Friday, December 31, 2010

Temple to Open in Albania

A Jewish house of worship has opened up in Albania. The small Jewish community will be able to practice their religion free from communist and jihadist thuggery. Communists pretending to be the champions of Islam is a sad joke given their history. Sending Muslims to death in cattle cars is how communists deal with pesky Muslims.

Of course while commies rail about imagined elasticities, they were applauding as their boy Stalin sent Muslims to their deaths. Commies feign ignorance as Uighurs with a superior claim to nation status is crushed by the Chicoms. Muslims only matter when commies job number one to kill Jews is on the line.

Blaming Bloomburg

It now appears that the delayed response to the snow removal was some sort of job action. Labor actions end when public safety is endangered. There were cases of people dying due to the inability of emergency responders to deliver timely first aid.

The Mayor has been a bit arrogant. The entire planet knows that Manhattan gets the lion's share of resources and it does not matter if one lives in Harlem or Tribecca. Denying the obvious does make the mayor look bad.

If it is indeed true that the delays were caused by illegal labor actions the Mayor should start termination proceedings and pass the liability issues directly to the union. If a wrongful death suit seeks redress the liability belongs solely and squarely upon the union and not the taxpayers of NYC. If the union is forced into bankruptcy, this is what they deserve.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The End of the Sentence

My sentence is over as of today. It was three months of wasted time with zero positive
benefits for the public. This is what happens when idiots in Washington come up with an idea with zero critical input from frightened workers. The job did not require decisional officers and sending people making 100,000 to do a clerical job is a waste of resources that increases backlogs.

On Monday, I return home to my normal job. I resent my time being wasted for this stupidity. There are enough officers who want to do this without bothering those who wish to do the jobs they were hired for.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Thank You Front Page Magazine

We often hear the Communist Duck tell us of the brave Soviet Army that saved the planet from the evil Nazis. Mr B frequently points out that the Nazis were not too different from Commies. I point out that the Soviets were allies of the Nazis who got double crossed. The film documents this collaboration as well as points out that the oft cited 20,000,000 number includes communist butchery of civilians.

It is time to stop pretending that Communism is anything other than a criminal conspiracy with mental defective followers.

Beakerkin in a Blizzard

I arrived back home right before the blizzard. The three mile uphill trek from the nearest late night bus stop is a long way. There is a 24 hour store at the start of the trek and then nothing.

The storm hit and it is odd. There is no snow in the back porch. From prior storms that means head for the side door. The snow is waist deep in places. I reach front door with no effort. I have huge legs that make this an easy task. The twenty something next door is whining about having no snow shovel. I tell her to go inside after I clear the front door I will toss her this shovel and grab another from the basement. I am determined to enter the front door. After 25 minutes of digging I free the front door.

There is no land line, internet or cable. The street still has not been plowed. However, if there were an emergency the South side is a main street and the person would have to be moved there until help arrives. That street was plowed at 7:00 AM
but I have seen no traffic. Other than the hospital there isn't any place to go.

I cut a small path to the sidewalk . I have unwttingly created a wind break for a small bird that likes those dredful edemames I toss it. I am home oddly listening to my beloved surf music The Ghost Hop, Jan & Dean and the Ventures.

I now start a small tunnel to the neighbors trench. I hear a crack and look as a tree
limb narrowly misses me. Getting hit by a tree is a Vermont experience I would like to leave there. I am now 15 feet from the neighbors trench when the fireman next door waves me off. He clears the gap in minutes and cuts the 20 feet I had to attend to in seconds.

The twenty something is whining about tea bags so I give her a batch.

What I wouldn't give to have the little Maltese with me. I would love to play in this stuff with the Sprite and the Little Maltese. The Little Maltese would be angry with me for washing my sweater. He likes to nest in it and it has needed a wash for a
while but he playfully growls if you move it.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

How to get a point across to a punk non violently

I was amazed as time stopped on Christmas Eve. I sleep lightly so for me to bounce awake is quite ease and I awake very functional even when sick I am sharp. My task is easy as the little Maltese hears sounds before I can react. His reaction was strange as a stranger gets one reaction. Known people get different sounds louder the more important. He stirred and then looked disinterested. I dressed and did a fast analysis
and noticed the pit bull would have shredded a burglar and he was calm so it was someone we knew. I remember before I was awoken by a bit about locking me in with the Maltese to keep the house tidy by the middle daughter. The Maltese does not have to be locked with me as he stays with me by nature except when patrolling the front doorred. I was not surprised to find her husband who had abandoned this same household and cost me a bundle in the house. This low life has cost me plenty with his disappearing act right before the holidays and I was in no mood.

I asked the middle sister where the Sprite was and got an answer. I told the same daughter I am taking the pit bull out back for some running. The knave says "He'll bite your white ass". I pointed out that the dog in question is smarter than he is and doesn't bite the hand that feeds it. The daughter told me to go out the front door. I agreed and decided to take my little Maltese companion with me for a walk.

It was a polite way to let the idiot leave with no confrontation. I walk out and he is gone no a conflict. It works with most normal people but as luck would have it, I get a moron of exceptional ability. So the boy band reject alcoholic mendicant wants a greeting. I remind him to keep running. He is quite good at it and it is only a matter of time till he runs again. People without character are doomed to their fates. The problem is between me and my wife we will work it out. I told him to hit the road and keep going.

Still determined to send a message he comes in the next day at the Christmas Party. My girlfriend had to work and would have been mortified with him in the home. In fact she cried about this jerk's antics two hours earlier. As I do not believe in violence except to protect and there were young children present my options were limited.

He entered and tried the boy band flunkie retard charm bit. I told him there are no holidays or words between us and never say another word in my direction again. I left without my coat even though I was sick. His wife tried the bit the problems are hers but this act has made my girlfriend cry and has cost me cash. I reminded her that their problems had impacted me.

