Monday, December 06, 2010

Jackie Mason vs Michael Lerner

Jackie Mason and "Rabbi" Michael Lerner have some things in common. Jackie Mason is actually an ordained Rabbi with impeccable credentials. In person he downplays this aspect of his life and never wants to be called Rabbi. He is a first rate comedian and is very personable and charming. The entire staff of the Concord Hotel is familiar with the off stage persona and he is quite the gentleman off stage.

Michael Lerner is a political activist who is also "Rabbi". His credentials are somewhat disputed by some. However, the State of California does recognize him as such.He is a Rabbi in the same manner that Snagglepuss is a Lion. Snagglepuss tells everyone he is a Lion while not acting Lion like. In fact he appears to be a comedian who is unaware he is a laughing stock. The State of California should also start licensing comedians and grant "Rabbi" Lerner this title.

For those of us who are unfamiliar with this comedy act Lerner is famous for some widely reported comedy classics. One needs to drop some LSD in order to fully grasp socialism. This is perhaps why those of us who loathe Socialism don't get it as we failed to take the required illegal mind altering drugs. Lerner is also on record for having a wedding cake that read "smash monogamy". He also is on record claiming
"I dig Marx". Marx merely was a rabid antisemite well known to all except Lerner. In fairness given his history this merely may be a misquoted love for the wit and wisdom of Chico Marx another talented comedian.

The term Rabbi means teacher and who Lerner teaches remains unknown. He does have a small congregation of similarly minded lunatics so he is the Rav in an asylum.

Lerner does point out that he is not nor has ever been a card carrying Communist. He has merely worked with them and seldom veered from the party line accept when the folks at ANSWER got too blatantly antisemitic and for some work in the era of Soviet Jewry. He considers Black antisemistm to be the fault of the Jews and has made some cliche statements about Palestinians that one would expect from lunatics like Chomsky.

I was going to make a joke about Lerner and Cornel West remaking the beloved Gene Wilder and Pryor films. Undoubtedly West who has a commercial streak could do his end of the job well. Lerner could never portray the mensch like qualities of Wilder who seems to be decent in all his films. Wilder served in the Army and was apparently a very devoted husband and family man. One could probably learn more about Judaism from watching the Frisco Kid or listening to a Jackie Mason comedy skit than from listening to the Hippy new age heal the world bunk of Lerner.

There is a cancer impacting most religious orders. Polical lunatics have attempted to subvert Churches and synagogues on behalf of an idiotic death cult movement. The most familiar manifestation of this abomination is "liberation theology". Several Popes have spoken out against it and African Anglicans have rebelled against the imposition of this blasphemy from Europe where there politically correct clowns who talk about colonialism told the Africans to zip it.

In general the traditional definition of who is a Jew is

1) Anyone born to a Jewish mother
2) A convert

However, Jews do not consider those who convert to other religions to be Jewish. Thus a person who accepts Christ as their savior is a Christian and those who convert Islam are no longer Jews.

Rabbis like any other profession have those who are dedicated to their congregation and those who have lousy ideas. Rabbi Kahane was one with really dreadful ideas but clearly was knowledgeable in Judaism. Jews who do not practice remain Jews who have lapsed. Jews who misbehave and are vile like some famous White collar criminals are
still considered Jews, who are pariahs within the community.

The truth is many have written about the religious aspects of Marxism. I leave it for the reader to decide if those who follow the path of Marx remain Jews in any context. Many are like Snagglepuss proclaiming they are lions while acting quite differently. The actions of Marxists in rationalizing and stoking populist antisemitism are well established.

When seeking authentic voices in the "Jewish Community" from those who practice the religion caveat emptor.

We propose that the State of California license comedians instead of clergymen. Practicing comedy without a license should be fined. Al Franken can purchase a license because he has never earned it by merit.Lerner does appear at time to be 90% comedy sketch.


Always On Watch said...

Jackie Mason is actually an ordained Rabbi...

Really? I had no idea.

I grew up listening to Jackie Mason.

Ducky's here said...

So in order to be Jewish you have to be a capitalist, Officer Obie?

Pitch till you win.

Gene Wilder? Are you kidding me. California should license actors and his should be revoked unless you go for that simpleton Mel Brooks sort of thing.

... and you are an "officer" like Snagglepuss is a lion.

beakerkin said...


Mason is an actual ordained Rabbi from a well respected program. He is very modest about this and never calls himself a Rabbi. He became a Rabbi at 25.


I am an actual officer who is called sir by well respected attorneys. The title is on my desk and job description. I also have gone through extensive training and earned that title. Also attorneys in the field consult
me frequently for advice. The legal
community in NYC would laugh at your ignorance.

You are an "educator" like Snagglepuss is a lion. AOW teaches
history and English while you teach doodling.

Gene Wilder is a beloved comedic actor who is very talented. He is loved by all for his wit and modesty. Your fellow commies Zero Mostel would disagree with your idiocy.

There is a religious component to Marxism. Plenty of famous writers have claimed it is a surrogate religion. My claim is that it is also a metal and moral defect rendering ones religion and nationality moot. The antics of Lerner, Norman Finkelstein and so forth are evidence enough.

Ducky's here said...

"I am an actual officer who is called sir by well respected attorneys."

Wait till you find out what they call you behind your back.

beakerkin said...


You are ever the fool. You are too ignorant to grasp the attorneys are smarter than you will ever be.

beamish said...

You are an "educator" like Snagglepuss is a lion.

Heavens to Murgatroyd! Exit, stage left!

[speak with lisp full effect]

Somebody get a fire extinguisher and put Ducky out.

Always On Watch said...

Beak said to Duck: AOW teaches
history and English while you teach doodling.

I say: Zing!

The_Editrix said...

I didn't know more about Jackie Mason than the fact that he is an American comedian. I just had a look at his Wikipedia entry. Interesting chap.

"Mason referred to Barack Obama as a "schwarzer" during a performance in New York City on March 12, 2009, later saying "I'm an old Jew. I was raised in a Jewish family where 'schwarzer' was used," he said. "It's not a demeaning word and I'm not going to defend myself." Schwarz means "black" in Yiddish and German."

This is beyond ridiculous. Of course "Schwarzer" doesn't mean more than somebody who is black, as "Weißer" means somebody who is white. Schwarz = black, Weiß = white. He was quite right not to defend himself. The strident demands from black lobbyists made to keep white guilt alive and thriving (and even more so if a Jew is involved, it seems to be specifically rewarding to accuse a Jew of "racism") are a shame, or rather it's a shame that they are so successful with this dirty little trick.

beakerkin said...


Mason is a person I knew years ago when I worked at the Concord Hotel.
He is funnier off stage than on it. Our exchanges in the Coffee Shop were talked about for weeks after by the staff and guests. He is a modest and charming man beloved by many.

He knows better than to use that Yiddish word. The word is perceived
as a racial epithet and it wasn't wise.

I have my own bad story with that word. A group of officers were reading a book by Michener called
the Covenant. An idiotic coworker
who was white was outraged because she heard us saying a word that sounds similar Schwartkje. The idiotic Harvard PHD thought Michener was Jewish in fact he was not Jewish. The word in question was based in Afrikaans and given to a hyenena cub in the book described as little black one.