Sunday, December 19, 2010

For those wondering about this blogs history

In the early days of this blog we had a moronic gay Dane from the UK posting anti semitic crap known as the Recidivist. He started a few fights here and got his butt kicked. Over time the imbecile was caught using multiple aliases to support his idiotic positions notably as the low loader. When one has email notification of comments this type of duplicity is readily noticed even when it is canceled by the author.

The so called Communist who claimed that justice in the USA is worse than Iran and China and that gays executed in Iran or Saudi Arabia are all guilty of other crimes.
He is rather fond of certified crank dot net author Simon Jones whose work appears on Jewish Tribal Review. The fact that the far left in the states does not see through this speaks volumes about their stupidity. That being said Justin did a job on this loser when he started this garbage on his site. Rob Bayn figured out this was a hateful person with reality issues.

Over time the loon deleted his blog. He started out as Fizzzhog101 and then Poison Sweet Madiera when he got AIDS.

He is alive and well, albeit just as dumb as ever, and is posting in the Brittish Democracy Forum. I did get a laugh because he seems to borrow from our insults. He was very bothered when we mock his bigoted garbage with the term Jooooooo. I found great comedic satisfaction that he tells a critic to reeeed the post. He also has posted here as 167. One can see the rampant antisemitic obsessions where he describes the US economy as a Zionist Ponzi scheme and evil Talmud quotes. He even posts an article by noted crank Kevin MacDonald.

In doing this research I noticed that a certain blogger who swears he is not gay and has a fixation on the size of my genitals and excrement calls Nanc, Nancompoop in 2009. It is just a mere coincidence that Beakerpoop and this antisemite are the only two people to have used that term.

Now I have been called gay so many times that I have lost count. In my case as an enlightened NYC type this is an error. I am not bothered by this error as I know plenty of decent folk who just happen to be gay. In fact other than that they live rather unexceptional lives. Leave it for someone who screams about homophobia to go on a tear when he is revealed to almost certainly be gay. In the case of this sicko it is a matter of being low class and deranged. I do not recall any gays ever making nasty comments about my genitals or excrement, other than this fool.


CM said...

Mudwuwah, (hello, how are you)

I was not around when these people called you these names, but I can relate to being called a lesbian, when I am not. I think people who attack or have others attack for them may indeed be hiding or fighting against these tendencies.

I am happy that now the Military men and women who fight/work to protect our Freedom for those that lable people are now able to live the lifestyle they have had to keep hidden. Maybe the bloggers and others who hide thier lifestyle(while attacking others)can come out of the closet also. Its better to live and let live, it's a sin to lie, and also not good for your health! Forgiveness is Healthy! To be able to express your feeling is also healthy, suppression is not, to lie is not! Seems some people have to use others to express themselves, that is not healthy either. The end of one more year is coming to an end, and I wish for nothing but the Truth for everyone, even if its hurts you, the Truth is best in the end!

Beakerkin, Have a Merry Holiday, however you celebrate it or even if you don't, I know you love those around you that do, you are like that, you are Truthful in all you do.

beakerkin said...


Have a happy Holiday. Take a look below at the Christmas spoof the Indian in the Cupboard played by Dr

The real Yeagley is not known for his humor.

Ducky's here said...

Why all the cheap homosexual gossip, Beak.

Yeagley come out of the closet to you or something?

beamish said...

How's that gerbil doing, Ducky?

beakerkin said...

Actually, this is not gossip as 167
does call himself the Gay Dane.

Now we get onto more interesting territory. You have frequently used the gay epithet at Mr. B who is clearly not gay. You have also called Dr. Yeagley gay and there is some dispute over if he is or isn't. The man says he is not. That being said he does not call people gay as an epithet like you. If I were betting who is more likely to be gay you or Yeagley, I am betting on you.

The person in question has a writing style identical to Beaskerpoop. He also has called Nanc Nancompoop. Only Beakerpoop and out friend Gertrude use that term and he has done it on Ren's blog as late as 2009. When confronted about his fixation on my genitals and with excrement the
person goes psycho. How is it I yawn when called gay and your enlightened lefty goes psycho.

1) The person is clearly not as enlightened as they seem.

2) The person is clearly gay. Even Justin who interacted with this loon was of the opinion the Dr. Smith act was over the top.

3) The use of Nancompoop by Gertrude and Beakerpoop is too coincidental to be the product of two authors.

The Pagan Temple said...

Are you talking about Gert, the Belgian transplant to England? Yeah, he is a nasty piece of work.

CM said...

Thank you Beak for giving a good word on behalf of the Indians.If we were so damned,like some wished or think...why ARE we still here?

That was a funny spoof on yeagley. But the Indian In the Cupboard was too cute a film to compare the likes of him with! He could be "Casper the wannabe fake friendly white ghost"

I find it so damned funny that yeagley in all his stupidity has dedicated so many blogs to the Indian of late. Who is he trying to fool? All fake, he must make himself throw up after every entry in which he praises the Indian to no end, calling them the last of the American Patriots. I remember when he said we rebuked and hated the American/Government and had no business to even protest anything, we should be grateful for what we were given, because the strongest won! He is a fake, liar and its getting to him. I saw him Friday at our Elders Christmas dinner, he is deathly white as casper thin as a reed. He thinks he can just walk up to anyone in their job and interview. He was told, "you have to call first for an appointment, you can't just walk in here", I was in one of the offices when he thought he could just burst in....he has no scruples, just thinks because he is white he can push his way around the Indians. I gave Nick a quick hello, but completely ignored the white man!

beakerkin said...


I am talking about Gert. He 100% posted as beakerpoop and has a sick
fascination with my genitals and excrement. He vehemently denies this, but he is using Nancompoop on Ren's blog in 2009. Only, Beakerpoop and Gert use that term. The coincidence is too great.

My problem is not that he is clearly gay. I have many friends who are gay, but are high class enough not to pose disgusting questions about my genitalia. The comments were disgusting and disturbing and in no way funny.


The Indian in the Cupboard is a wonderful book. I also spoof Yeagley in the All in the Beakerkin Family series. Yeagley borrows polyester bedsheets and joins a cross burning. The image of Yeagley leading Klansmen in a cross burning singing "Some Enchanted Evening" is funny. He is much funnier than George Jefferson.

The_Editrix said...

TPT said: "Are you talking about Gert, the Belgian transplant to England? Yeah, he is a nasty piece of work."

Indeed. He fouled up my blog a couple of times as well. He is an arsehole, stupid, too.

beakerkin said...


What also makes him unusual is that he is a crybaby and devoid of humor.He threatens to black mail me, but cries like a baby when Melchett Mike says that he plans on visiting him for ice cream.

I am having a hard time thinking he is gainfully employed given the amount of time he spends on the web.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, you're into mud slides and water sports? Wow, whoddathunkit.

beakerkin said...


You got the wrong guy.