I walked in like John Wayne and said " There are things that even I can not accept.
I am picking up my coat and heading out. Kindly, tell the wife when you are ready to leave and I will return when the company has improved. He said I am out of here and his friends left. I pointed out the atmosphere had improved markedly. I was prepared for the other alternative as well.

I had got my point across without violence, profanity or police. In local terms this is unheard of. The girlfriend wasn't mad when she found out and was proud the boy was put in his place.

A Beakerkin Christmas Tale

I am a fan of Christmas Literature. The tales of humanity adversity and altruism are widely known. The miracle of Christmas is the spirit of the best we can aspire to as humans. In the real world, sometimes we lose sight of that but only in a Beakerkin way can we have several spirit of Christmas miracles and have yours truly create a historic first. There will be no evil Ducks in this tale. There will be no
tragically abused Beakerambo or the heroic Mr B in this tale just humans of various
messed up lives punctuated by noble canines the familiar Maltese and the less familiar stereo type pit bull.

I left for Christmas when common sense said stay home. I knew the Tranquil Sea would know, but no seven year old girl who never knew their father could. I started in freezing weather and took the long trip when I should have remained in bed. The cold was so bad the previous day the supervisor could hear me breathing a few desks away.
I wasn't able to eat much for the previous 48 hours and I spent much of the previous day somewhere between dreams and reality.

Onwards I moved pushing my body planning where to rest and stay warm. Normally, I read several items but my challenge was to stay awake so this tale starts. It is not a historic trip like Robert Scott just a stupid trip. So across the hills on the bus
I journeyed. Even if another relative did not have my car due to the Obama economy I would not have driven with a Swiss Cheese mind impaired by this drowsy state where I lapse between fevered dreams and reality not knowing where one starts or the next ends like a scrooge parody.

Normally, I read a book and a newspaper of two along the way. Today, there would be no newspaper to read until the end of the journey by accident. My thoughts were arrive in one piece and stay focused and awake. The city can be especially dangerous if one falls asleep in the wrong place or if you have fever impaired judgment even for a native. Criminals prey on those they fell are weak and the dangerous addicts and mental illness. The bus to the Ferry was uneventful except the bus driver miscalled a few roads. Was it my illness ... my mind.. No there was a fellow driver who knew me quite well and greeted me sitting shotgun. Happy Holidays he greeted me boy do you look like crap Officer. My mind was registering well enough so that I noticed a few street names were announced out of order but my ride had just started and this was but one part of the journey.

I left the bus and headed to the Ferry terminal. I purposely missed the news stand and the Au Bon Pan and headed to the waiting room. If there was a break I would pay extortion to get Vitamin water. As I had not eaten I was not concerned with the zero content and just picked a flavor I like. On a hot day four gulps and the bottle is finnished. Today my body could tolerate endless sips and the endless thirst does not end. Three dollars a bottle for Vitawater sounds like a fevered delusion, but to a NYC resident familiar with high prices in transportation hubs that is familiar.

The boat ride was familiar I sat away from the windows in the middle. Unfortunately,
some Walter Mitty sees my agency insignia and talks my ear off. It is a young kid who wants to be a super cop. The kid is not too bright, but I am disciplined enough to remind the young teen about the correct phrases per pr protocols and common sense.
If the kid knew how much paperwork was involved, he would join the military. The military makes men, except in rare cases like John Kerry. Federal agencies breed weebies ( local lingo for oldtimers we be there when you come we be there when you go) , snitches, scammers and bureaucrats.

I trudge North I see the Au Bon Pan. It is a nice break from the wind. The place reminds me not of France but of smaller places in VT that were inspired by the locals
of French descent. Northern VT where this NYC person lived in some places is very French. A NYC type living there thinks of it as a green Chinatown of another sort with really dreadful smells. Dairy farms smell much worse than anything I have ever smelt in a city. I buy the holiday special Turkey Brie with Dijon mustard and a bottle of water for $9.75. This is also no fevered delusion. The food is not for me but it is for the Tranquil Sea when she returns at 3:30 from work I like to leave something for her.

I go further North seeing familiar sights. There is the beloved Italian Sausage/Cheese Steak Truck just South of Bowling Green. I never miss a chance to eat there if I have a day off and am going somewhere else. In my condition even this spot of NYC heaven is beyond my ability as I can't even imagine handling that food in my present condition. Near the end of my walk there is the Farmers Market and apple cider. Warm cider, cold cider, fresh pies and Northern knits for the Sprite. I can barely move let alone carry the huge overnight bag. Ahhh warm cider on a cold day is a part of some good days in VT.

I made it to the train station. A veteran rider knows where to stand to minimize later walking. In this case I have to walk from the rear to the front. I take the train two stops for a much longer journey. It is one train but several ride along the same route and I prefer to wait down line in Queens and get out of Manhattan. The train comes and I have planned it perfectly. My trip is going well so I am now
looking towards the train to Queens. My lucks continues as the first train that arrives is going to my destination. I have a seat and now I will battle sleep and fevered dreams and never ending thirst although my body can only take sips. I find a newspaper discarded but save it for later. I see a Swiss couple lost and remind them to transfer in two stops. They see my sweater logo and thank me. I am imagining how they are going to be cursing a different component of the agency at the airport
in a few hours.

I arrive and the air is bitter cold the wind is oddly doing a good job of keeping me awake. The stairs are long and I immediately get off the commercial blvd. In my condition avoiding people and traffic are a priority. My senses are impaired and my mind is lost in a fog.

I climb the steps with my last remaining strength and walk in from the cold.

The next part is act two Christmas wonders, noble beasts and Beakerkin?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

very stupid

Against better judgment I am going to try to make it to see the Tranquil Sea and the Sprite. I will try to head out after sun up. The extra heat will be crucial. The middle daughter offered to pick me up, but I can handle it and don't like to trouble nobody.

This visit will be hard as I am usually up and about. My strength should be better in the morning. Three days with minimal food hasn't helped. I can not disappoint the Sprite and the Maltese will not leave my side.

