped and adopted into the Chipewa. The wife is mistreated but gets even and steals her husbands wooden leg when he threatens to leave her. The deranged one is older than she admits and probably was the inspiration for that character. Then again Princess McNott many times shows she is useful and usually well mannered and can not be compared to the rabid one.

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