Thursday, December 09, 2010

The end of Socialism

What we are seeing is the erosion of the Euro left socialist dream world. The young are throwing temper tantrums about paying for tuition increases. In Greece their are riots over measures to restore budgetary sanity.

The left kept on increasing the size and scope of entitlements until the economies could not sustain themselves. In the case of Greece and Ireland they managed to do this with negligible defense spending.

The idea was to import immigrants from nearby to provide the lower wage labor and continue the party. The jobs moved away and the immigrants did not assimilate and added further burdens on the safety net. While the house was burning the far left ignored the crisis and attempted to co-opt the rage of the immigrants and the young jobless with mindless anti Israel and anti US mania.

In a world where the far left was less relevant they attempted to create the United States of Europe. Bad economies such as Greece imploded and required bailouts by stronger states. All the while the basic the foundation of the socialist nanny state remains unquestioned.

The Euro far left and their pseudo American cocktail party echo chamber have great faith in Obama. Yet Obama is more unpopular than ever amongst all types of Americans.
Ask an unemployed person if he wants government programs or a job? The majority of Americans have seen their lives turn for the worse under Obama. After getting creamed in the election Obama decides he wants to compromise with his foes on tax cuts. Obama is trying to be Clintonian in order to survive. God knows what a lame Duck Obama is capable of.

The new era will be much tougher and we can not fund everything. A more prudent public must demand our resources be spent wisely by an accountable government.


Titan said...

The Road to Serfdom.

beakerkin said...

We live in a leaner meaner era. The largess of the left will yield to a more pragmatic results and accountability era.

The days of the left dictating are finnished as even Obama knows the game is over.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, I really enjoy your posts about life in New York and with your family. But please stop trying to be a visionary when it comes to Old Europe. You are a nice guy and your optimism is part of it, but it is totally uncalled-for here.

beakerkin said...


The problem is that even as the UK tries to put its house in order we have a fool in DC. What happens there eventually happens here.

The problem with government is that, the public just never gets around to asking is this the governments job. The days of throwing resources at a problem with no accountability are coming to an end.

In the States a great part of the Tea Party movement that is frequently misunderstood is the aspect of accountability. The Tea Party seeks a smaller more accountable government.

There is somewhat a frustration with government that is unaccountable across the pond as well. In the UK the Tuition hikes are just the latest part. Much of the mayhem has been organized by Trotskyites and Marxists doing what they do in these times populism.

I guess the question should be why
is it so common for a person my age to have one or no biological children. The liberal laws and culture of divorce and commonality of anti family psycho babble made forming a family bridge too far.

I love my step daughter with all my heart. However, the costs that I endure are daunting but well worth it. My love for the Sprite is the glue that holds everything together in rough times that are few and far between. Her smile is the reason I endure stuff at work that would raise people's hair.

Things that I knew such as a family sitting together and enjoying a meal together are quaint. On the nights I am with the Tranquil Sea I take an early nap to be awake when she arrives at 3:30 from work in the airport.
I don't remember doing this in other relationships, but it is similar to my mothers not eating until my father arrived home.

It was easier when I was born as one person was going to stay home to raise kids. There were brothers and sisters, cousins and kids all over. I look at the Sprite and see her world. Both parents work and I am not around much. Is the larger TV the answer or is time more important than living with less. I should be with the Sprite tonight,
but I am at a retirement party rubbing elbows with powers that be.

In a small company where everyone knows each other this is not needed. Sadly, in a larger imperial work place where faces and careers are tossed to the wind in political spats are the norm. I
will essentially be playing Jack Benny or Gabe Kaplan on a night I should be dad.

Ducky's here said...

@beakerkin -- Her smile is the reason I endure stuff at work that would raise people's hair.

One of those government pens run out of ink in the middle of signing a form?

The_Editrix said...

Well said, Beak!