Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The life is cheap debacle

I am quite amused at the antics of politically correct foolishness largely by Commies and their Muslim allies over the life is cheap quote. The problem with Communism and Islamacism is that life is indeed cheap. Commies think nothing of sending large numbers of people to their deaths for their power mad cult dreams. Of course when the rest of us look at the mounting evidence the game becomes claim the crimes had nothing to do with Communism and blame an individual.

As far as Islam and taking lives for no discernable reason much of terrorism as we know it starts with Arab Communist movements like the PLO. Over time these communist groups spawned more religious rivals that think nothing of committing similar types of mayhem. The notion that the Arab commies are less violent than Islamacists is a leftist delusion.

Groups that will send children with plastic keys to heaven to clear minefields, shoot school kids in the back and smack fuel ladden planes into office buildings do indeed not respect human life.

The real reason for the over the top criticim ( odd considering the notorious bigotry
in the writtings of clown prof Walt) is that the professorsip is named after a Jewish supporter of Israel. This is little more than the Old Bolsheviks club in higher ed trading in populist antisemitism.


Always On Watch said...

Arab Communist movements like the PLO

Amazing that so few Americans know about that particular alliance!

BTW, after over a week of computer issues, I'm finally back online. Alas, my work schedule won't allow for much blogging mid-week. Still, I finally have consistent access to the web now.

I've got a lot of catching up to do as I haven't been able to make blog rounds to any extent for so long.

Anonymous said...

The viper's nest.