Friday, December 17, 2010

The only constant in life is the unexpected

I am firmly convinced that in life the only thing that remains the same is the unexpected.

On the work front I will be returning home. My team member with the heart attack returned to work earlier than expected. I will be expected to do more mentoring which is not to my liking. I prefer to do my own work but alas it will not be. The vegan held the fort down and my huge office is in tact. Many friends are gone to Natz and some are leaving for hell as I return from it.

I never expected to be thrust into a parental role with the older kids or grandparent.I arrived into chaos and more food that would make me ill. The little Maltese was licking my beverage so I knew his bowl was dry. He follows me everywhere and does not eat dog food when I am present. The son's dog is viscous and I avoid him except when tossing out food. Imagine my surprise when he ate the premium dog food that the little guy wouldn't go near. I did buy two packs of turkey bologna and gave the poor guy 3/4 of one pack.

The Sprite was sick and it cut into quality time with the Tranquil Sea. I did get a few moments in between Daddy get this. I was on my way to the far grocery when my daughter insisted on going with me. Normally, this is a way for me to avoid food that makes me ill. My daughter has figured out that if I am arriving she can grab a meal. Unfortunately, she is not patient enough for the Greek Dinner so Subway got some business.

I place the Lunchables in the fridge expecting them to be used as expected for lunch.
Then again if the kid wants Turkey and crackers it will do. What is more surprising is someone else figured out that I use the white cans of chicken as emergency dog food and they are gone.

I am spending time with the middle daughter. Her husband vanished before the holidays and as expected she is besides herself. Unfortunately, in these cases the first weekend will be the worst and Christmas on top of it. The little bum is a piece of work and contacted me. I told him off and told the ass I am not a messenger service and do his own dirty work.

Unfortunately, I will be playing the role of Howard Cunningham instead of Chandler Bing. Then again, I have been evolving into a more parental role for a while. I did learn that the Tranquil Sea is meaner than I. I imparted some very tough love and what lessons I learned in life. A person that ran or threatens breakups will run or act at a more convenient time. It is a fault of character and though they might do well in the short term life throws them some nasty surprises long term. I never did meet one who lived happily ever after.

I will have to pay close attention to the middle child over the holidays. My daughter in law is due in February. It will be hard on the Sprite who for now will not be the center of attention.

This turn of events did not come from casting central, but it is better than expected.

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The_Editrix said...

"The Sprite was sick and it cut into quality time with the Tranquil Sea."

That's why she was sick. Children are a wily lot.