Friday, December 31, 2010

Blaming Bloomburg

It now appears that the delayed response to the snow removal was some sort of job action. Labor actions end when public safety is endangered. There were cases of people dying due to the inability of emergency responders to deliver timely first aid.

The Mayor has been a bit arrogant. The entire planet knows that Manhattan gets the lion's share of resources and it does not matter if one lives in Harlem or Tribecca. Denying the obvious does make the mayor look bad.

If it is indeed true that the delays were caused by illegal labor actions the Mayor should start termination proceedings and pass the liability issues directly to the union. If a wrongful death suit seeks redress the liability belongs solely and squarely upon the union and not the taxpayers of NYC. If the union is forced into bankruptcy, this is what they deserve.

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The Pagan Temple said...

Sorry Beak, but if there was a wrongful death the city should pay through the nose the same as the unions. The city is responsible for the actions of its employees when it comes to public safety or for that matter anything else. Public sector unions should be disbanded. They are supposed to be public servants, for gods sake. The unions have turned them into leeches, and now you see the result.