Violently Ill

This cold is so bad my coworkers cold hear me breathing 20 feet away. I may have to stay home.

This sucks

Violently Ill

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Personal Post

It is very easy to deal with the Ducky's, Ren, Jihadists or Nazi loons. They are hateful fools who are not quite as bright as they assume and are dealt with easily. Most of them are devoid of humor beyond the level of a fart joke.

It is just quite another experience to deal with someone who shares the same love as you but gets it so tragically wrong. I love my nation and though I do not have the exact same political positions as AOW, Mr B, Justin, Pagan and of course Warren we all share a love of our country and Americanism. It really disturbs me when people who claim to share this love go off into kook theories of racial hygiene. My country does not have second class citizens Black or otherwise. One can not love America without grasping that this egalitarianism is central to who we are.

Over time I have come to have a deep and profound respect for Christianity based upon the readings of Alvin Schmiddt, Zola Leavitt and the wonderful lives and examples of many of the lives of our family who have Christ in their soul from Junglemom, to Justin, Warren, TMW, AOW, Z and Elmer for starters. I am not a Christian, but I do have a very special place in my heart for the divine grace and decency I witness daily. Christ is the bridge that allows non Jews to partake in the spiritual fulfillment of the Judaic prophecies. It really disturbs me when someone who describes themselves as a follower of Christ starts to go down the same path towards racial hygiene. Maybe I do not have a degree in Divinity, but I know this is not in the hearts of my friends. I just do not grasp how one could be a decent person and hold such vulgar views.

Expect some stupidity from the Duck, it is what he does. I really feel sorry for those who just don't grasp the essence of Americanism. It is more pitiful and tragic than sad.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My first Christmas

I am in the odd situation of celebrating Christmas with my Hindu family. They do not go to Church, but really decorate the home. I want to be clear that I have not converted from my original faith. However, in the interest of peace in the home I am participating fully. I think I will make another Turkey with some creamy mashed potatoes.

My step daughter is expecting a child soon. I am interested how the Sprite will react to a younger niece. She has had the focus of 100% of the attention and will have to be a big sister for the time being. The little Maltese should be fine as he spends all of his time with me anyway. He is very clever and gets his point across. He brings me the harness if he wants a walk. He licks my beverage if his bowl is empty. He never forgets to get his cut when I eat.

I haven't always lived well, but am now getting to see poverty up closer than I like. Things that I do normally like toss out leftovers are not done here. The dog in the back yard eats the leftovers and the little Maltese will grab any bone I leave on the plate. The daughter has figured out that the food I leave in the cupboard can be made quickly. Then again if she wants canned fruit be my guest a can of peaches and pears never hurt a kid. She does not eat the salmon or tuna in a can.
Someone poached the chicken in a can for some nefarious use. I tend to use it as emergency dog food.

I have given the Tranquil Sea a pair of Uggs. I told her to lock them at work as her coworkers will steal them. Mine are not much better, but someone keeps stealing my lunch at work. Why anyone would steal flat bread Chicken sandwiches with ranch dressing and pickles is beyond me?

Merry Christmas.

I should be away from Wed night until Monday for the next two weeks. I will be calling some of you over the phone to wish you seasons greetings.

For those wondering about this blogs history

In the early days of this blog we had a moronic gay Dane from the UK posting anti semitic crap known as the Recidivist. He started a few fights here and got his butt kicked. Over time the imbecile was caught using multiple aliases to support his idiotic positions notably as the low loader. When one has email notification of comments this type of duplicity is readily noticed even when it is canceled by the author.

The so called Communist who claimed that justice in the USA is worse than Iran and China and that gays executed in Iran or Saudi Arabia are all guilty of other crimes.
He is rather fond of certified crank dot net author Simon Jones whose work appears on Jewish Tribal Review. The fact that the far left in the states does not see through this speaks volumes about their stupidity. That being said Justin did a job on this loser when he started this garbage on his site. Rob Bayn figured out this was a hateful person with reality issues.

Over time the loon deleted his blog. He started out as Fizzzhog101 and then Poison Sweet Madiera when he got AIDS.

He is alive and well, albeit just as dumb as ever, and is posting in the Brittish Democracy Forum. I did get a laugh because he seems to borrow from our insults. He was very bothered when we mock his bigoted garbage with the term Jooooooo. I found great comedic satisfaction that he tells a critic to reeeed the post. He also has posted here as 167. One can see the rampant antisemitic obsessions where he describes the US economy as a Zionist Ponzi scheme and evil Talmud quotes. He even posts an article by noted crank Kevin MacDonald.

In doing this research I noticed that a certain blogger who swears he is not gay and has a fixation on the size of my genitals and excrement calls Nanc, Nancompoop in 2009. It is just a mere coincidence that Beakerpoop and this antisemite are the only two people to have used that term.

Now I have been called gay so many times that I have lost count. In my case as an enlightened NYC type this is an error. I am not bothered by this error as I know plenty of decent folk who just happen to be gay. In fact other than that they live rather unexceptional lives. Leave it for someone who screams about homophobia to go on a tear when he is revealed to almost certainly be gay. In the case of this sicko it is a matter of being low class and deranged. I do not recall any gays ever making nasty comments about my genitals or excrement, other than this fool.

Insist on a fair trial for Bradley Manning

There are those who point to Manning's orientation as a cause of his espionage. The truth is that we should be careful before jumping to any conclusions as the Navy has some odd history. Way back in 1989 we were told a suicidal homosexual depressed over
a relationship caused an explosion that killed 47 including Clayton Hartwig the accused. It turned out that there never was any evidence that Hartwig was gay, or that the tragedy was anything other than a tragic accident aboard the USS Iowa.

