Sunday, December 26, 2010

How to get a point across to a punk non violently

I was amazed as time stopped on Christmas Eve. I sleep lightly so for me to bounce awake is quite ease and I awake very functional even when sick I am sharp. My task is easy as the little Maltese hears sounds before I can react. His reaction was strange as a stranger gets one reaction. Known people get different sounds louder the more important. He stirred and then looked disinterested. I dressed and did a fast analysis
and noticed the pit bull would have shredded a burglar and he was calm so it was someone we knew. I remember before I was awoken by a bit about locking me in with the Maltese to keep the house tidy by the middle daughter. The Maltese does not have to be locked with me as he stays with me by nature except when patrolling the front doorred. I was not surprised to find her husband who had abandoned this same household and cost me a bundle in the house. This low life has cost me plenty with his disappearing act right before the holidays and I was in no mood.

I asked the middle sister where the Sprite was and got an answer. I told the same daughter I am taking the pit bull out back for some running. The knave says "He'll bite your white ass". I pointed out that the dog in question is smarter than he is and doesn't bite the hand that feeds it. The daughter told me to go out the front door. I agreed and decided to take my little Maltese companion with me for a walk.

It was a polite way to let the idiot leave with no confrontation. I walk out and he is gone no a conflict. It works with most normal people but as luck would have it, I get a moron of exceptional ability. So the boy band reject alcoholic mendicant wants a greeting. I remind him to keep running. He is quite good at it and it is only a matter of time till he runs again. People without character are doomed to their fates. The problem is between me and my wife we will work it out. I told him to hit the road and keep going.

Still determined to send a message he comes in the next day at the Christmas Party. My girlfriend had to work and would have been mortified with him in the home. In fact she cried about this jerk's antics two hours earlier. As I do not believe in violence except to protect and there were young children present my options were limited.

He entered and tried the boy band flunkie retard charm bit. I told him there are no holidays or words between us and never say another word in my direction again. I left without my coat even though I was sick. His wife tried the bit the problems are hers but this act has made my girlfriend cry and has cost me cash. I reminded her that their problems had impacted me.

I walked in like John Wayne and said " There are things that even I can not accept.
I am picking up my coat and heading out. Kindly, tell the wife when you are ready to leave and I will return when the company has improved. He said I am out of here and his friends left. I pointed out the atmosphere had improved markedly. I was prepared for the other alternative as well.

I had got my point across without violence, profanity or police. In local terms this is unheard of. The girlfriend wasn't mad when she found out and was proud the boy was put in his place.


beamish said...

Never underestimate the eloquence of gunfire.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, be careful, your relationship is sounding like a couple codependents who are going to wind up on Dr. Phil.

beakerkin said...

Mr B Unless you are John Wayne or look supper cool in a gasmask gunfire is for experts.

In NYC they do not like bar style fights especially amongst young kids. It leaves the house looking like I went on a feeding frenzy.


Leave Psychology to those trained
in the discipline in this case your
officer Beakerkin. My tactics cleared the unwanted guests no property damage, no scarred children, no police and no fighting.

The children learned from my example and I had to explain the
situation. I could have used the other alternatives, but the kids were watching.

I walked into the room like John Wayne and laid it out to the punk.
If he chose to stay I would have won as well as he would have been
pressured to go by the family in an hour or two. Remember, I am respected by community elders as well as the sane youth. Some of it
is based on my relationship with the Tranquil Sea and others is as a
community leader.

CM said...

The world is tuff no matter what color you are, we all have near the same experiences in this crazy thing called life.

Family and ex's......gotta be tuff and stand your ground for your love ones.....remember that boy named "Sue"!

beamish said...

Mr B Unless you are John Wayne or look supper cool in a gasmask gunfire is for experts.

Don't sell it up. Gunfire's easy to master. You point your gun at whoever or whatever you want to put a hole in, and squeeze the trigger.

None of that waving a pistol and giving warnings that you'll shoot if the punk doesn't leave immediately bullshit either. There must be ther sweet deafening report of a firearm causing shit in drawers like a Pavlovian response.

Draw, point, shoot. If it took you longer that a quarter-second, you're milking the situation like a drama whore.

Draw, point, bang. You could even just shoot the wall behind his head. I guarantee they won't want to discuss the finer points of why you want them to leave. And only the suicidal will come back.

beamish said...

"It is better to be feared than loved." - Machiavelli

What's better:

"I respect Beakerkin because he's so nice and understanding and really sensitive to the people around him"


"I respect Beakerkin because the last guy that disrespected him got hung on a meat hook and kept alive by being fed slices of his arms and legs until there wasn't enough flesh on them left for his intestines to turn into shit. And then Beakerkin really got demented with a blow torch."

I wasn't going to be the biggest guy in school, but I made damned sure I was the meanest.