Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Tea Party vs Cocktail Party Kill the Dream Act

The dream act is a false and pork laden excuse to send more dollars to Big Education.
Nobody, that I know is opposed to granting a quicker path to citizenship for those brave people who serve in the military.

The rest of the act is a mishmash of lies fed to us by the lefties at the DC cocktail parties whose sole purpose seems to be promoting the Old Bolsheviks Club in higher ed. At present the USA reserves 20,000 immigration slots for graduates of American Universities. This is in addition to allowing educational providers and non profits to bypass the cap all together.

Sorry, but allowing people to get a path to citizenship for reading Marx, Chomsky, Mench, Fanon and study useless Social Sciences is more pork. Let those who want this benefit get Accounting, Engineering and Hard Sciences degrees or reap no benefit. The poster children for this rancid pork filled legislation should be Ayers, Chomsky, Angela Davis and Mental Ward Churchill.

Either higher ed commits itself to depoliticizing its hiring practices or it gets defunded.


The Pagan Temple said...

If they were to pass that monstrosity, any illegal could sign up for any phony online course and get citizenship. The ones that went into the military might amount to about five percent of the total, at most. Most of them would qualify just for getting a GED. Democrats never cease to amaze me with the creative ways they manage to prove just how full of fucking shit they really are.

Thankfully, its dead for this year, which means its dead for the next two years.

The_Editrix said...

"The ones that went into the military might amount to about five percent of the total, at most."

A tiny or even imagined laudable minority is often used to further the cause of an aggressive and harmful majority. Homosexuals who want to "marry" because they so long to have a monogamous relationship come to mind, or peaceful Muslims.

beakerkin said...


Those in the military have a path to citizenship.