I do not believe anything the lowlife Assange says, but Manning should have his day in court. If he is found guilty, he should be sentenced according to the guidelines established by military protocol.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Tea Party vs Cocktail Party Kill the Dream Act

The dream act is a false and pork laden excuse to send more dollars to Big Education.
Nobody, that I know is opposed to granting a quicker path to citizenship for those brave people who serve in the military.

The rest of the act is a mishmash of lies fed to us by the lefties at the DC cocktail parties whose sole purpose seems to be promoting the Old Bolsheviks Club in higher ed. At present the USA reserves 20,000 immigration slots for graduates of American Universities. This is in addition to allowing educational providers and non profits to bypass the cap all together.

Sorry, but allowing people to get a path to citizenship for reading Marx, Chomsky, Mench, Fanon and study useless Social Sciences is more pork. Let those who want this benefit get Accounting, Engineering and Hard Sciences degrees or reap no benefit. The poster children for this rancid pork filled legislation should be Ayers, Chomsky, Angela Davis and Mental Ward Churchill.

Either higher ed commits itself to depoliticizing its hiring practices or it gets defunded.

Seasons Greetings and Beatings from Beakerkin

I want to wish my Christian readers a Merry Christmas. Being a true Christian is a true gift. There are those in the web who forget the part about all being equal so long as they accept as their savior. I truly feel sorry for those who think skin color has anything to do with the noble message of salvation for those that believe in their hearts.

I also would like to draw attention to impostors who seem to think that Marx is part of religious traditions. They are most familiar in their liberation theology incarnation, but Jews face this cancer in the form of the small Renewal movement. Yes we mean you "Rabbi" Snaglepuss. These cancers seek political opportunism at the expense of genuine traditions. They are members of a death cult sicker than anything described in scripture. They are not Jews, Christians, Americans, Israelis or Euros. They are the modern incarnation of evil in our times.

There are those on the left who feign ignorance that the left has used and abused Muslims for their own purposes. They pretend that the Communist Party of Iran had nothing to do with installing the lunatic clerics. Moreover the initial US hostage crisis in Iran bore greater similarity to classic leftist PR terrorism than historical ransoms by Barbary Pirates.

There is an alliance of evil between Communist, Jihadis, Greens, Nazis and Anarchists. The fake World Council of Churches champions communists even as they persecute Christians. They champion Jim Crow style Shariah even as Christians flee to Israel for safety. The only thing that binds this alliance of evil is Jew hatred and mindless anti Americanism.

These impostors make self serving claims like that of Rabbi Snagglepuss that he has never been a card carrying member of the Communist Party. He has spent a lifetime working with them in Capo style down to acceptance of trutherism which at its core is the new version of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

As for the Marxist claim of Eurocentrism, no group is more Eurocentric than the far left. When Africans told Rowan Williams to stop making a mockery of their faith Williams told the Africans to shut up. While the press focused on the gay issues Williams mockery of his fellow Anglicans dealing with Sharia in Africa was the hidden part of the story. The only African that Williams could count upon was Desmond Tofu Marxist hypocrite who at least has said a few words about Zimbabwe.

Christmas is a time to recognize the gifts of Western Civ and the bounty we have. We should recognize sometimes those who claim to be Christians are sometimes badly mistaken about the noble message. We should also castigate those who cheapen the spirit of the noble message by attempting to twist the message to further a criminal
death cult.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Beakerkin's Revenge on Media Presents

Have any of you wondered what would happen if Dr Yeagley was given the role of Indian in the Cupboard. We now present this crazy scenario. In the film a young boy has a key given to his mother by his grandmother. It opens a cupboard to which a young boy places an Indian figurine that comes to life.

Boy: You can move...
Yeagley: Well some of my critics and allies say that I am in the closet but a cupboard is ridiculous.
Boy: You can talk English.
Yeagley: Listen here you racist clown I have a Phd in Divinity From Yale.
Boy: Does that mean you can take a funny stick and divine water.
Yeagley: No you imbecile it means I study Spirituality and God.
Boy: Where are your weapons? What is this you are carrying a tome of Edgar Allan Poe, Moby Dick and the Bible.
Yeagley: What did you expect a PHD to read Truman Capote or Gore Vidal.
Boy: But you are supposed to be a mighty warrior. I want a refund ..
Yeagley: Not all of us are warriors. There were scholars and traders and men of God.
Boy: So what wisdom can you impart.
Yeagley: Now go to the fridge and bring back some gourds and I will teach you the sacred Indian Gourd Dance.
Boy: Okay how about these.
Yeagley: You are obviously the product of inferior education, those are eggplants. Now go back to the fridge.
Boy: You're insulting. I do not like you.
Yeagley: The feeling is mutual. An Indian of my status deserves to be in a more upscale home but a paycheck is a paycheck.
Boy: H'mmm if the cabinet makes Indians come to life I wonder what happens when I place the Indian in with this Godzilla figurine.
Yeagley: Hey you don't even think about that I proclaim this cupboard as a reservation. Noooooooooooooo

Tune in next week as what would happen is our Antisemitic Duck was cast in the role of The Ugly Duckling.

The only constant in life is the unexpected

I am firmly convinced that in life the only thing that remains the same is the unexpected.

On the work front I will be returning home. My team member with the heart attack returned to work earlier than expected. I will be expected to do more mentoring which is not to my liking. I prefer to do my own work but alas it will not be. The vegan held the fort down and my huge office is in tact. Many friends are gone to Natz and some are leaving for hell as I return from it.

I never expected to be thrust into a parental role with the older kids or grandparent.I arrived into chaos and more food that would make me ill. The little Maltese was licking my beverage so I knew his bowl was dry. He follows me everywhere and does not eat dog food when I am present. The son's dog is viscous and I avoid him except when tossing out food. Imagine my surprise when he ate the premium dog food that the little guy wouldn't go near. I did buy two packs of turkey bologna and gave the poor guy 3/4 of one pack.

