Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Return of the Great Gasmasked Patriot

I want to point out that while we don't always agree with the Great Gasmasked Patriot he is an All American Classic.

I do not see the Tea Party as left wing. I see the Tea Party as a sometimes corrosive influence largely due for its propensity to place poor candidates on the ballot. I would also be happier if they tossed out the Paulites yesterday. The claim that Paul or his less wacky son are some sort of rallying point is sheer deception. William F Buckley made conservatism respectable by tossing out the John Birch elements. Ron Paul and his freak show followers are pretty much John Birchers with better PR.

In short it is acceptable to oppose Obama's policies and detest Obama. When we start ranting about race, Obama is a Muslim and to a lesser extent birtherism we sound unhinged like members of the JBS. There is frankly no place in anything Republican for evil Abe Lincoln crap, racial supremacists and Joooo haters. The Jooooo haters in the GOP are Paulists and who make a mockery of everything the party stands for. While Paul feigns he is the true Conservative he left the GOP in protest of Regans policies. Paul now feigns that he was a Reagan supporter all along.

While Mr. B may not be right about the Tea Party why are the Paulists there in the first place. If there is a person who is heir to the throne of Reaganism and Conservatism it is not Paul who ran against far leftist Russel Means. Paul's talk about spending is not matched by his record of pork in congress. In short the actual Ron Paul is not conservative in any way. He is a few fruit loops short of a box.

I did point out that none of Romneys supporters actually are voting for Romney. They are voting against Obama and the rant of Kid at Z's site proves my point better than my original point. Romney ran on two points I am not Obama and I am electable. Romney is basically Obama Light and has not been out there
highlighting anything other than I am not Obama.

Those of us who look around at the Obama Socialist demolition derby economy and are wondering what
will Romney do differently are scratching our heads. We wait for ideas and vision and Romey states "I am not Obama". Well in actuality the Obama we elected was not Obama the President either. He was a media annointed symbol of post racial politics droning on mindlessly about hope and change behind a Pepsi Knock off logo. When he got into office he delivered change by making everything worse. Oddly in the train wreck economy Blacks have suffered worse than any other group.

I took the other bus and was floored by all the empty store fronts. The one that hit hardest was a local Chinese resturant that had been there for at least 37 years. Even small family owned businesses using cheap often illegal labor can't survive the Obama demolition derby economy.

Has Romney stated what he intends to do to help small companies and start up businesses? Has Romney stated what is his plan to cut the explosive growth in educational and health care costs? Exactly, what are the ideas that are supposed to get Americans working again other than I am not as inept and clueless as Obama?

I am fed up with politcs we are now pitching politicians like junk food ads. We have gone from discussing ideas and vision to packaging. Gee Obama is infront of a Pepsi logo so Romney should adopt a logo based upon a Tide Logo.

Where are the ideas? Where is the vision ?


Ducky's here said...

I think you should have nominated Herman the Pizzaman or Michele Pray Then Straight Bachmann or L'il Ricky Retardo or Fats Gingrich or Rick Perry (R - Dumbass Texan). I mean that field was so full of douchebags you wonder the primary process went on so long.

Don't worry, Beak, Romney won't shitcan useless Officers who spend their day listening to surf music and pushing the paper up the line.
A lot of productive folks will continue to lose ground but you're safe with the rest of the hacks.

beakerkin said...


Lets do this slowly as you are a mendicant. My work is very important
and I change lives. What vaue does training pornographers have.

Actual radicals who are trained in law schools that would not even look
at your students know when the game is on the line who to turn to.

Z said...

actually, any one of those people Ducky mentioned could do a better job than Obama. By far.. Actually, I think they all LIKE this country,too, maybe that's what bugs Ducky the most?

Beak, I love your putting TIDE for Romney. Excellent.

By the way, I saw my doc today for the yearly physical and I asked him what his doc buddies think of Obama's healthcare BS and he said "Nobody knows what's going on...what's actually going to happen" He does know he's getting dumped tons of patients because there's a doc shortage already and that's going to be TOUGH....but they're pretty in the dark.

He also said he'd heard Romney was boo'd by the NAACP yesterday...I told him I'd watched it on CNN and that he had tons of applause and a standing ovation, too. "Man," he said "I really am a victim of the media, aren't I."
I had to agree. They never mentioned the StandingO or the applause on the news he heard. Typical

Always On Watch said...

Did you hear Obama yesterday about his "biggest mistake" as President? Sheesh.

Info HERE.

Is the man crazy or something?

Ducky's here said...

Well,z, we have been telling you that health care is currently rationed in this country.

You should be able to figure it out.

Always On Watch said...

Yes, there is rationing of a sort.

There is also presently a fairly decent appeals process, albeit a time-consuming one for the person requesting an appeal.

The rationing is MUCH worse if the patient doesn't have an advocate and know how to work the system.