Sunday, August 26, 2012

Good Lord

Every now and then I am reminded that I am surrounded by people unfamiliar with the local culture. Someone born in the West Indies asked me what language Dion and the Belmonts were singing. I responded that Doo Wop is basically mostly local NYC English. At times it is comedic when another asked if Ramalama Ding Dong was the family name of my girlfriend's Guyanese family. As Ramalama Ding Dong is local slang for nasty alcoholic the answer is yes.

Sometimes, I am floored by the ignorance of Rav Roov. He apparently fell asleep when the subject of art came up. Likewise his children are complete and utter zeros when art or culture are discussed. Apparently, these areas are sorely neglected in the religious education. Then again any of AOW's students is miles ahead of these kids. Apparently, the stringent dual education of my youth has given way to sloth. I see zero value imparted by wasting a childhood with hours of religious education. Given the price of private schools one would think that a more streamlined religious studies would evolve. I find spending any length of time with Rav Roov to be an annoyance. He has gone from well balanced to a cartoon.

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Ducky's here said...

I responded that Doo Wop is basically mostly local NYC English