The Sprite was sick and it cut into quality time with the Tranquil Sea. I did get a few moments in between Daddy get this. I was on my way to the far grocery when my daughter insisted on going with me. Normally, this is a way for me to avoid food that makes me ill. My daughter has figured out that if I am arriving she can grab a meal. Unfortunately, she is not patient enough for the Greek Dinner so Subway got some business.

I place the Lunchables in the fridge expecting them to be used as expected for lunch.
Then again if the kid wants Turkey and crackers it will do. What is more surprising is someone else figured out that I use the white cans of chicken as emergency dog food and they are gone.

I am spending time with the middle daughter. Her husband vanished before the holidays and as expected she is besides herself. Unfortunately, in these cases the first weekend will be the worst and Christmas on top of it. The little bum is a piece of work and contacted me. I told him off and told the ass I am not a messenger service and do his own dirty work.

Unfortunately, I will be playing the role of Howard Cunningham instead of Chandler Bing. Then again, I have been evolving into a more parental role for a while. I did learn that the Tranquil Sea is meaner than I. I imparted some very tough love and what lessons I learned in life. A person that ran or threatens breakups will run or act at a more convenient time. It is a fault of character and though they might do well in the short term life throws them some nasty surprises long term. I never did meet one who lived happily ever after.

I will have to pay close attention to the middle child over the holidays. My daughter in law is due in February. It will be hard on the Sprite who for now will not be the center of attention.

This turn of events did not come from casting central, but it is better than expected.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Voyage Home

My journey to hell ends shortly. I will be returning to my nice office. Unfortunately,
due to someone else on my team being rotated I will not return to my function. Thus the whims of some idiot in a far away office have kept me away from my job for six months. I will be doing more mentorship at least until my peer returns from a heart attack. I prefer to do rather than fix the mistakes of others.

However, I will be leaving as Cool Hand Luke unbroken, unrepentant and tougher than when they sent me on detail. Some people who sucked up did soft time. I did hard time
and the hardest stretch by far. Tis better to do hard time than be a kiss $@$521

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I will be spending much of the remainder of the month with the Tranquil Sea and the Sprite. The Sprite is on winter vacation and her mother is working. Thus it is up to the old timer to provide entertainment. If the weather is not too cold I will probably endure some Museums and perhaps the Bronx Zoo.

Unfortunately, I often get an extra kid so I prefer to keep the trips closer. The Sprite is very well behaved but her same age niece is somewhat of a pain. For reasons unknown I always get a lecture to take Cookie when I go with the Sprite. I try and remind the the oldest daughter that her kids have a father but...

Of course I will do some reading with the Sprite. I had to explain the Kenneth Roberts book is written in English and the terms she could not grasp were ship parts. The scary part is that I was able to read at collegiate level in the fourth grade and Rav Roov about the third. As the nieces and nephews age it is apparent how unusual this is.

As for the bird brained Duck, reading comprehension is not one of his strengths. It would help if he would get his head out of his backside, but it is a job requirement
of commies world wide.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I don't get it sometimes

I am at a loss to grasp why on earth the middle daughter made curried goat. You can eat the stuff all day and be lucky to get any actual meat. In frustration I tossed what appeared to be a knee cap to the Maltese. I couldn't get it back and I tried bribing him with Turkey but he wouldn't give up that knee cap. I gave the dog some turkey anyway because I am a soft touch. The dog gnawed on it for four hours non stop
except for my losing turkey.

I just went out to the west Indian Chinese place up the block to get a few dishes and found an order placed there when I arrived. We always order way too much and the food lasts for two days.

I find it odd what the kids will leave alone. The applesauce with cinnamon gets left alone as do the Heinz Gerkins. The Barrel Pickles from Manhattan go faster than I can shake a stick at. Brownies go fast but Boston Cream or Key Lime Pie gets left alone.

My daughter knows I prefer to shop alone because I am fast and decisive. She does not let me do this too often. I did get the lunchables because young kids seem to adore them, but I have to be careful to select the ones with poultry only. It is a great convenience for the Tranquil Sea who does not have to pack lunch. She does chide me on their cost $4.00.

As far as politics and the home believe it or not the subject never comes up. The notion that I would not get the family a Christmas Tree or not be there as a member of a family is unthinkable. I just used a line or two from Zola Levitt to explain the relationship between my people and Christ. Most important is the concept of family unity and togetherness.

Small gestures seem to transform the place like eating together or letting the kids bug me while watching a movie make the place more home like. I always take a nap during the day so I can be awake when the Tranquil Sea comes home a 3:45 A.M. We talk for a bit and I always have leftovers.

The weather was so bad the Maltese took care of business and ran right home. The rain did not bother me but the wind was nearly 70 MPH. I would not attempt to walk the dog in that type of wind. The dog places his head in the harness and is used to the pre walk preparations. He does not leave my side and sleeps by me. On my own I sometimes explore the area and remember to take him in good weather. I do have to take a carrier and take him to the dog run in Union Square in the spring.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Communist Stupidity

One is quite familiar with the false claims of Communists of alleged anti intellectualism of their critics. Commies pretend the mantle of when preaching their idiocy. They point to those advocates who want to teach intelligent design or creationism in school. In actuality that conversation lasts about a minute or two. Compare this with their emphasis on teaching young kids about homosexuality at all ages.Unlike my peers, I have no problem with teaching people to respect those who are different, so long as it is not a high pitched preachy rant. Yes we should grasp that many people are different in color, height, weight, ethnicity, religion and some live differently. This is quite different than discussing techniques and the age at which that is appropriate is a topic for serious discussion of a separate post.

I want to point out that commies have a fixation with Jews that exceeds your average red neck fixation with Blacks. Thus we are not shocked to find an inordinate number of far leftists and commies comprising 9-11 Truthers. Even an expert on cranks like Art Bell notes the rabid paranoia and Jew hatred amongst the conspiracy clowns. Facts and science don't mean much to lunatics creating idiotic claims and using the same techniques as Holocaust deniers. The Duck and lefties feign they have nothing to do with these rants. Most amusing was Weasie who pretended to be some sort of intellectual while clinging to Zionist Pearl Harbor 9-11 Truther nonsense.

