Friday, September 17, 2010

My gifts

I want to pause before Yom Kippur to count my blessings. Many of us are hurting and I am uncharacteristically doing well in the Obama recession. I want to thank the guy upstairs for all my wonderful friends both in my personal life and the blogosphere. I want to thank my family and especially the Tranquil Sea for filling my life with love. I have never been happier than the moments I spend as a family. I want to thank the guy upstairs for providing me with wonderful work I love and the honor of serving the American people. I also want to thank the man upstairs for providing drummaster a chance to start a job I dreamed about.

As an officer we see so many fine moments in life that are beautiful and fade into our memory. Right before I left for the holiday one case that I really worked on for 4 months looks like it is coming home. I had to work with work with officers in three other offices to get the information. Oddly this case sits in my supervisors office for review of the applicants fate. I am 100% confident that a woman who has waited 12 years will be getting good news. My Vermont training literally saved the day for her. Sometimes getting the right officer makes a difference and in her case it did. I sometimes remember cases if they are good or if I have been able to fix ones that have been messed up for a decade or more. I will not forget this case.

Useless types talk about pushing paper. They talk of doodles and imbecilic foreign films as important. They do not grasp the research, legal debates, charisma and effort needed to serve the public. Lives and laws are more important than doodles. I thank the man upstairs that my life is not wasted in irrelevancy like teaching doodling.

Beamish in 12

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