Friday, December 17, 2010

Beakerkin's Revenge on Media Presents

Have any of you wondered what would happen if Dr Yeagley was given the role of Indian in the Cupboard. We now present this crazy scenario. In the film a young boy has a key given to his mother by his grandmother. It opens a cupboard to which a young boy places an Indian figurine that comes to life.

Boy: You can move...
Yeagley: Well some of my critics and allies say that I am in the closet but a cupboard is ridiculous.
Boy: You can talk English.
Yeagley: Listen here you racist clown I have a Phd in Divinity From Yale.
Boy: Does that mean you can take a funny stick and divine water.
Yeagley: No you imbecile it means I study Spirituality and God.
Boy: Where are your weapons? What is this you are carrying a tome of Edgar Allan Poe, Moby Dick and the Bible.
Yeagley: What did you expect a PHD to read Truman Capote or Gore Vidal.
Boy: But you are supposed to be a mighty warrior. I want a refund ..
Yeagley: Not all of us are warriors. There were scholars and traders and men of God.
Boy: So what wisdom can you impart.
Yeagley: Now go to the fridge and bring back some gourds and I will teach you the sacred Indian Gourd Dance.
Boy: Okay how about these.
Yeagley: You are obviously the product of inferior education, those are eggplants. Now go back to the fridge.
Boy: You're insulting. I do not like you.
Yeagley: The feeling is mutual. An Indian of my status deserves to be in a more upscale home but a paycheck is a paycheck.
Boy: H'mmm if the cabinet makes Indians come to life I wonder what happens when I place the Indian in with this Godzilla figurine.
Yeagley: Hey you don't even think about that I proclaim this cupboard as a reservation. Noooooooooooooo

Tune in next week as what would happen is our Antisemitic Duck was cast in the role of The Ugly Duckling.


Christkindl said...

Tis the season to be gay, I, I, mean jolly. Fa lalalaLA la la la lala.

Unt peasche on zee eart, goot vill tovards zee mensch (unt zee vumins, schtoo.)

Weihnachtsmann said...

Ho, ho, ho.

Beakerkin is a comedic genius.

The_Editrix said...

That abysmally unfunny creep is bound to scan the Internet for any occurrence of 'Yeagley'.

Hey arsehole, did you twig the difference between patronage and parentage in the meantime? Let me give you a hint: While Yeagley's parentage is as iffy (or is it icky?) as your patronage of him, they are by no means the same.


beakerkin said...


The film is a really delightful tale that I watched with my daughter. I was wondering would the film be better with Yeagley.

On a practical matter it takes more than DNA to make an Indian or Jew. One thing people get wrong about Indians is this notion that they lived in Green Eden.In actuality they lived very tough lives dedicated to hard word. The
Indian was usually a skilled trader
and deeply spiritual.

On a simple level we can think of Christian soldiers of faith. Yet somehow the notion of an Indian having the same spirituality on the field of battle gets lost in translation.

The Indian did not know from racism
or antisemitism, these are European
fixations. The Indian knew a type of nationalism that was heart felt at the local level. Essentially, this was my tribe and the others were outsiders.

Indian societies were not perfect, but neither was anyone else. Nor does the above rationalize the crimes committed against them. The
notion of Indians as angels and Europeans as evil incarnate is Communist fiction and takes away from our understanding of everything.

Much of Yeagley is a lost soul trying to be something he is not.
He badly misunderstands many things starting with Americanism, Christianity and the essence of Indians.

The_Editrix said...

Oh Beak, I am so sorry! That's a misunderstanding. All I did was to refer to the first two comments in this thread which are, no doubt, by that creepy haemorrhoid of Yeagley's. That said, I don't think that a new discussion of Yeagley would take any of us anywhere.

beakerkin said...


If we have learned one thing about Yeagley he has no sense of humor. Let him read the satire and the whole bit will go over his head.

THE Notorious Button Pusher said...

Wow, I must a hit a couple a more nerve buttons there! Those really worked well, even if I do say so!

Nevertheless, I accept your patient and even handed, though humorless, tutelage concerning my somewhat questionable, if creative, use of the word patronage. I should have spelt it pateronage, to clarify, and thereby coined that new word defined as an amalgam of the pater and patron, both of which appear questionable regarding Obama.

After all, the matter of the latter was Obama's pater, no question there being of the matter of the Materonage. It does appear that Stanley Ann Dunham did in fact birth the first Post-American president even if it is still uncertain as to where. And although my alleged patronage of the Good Doctor is, as you confirm, iffy, I take it you don't mean his parentage was icky. I doubt even you are that much of a Grinch this Christmas season.

(Don't you just love good Catholic girls, I, I, I mean, middle aged sourpuss equestriatrixes?)

That Abysmally Unfunny Creep said...

Who? Me?

beakerkin said...

Ok Winters

You have had your fun kindly post under your own name.

Yeagley is humorless and mostly clueless. These are not words said in anger, but a clinical look at a destructive nut. He had an excellent gig going as a media pundit. However, his vulgar and stupid views killed that job for him. Even his foes recognize that Yeagley has no greater foe than himself.

That being said nothing would make me prouder than for Yeagley to see the error of his ways. One can not truly know Christ and hate fellow Christians because of their color.
One can not be an American in spirit without grasping that we are a nation of equals who share a common set of beliefs regardless of race.

There are reasons to be against Obama. His policies are dreadful and he is a joke as a leader. There
is no need for race baiting or conspiracy talk.

Yeagley needs to wise up, but if he did he would not be Yeagley.

Colonel Hogan said...

Beakerkin said:

"...kindly post under your own name."

I will if you will.

Click here:

beakerkin said...


I write under the name of Beakerkin. You may post as you see fit under the name of Winters.

I know Bad Eagle is a bore. It has been so for a while and the fault is Yeagley's. He allowed a rabid bitch to run the place into the ground.

There is no point in arguing with Yeagley. His heart is full of venom
and he makes a mockery of the ideals he holds dear.

Let him rot with Ray and Motoy to keep him company.

I have new adventures to write.

The_Editrix said...

"Wow, I must a hit a couple a more nerve buttons there!"

Yeah, that's what you're living for, right, you pathetic creep? Au contraire! You dance to my tune. See, you came out from under your stone at the push of a button.

Ducky's here said...

@Beakerkin - In actuality they lived very tough lives dedicated to hard word.


Is that why they never developed a written alphabet, too difficult.

Christkindl said...

You forgot to end your last post with ROFLMAO, didn't you?

Merry Christmas to all! And to all, a gooten nacht!

Ducky's here said...

Beak, is Betty Boop stalking you?

beakerkin said...


Indians adapted to whatever changes
were around. The Horse and gun were adopted quickly into cultures.