Before, I go further I wish to point out the difference in spirit. A Christian like AOW, Z, Junglemom, Warren, TMW and of course Justin holds their religion as a positive core value. They serve the poor as Christs calling or in the case of Rav Roov as a community calling. This also separates them from the frauds who mix hateful
class warfare and seemingly add Marx to the Testaments. The guilty parties know who they are and if you are preaching Liberation Theology or its Jewish corollaries you are neither Jewish or Christian in spirit or function. Note the actions are heart felt things that are positive aspects of their life.

I want to immediately point out so called Rabbi Snagglepuss and Howard Zinn lent their names to a Truther Petition. When the scandal became larger they claimed to be lied to. Of course Rabbi Snagglepus once again fails to notice the large presence of anti semetic clowns that even Art Bell noticed in about two seconds. We can ask what type of so called "American" believes that a government barely in office created a massive conspiracy requiring hundreds to kill about three thousand for expressly political purposes. Bill Clinton's finest moment was when he dismissed a 9-11 heckler
and even Bill Maher dealt with these nuts. Is Rabbi Snagglepuss acting as a Jew or a freak show specimen far leftist trying to be with the Cult of Marx at all costs.

Now the Duck can claim correctly, that he has never engaged in this brand of idiocy.
It is included on rants of blogs he visited and their owners had to be shamed by yours truly and others for permitting the modern blood libel on their sites and differentiating their own positions.

Moving onto the fixation and lies by Commies about Jews and Israel. Commies frequently point out with mock horror that Israeli Id documents point out religion. Commies are also quite silent in that their beloved Soviet Union listed Jew as a Nationality on their ID documents. Anyone remotely familiar with international ID will point out that this is done in every Muslim country as well including those that are practically ethnically cleansed.

The Communist Shlomo Sand has decided for political purposes that Jews were an invented people. For his efforts he has been hailed as a scholar. In his warped theory Ashkenazis are Khazars with no collection to the land. The problem was that evidence shows that like Philistines, Khazars disappeared from history. There has been zero evidence of any concrete nature. Moreover, repeated genetic and linguistic studies have shown this to be a comedic hoax. Indigenous people have rights except when they are Jews or in the path of communist aggression in Nicaragua, Laos or elsewhere. Yasser Arafat and Prof Said who were hailed as Palestinians were in fact Egyptian. The claims of ethnicity by the Hmong, Commanche and even the people of Brooklyn are superior to claims of Palestinian ethnicity. The people of Brooklyn hail Spike Lee as our leader except he is not even from Brooklyn. The people of Brooklyn are about as related to the Canarsie Indians as Arabs are to Phillistines who lived in Gaza, not Judea and Samaria and were invaders from Crete and can not be found in the writings of Josephus.

Arabs have furthered this by claiming their was no temple in Jerusalem and that the Cave of Rachel is a Mosque. In fact the Dome of the Rock has zero connection to Islam
and Jerusalem is never mentioned by name in the Koran. The structure was actually a Church appropriated by Muslims and billed as the furthest mosque in a political feud.

Further making this comedic is the place is described in Arab literature and even the name Al Quds derives from the Hebrew name Mikdash or Temple. Of the Duck who claims to be a Christian needs to ponder if his soul-mates are saying no temple in Jerusalem then no Jesus and who was that man described by Josephus briefly.

The Communist obsession with anti science and logic is not as great as their political need to erase the Jewish people. If Jews are not related to the people of the Bible than the State of Israel has no legitimacy.

There are several flawed logical points. Repeated genetic studies have shown Jews are related. Moreover, the entire obsession with a genetic Judaism by the left is not too far removed from the Third Reich. Eugenics was part of the pure science of the left approach and Margaret Sanger did want to eliminate less desirable types and was very far removed from her historical portrait. History has shown us that when God is removed or a leader is God under Communism that bodies pile up quickly.

The primary flaw is Judaism has from its start discouraged but eventually accepted converts as equals. Thus my Irish, English, Scott and Cherokee sister in law has converted before she met her husband and is an equal in the community. The notion that she is somehow less equal on the basis of genes is an affront to my egalitarian democratic values that are at the core of my Americanism. This egalitarianism is also the cornerstone of Christianity. In fact my strident opposition to racialism and frequently homophobia stands in stark contrast to Communist stoking and rationalizing of the most strident forms of Jew hatred masquerading as anti Zionism.

Communists also invented man made global warming and foisted it as a fact. The truth is Communist regimes had dreadful records on the environment, worker safety and human rights. The nature of thinly disguised Marxists posing as guardians of the planet and the moral arbiters of anything is pure comedy.

Sorry, there leftards but as a moderate you live with the delusions of superiority.
For example communists live with the myth of great art created under communism. In reality none of it will have the lasting cultural impact of your average Disney film like Bambi or Shrek. Even the best accounts of Communism in Literature comes not from its followers, but from its critics Orwell, Pasternak and so forth.

Make, no mistake that the next time a lefty points their finger at their imagined
belief in science, logic or moral superiority you heard the score here.

I would sooner have people of honor like the Christians I have named above or even the Pagan Temple than the hateful so called men of "reason" who falsely proclaim themselves intellectuals.

Do not sing Plastic Jesus at your office

I created quite a stir by singing Plastic Jesus in the break room. It was recognized as a chain gang song from Cool Hand Luke. All of my peers remain broken but I am defiant. There is a limited number of days that an officer of my grade can be assigned such nonsense. Had I whistled the theme from Bridge over the River Kwai it would have been obvious.

Ten more work days. Luckily I will be using three more vacation days and combined with the holiday it is over. Unlike Cool Hand Luke I do not die at the end of the picture.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Not thrilled tonight.

