Saturday, December 11, 2010

Do not sing Plastic Jesus at your office

I created quite a stir by singing Plastic Jesus in the break room. It was recognized as a chain gang song from Cool Hand Luke. All of my peers remain broken but I am defiant. There is a limited number of days that an officer of my grade can be assigned such nonsense. Had I whistled the theme from Bridge over the River Kwai it would have been obvious.

Ten more work days. Luckily I will be using three more vacation days and combined with the holiday it is over. Unlike Cool Hand Luke I do not die at the end of the picture.


Z said...

Super post, Beak.
I have to say I, too, don't mind teaching people to respect those who are different, but I draw the line at championing, elevating, those who are different, and I, like you, believe that age has a part in when you teach children things like this.

You lump me in with amazing CHristians and it humbles me; I should be like them!

This got me the most "Sand has decided for political purposes that Jews were an invented people. For his efforts, he has been hailed as a scholar."
WHAT? Yes, the Jews were invented ....BY GOD :-) What makes me really giggle is how's he answer when asked what the Palestinians are?,...a group of wandering arabs who came from everywhere else and are now used to scratch the scab of Israel every time peace has started to settle in a little too long for the Palestinian's taste.

And, isn't it the truth about God's removal from any society....we need to learn from this but our leftwing drowns out fact and reason.
God bless you, Beak xxx

The_Editrix said...

Can somebody explain what the message of "Cool Hand Luke" is? I saw it in Ireland on TV in the early Seventies. I just had a look at its Wikipedia entry and the following sentence summarizes it quite aptly: "Luke demonstrates an unquenchable spirit and the other prisoners begin to idolize him, particularly after he wins a spur-of-the moment bet that he can eat fifty eggs in one hour." What a wonderful hero. I felt similarly about Frances Farmer in "Frances" with Jessica Lange. (Gosh, that woman is obnoxious!) As Luke does, she gives the impression not of a rebel with a legitimate cause, but of somebody self-destructive who is unable to at least basically adapt to a given, though unpleasant, situation.

I'm not one to sniff commies and leftists everywhere, but the film seems to me an early example of the great victimology cult of which the entire West is now suffering.

Always On Watch said...

Counting down the days, huh?

Ducky's here said...

Plastic Jesus is available on a very good Smithsonian box set, "The Best of Broadside". You know, Beak, that music broadside that a couple of communists printed in their apartment in Brooklyn.

Very influential at the time.