Friday, December 10, 2010

Not thrilled tonight.

One of the aspects of work I despise is having to attend these retirement and holiday parties when I should be at home with my daughter. Unfortunately, unless you place a human face in the minds of imperial management your career may suffer.

It is no secret that I despise many of the local practices that are at times out of Cool Hand Luke. However, my spirit and fire have not been broken. I have marked the time unrepentant and have had to serve a stretch that is considered hard time. Welcome to the electronic sweatshop era that the union calls the electronic plantation.

Tonight, I will be playing Jack Benny at a retirement party when I should be dad. Sadly, it is a price that I play to further my career. Although, I am active in the union, careers and peace often come down to these functions.

Management is not to thrilled as I loathe and despise media circuses. They were not unhappy that I excused myself and took sick time. I really was sick, but the notion of holding fake media events disgusts me. Yes, I grasp we are a public agency and these sickening events are part of the job. However, I am too honest and a factually
correct quote about working conditions could end a career in a hurry.

I will see the Sprite and Tranquil Sea tomorrow.


Always On Watch said...

I count my blessings that, over the years of my career, I had very few of these parties to attend.

Truth be told: once I get home from work, I want to STAY home.

The_Editrix said...

Private events, such as birthdays and retirements, are celebrated within office hours in Germany with the consent of the boss. It usually doesn't take longer than one hour or so. Gosh, DO I hate cake with cheap sparkling hock! They must have been weaned on that diet. Even worse are those breakfasts paid for by some clueless woman to make up for her lack of leadership skills. You don't know about what to talk and there is all the work that ought to be done instead.

Official bashes after work hours held by the company are usually quite nice because they pull out all the stops (tax-deductible!) and one can talk, with luck, to interesting people. But those have become a rare treat because of the economy.