One of the aspects of work I despise is having to attend these retirement and holiday parties when I should be at home with my daughter. Unfortunately, unless you place a human face in the minds of imperial management your career may suffer.

It is no secret that I despise many of the local practices that are at times out of Cool Hand Luke. However, my spirit and fire have not been broken. I have marked the time unrepentant and have had to serve a stretch that is considered hard time. Welcome to the electronic sweatshop era that the union calls the electronic plantation.

Tonight, I will be playing Jack Benny at a retirement party when I should be dad. Sadly, it is a price that I play to further my career. Although, I am active in the union, careers and peace often come down to these functions.

Management is not to thrilled as I loathe and despise media circuses. They were not unhappy that I excused myself and took sick time. I really was sick, but the notion of holding fake media events disgusts me. Yes, I grasp we are a public agency and these sickening events are part of the job. However, I am too honest and a factually
correct quote about working conditions could end a career in a hurry.

I will see the Sprite and Tranquil Sea tomorrow.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

The end of Socialism

What we are seeing is the erosion of the Euro left socialist dream world. The young are throwing temper tantrums about paying for tuition increases. In Greece their are riots over measures to restore budgetary sanity.

The left kept on increasing the size and scope of entitlements until the economies could not sustain themselves. In the case of Greece and Ireland they managed to do this with negligible defense spending.

The idea was to import immigrants from nearby to provide the lower wage labor and continue the party. The jobs moved away and the immigrants did not assimilate and added further burdens on the safety net. While the house was burning the far left ignored the crisis and attempted to co-opt the rage of the immigrants and the young jobless with mindless anti Israel and anti US mania.

In a world where the far left was less relevant they attempted to create the United States of Europe. Bad economies such as Greece imploded and required bailouts by stronger states. All the while the basic the foundation of the socialist nanny state remains unquestioned.

The Euro far left and their pseudo American cocktail party echo chamber have great faith in Obama. Yet Obama is more unpopular than ever amongst all types of Americans.
Ask an unemployed person if he wants government programs or a job? The majority of Americans have seen their lives turn for the worse under Obama. After getting creamed in the election Obama decides he wants to compromise with his foes on tax cuts. Obama is trying to be Clintonian in order to survive. God knows what a lame Duck Obama is capable of.

The new era will be much tougher and we can not fund everything. A more prudent public must demand our resources be spent wisely by an accountable government.

Watch the hand of Obama trying to funnel dollars to the Bolshevik Club in higher ed

I want to point out I favor granting the military the right to recruit illegal aliens and convey citizenship benefits after national service. This is a policy that most conservatives can agree with.

However, conveying status for people studying anthropology and reading Marx for two years is abomination. Further more the US Government already provides 20,000 slots reserved for Masters graduates of American Universities under the H1B program. A large percentage of these people marry US Citizen spouses or get employment visas from their employers and we are glad to have them.

Say no to more pork for the Old Bolsheviks club in higher ed.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Media morons

A story in the newspapers had the familiar headline. Potential terrorist targets military recruiting stations. The suspect lived in Baltimore and had a hispanic name. The story in the MSM also reported some grudge against the Armed forces. Most of us have issues with our employers at times but a detail seemed missing.

Searching the familiar blogs we learn the suspect was a recent convert to Islam. Of course this fact was omitted in the MSM accounts for reasons.

Those of you who have read the writings of Stephen Schwartz are familiar with the scandals of the types of Imams being assigned to prisons. The common bad joke in NYC is that the person's new religion is prislam. We almost can go to the circular chicken and egg bit if violent types are attracted to this radical form of Islam or if radical Islam merely brings out the worst in marginal types. The suspect had a criminal past that predated the conversion and was not exactly Pat Boone or Wally Cleaver.

At a point that long has since passed we need to get serious about this problem. The media portrayals of some of these suspects as mental health defectives also misses the mark. Potential attacks on the military should be treated as capital crimes and carry the death penalty. Of course previous communist criminals like Bill Ayers have set bad precedents. This suspect should immediately embrace Marx and apply for a job in higher ed and claim Bill Ayers as a role model.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


My stint is down to 19 work days. I shall be back at my desk January 2. The service has made some interesting changes while I was away. I visited my desk for a few moments yesterday. I am not pleased that I am doing the worst job for eight weeks instead of the traditional four, but many have opted to retire leaving us short. If I must serve time I prefer to serve as Cool Hand Luke.

In my rush to close the office two of my favorite CDs got misplaced. However, I located another copy of It Came from the Beach. The music at the new spot is vile and worthy of a bad trip to a medical office.

I will be taking Thursday off. Hopefully, I will finish Captain Caution and then do the last Kenneth Roberts book Boon Island. Then it will be onto historical fiction set in Poland.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Jackie Mason vs Michael Lerner

Jackie Mason and "Rabbi" Michael Lerner have some things in common. Jackie Mason is actually an ordained Rabbi with impeccable credentials. In person he downplays this aspect of his life and never wants to be called Rabbi. He is a first rate comedian and is very personable and charming. The entire staff of the Concord Hotel is familiar with the off stage persona and he is quite the gentleman off stage.

Michael Lerner is a political activist who is also "Rabbi". His credentials are somewhat disputed by some. However, the State of California does recognize him as such.He is a Rabbi in the same manner that Snagglepuss is a Lion. Snagglepuss tells everyone he is a Lion while not acting Lion like. In fact he appears to be a comedian who is unaware he is a laughing stock. The State of California should also start licensing comedians and grant "Rabbi" Lerner this title.

For those of us who are unfamiliar with this comedy act Lerner is famous for some widely reported comedy classics. One needs to drop some LSD in order to fully grasp socialism. This is perhaps why those of us who loathe Socialism don't get it as we failed to take the required illegal mind altering drugs. Lerner is also on record for having a wedding cake that read "smash monogamy". He also is on record claiming
"I dig Marx". Marx merely was a rabid antisemite well known to all except Lerner. In fairness given his history this merely may be a misquoted love for the wit and wisdom of Chico Marx another talented comedian.

