Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Anti Child Abuse Activist Attacked

The antics of the Satmar community continue to get increasingly outrageous. Now Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg who has been telling victims to go to the police has been attacked with Bleach. It is time for the politicians to step up and talk to the leaders of this community.


Ducky's here said...

Are the Satmar's a cult?

beakerkin said...

In a classic sense yes

1) All knowing leader who controls every aspect of life.

2) Masked modesty squads keeping the faithful in line.

3) A protect the group at all costs including violence, bribery and shunning

4) Elimination of contact with all outsiders on a non business level.

The Satmar do indeed meet the definition of a cult, albeit one with Judaic scenery.

These behaviors are extreme even by comparison to the other sects.

Anonymous said...

Beak, I've never heard of this community (haven't been by much because with working full time and being exhausted at night, I can barely get a post out a day)...
How much press is this getting?

beakerkin said...

This group is huge in NYC where their
block voting tactics have kept them
insulated. Among the rest of the community they are despised for their arrogance and buffoon like ways.

They can be found usually railing against Israel with their hands out.Their communities are based in Kiryas Joel upstate and Williamsburg.

I remember being invited to some functions in Montreal when I lived in Vermont. My only question was were the Satmar going to be present and then declining. I do not associate with this crew.