The term Rabbi means teacher and who Lerner teaches remains unknown. He does have a small congregation of similarly minded lunatics so he is the Rav in an asylum.

Lerner does point out that he is not nor has ever been a card carrying Communist. He has merely worked with them and seldom veered from the party line accept when the folks at ANSWER got too blatantly antisemitic and for some work in the era of Soviet Jewry. He considers Black antisemistm to be the fault of the Jews and has made some cliche statements about Palestinians that one would expect from lunatics like Chomsky.

I was going to make a joke about Lerner and Cornel West remaking the beloved Gene Wilder and Pryor films. Undoubtedly West who has a commercial streak could do his end of the job well. Lerner could never portray the mensch like qualities of Wilder who seems to be decent in all his films. Wilder served in the Army and was apparently a very devoted husband and family man. One could probably learn more about Judaism from watching the Frisco Kid or listening to a Jackie Mason comedy skit than from listening to the Hippy new age heal the world bunk of Lerner.

There is a cancer impacting most religious orders. Polical lunatics have attempted to subvert Churches and synagogues on behalf of an idiotic death cult movement. The most familiar manifestation of this abomination is "liberation theology". Several Popes have spoken out against it and African Anglicans have rebelled against the imposition of this blasphemy from Europe where there politically correct clowns who talk about colonialism told the Africans to zip it.

In general the traditional definition of who is a Jew is

1) Anyone born to a Jewish mother
2) A convert

However, Jews do not consider those who convert to other religions to be Jewish. Thus a person who accepts Christ as their savior is a Christian and those who convert Islam are no longer Jews.

Rabbis like any other profession have those who are dedicated to their congregation and those who have lousy ideas. Rabbi Kahane was one with really dreadful ideas but clearly was knowledgeable in Judaism. Jews who do not practice remain Jews who have lapsed. Jews who misbehave and are vile like some famous White collar criminals are
still considered Jews, who are pariahs within the community.

The truth is many have written about the religious aspects of Marxism. I leave it for the reader to decide if those who follow the path of Marx remain Jews in any context. Many are like Snagglepuss proclaiming they are lions while acting quite differently. The actions of Marxists in rationalizing and stoking populist antisemitism are well established.

When seeking authentic voices in the "Jewish Community" from those who practice the religion caveat emptor.

We propose that the State of California license comedians instead of clergymen. Practicing comedy without a license should be fined. Al Franken can purchase a license because he has never earned it by merit.Lerner does appear at time to be 90% comedy sketch.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Obama's Rage by Dinesh D'Sousa

I disrupted my Kenneth Roberts marathon to review a book that appears to be much discussed but seldom read. I have read several books by Dinesh D'Sousa and all of them are worth reading.

The title of laziest blogger on the Web belongs to Gene of Harry's place. Gene is the so called American presence on Harry's Place. He is your typical Europhile Socialist Cocktail Party Gadfly without an original thought. He does make the cliche anti American lefties feel comfortable by echoing their idiotic nostrums. Mostly, he repeats whatever the folks at Huffington post without bothering to do original work like reading books before commenting on them or listening to the talk radio shows before expounding imagined expertise. His sole expertise appears to be what type of food goes with white wine and Prozac.

The loons at Harry's Place posted what appeared to be a reasonable point. Glenn Beck making an insane comment about Obama inheriting political views from a father he barely knew. I decided to watch TV and on reruns I watched the Beck show on reruns and saw that the point was about a book that Gene failed to mention. Moreover, the
hysterical comments talked about Churchill's bust and the Mau Mau uprising which was a minor point in the book. It was fairly obvious that Gene does no original research and does not even bother watching the shows he comments on at length.

For the record, now that I commute I seldom get the chance to watch Fox News or listen to Talk Radio. I am familiar enough with the Soros sponsored lies to look for the facts before rushing to judgment. A comedic classic was when traitor Renegade Eye
went off on a rant about what appeared to be a song in dreadful taste called Obama the magic negro played on the Limbaugh show. The idiot was corrected by Craig Bardo (a brilliant Black Conservative) who set the record straight. The song was actually making fun of Al Sharpton's claim Obama wasn't authentically Black. It was a witty piece of satire from the clueless loons who think Al Franken is funny.

The book dismisses birthers and is actually too mild in tone. We have seen many far left types imagine that their Cold War antics were anti colonialism. The facts are that this is merely a guise that Bill Ayers types use to cloud their treasonous actions on behalf of Communist goonery sponsored by China, the USSR or Cuba. We have seen this fan dance where Fake Rabbi Michael Lerner points out he never joined the Communist Party. He merely pretends that his actions in aiding and abetting Communists brutality were anti colonial. In reality these movements merely replaced one form of colonialism with a more brutal form with a local face.

The book is thought provoking and well worth reading. The author does hint that we have not been told the actual story of the political freak that was the mother of Obama. The book furthers my suspicion as to the real reason Obama's grades have been hidden as the specter of a President who has benefited from affirmative action appears likely.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Spending some much needed rest with my new family

I am spending the day with my family and then am off to spend time with the Tranquil Sea and the Sprite. My family does enjoy having me around even if it is for a few days.

I will be back at work Friday. My sentence is almost finnished and I will return to my desk. My journey will be complette with a blistering report on these barbaric practices. Most of the fellow members of my tour have mellowed. I seem to be angrier than ever and unrepentant. Seniority, needs to be respected and there are rewards for length of service on normal jobs.

A good friend retired yesterday and I will miss her. She was not allowed the dignity of returning to her office to retire. She spent her last months in the company of many she did not know. At least when I left Vermont I was accorded the honor of spending my last days in my home unit with whom I took great pride in serving. There is a slim chance I may be headed to DC or to another section upon my return. I long for my warm office and the sound of Surf Music and the picture of John Wayne on the Wall.