Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Join the Cult of Obama

Communists of the world drop your manifestos and listen to the real savior Barry O. Throw down your tired and dated manifestos written by a racist Jew hating dead white fool who couldn't earn a nickel.
Replace Marx with Dreams of My Father I barely met.

 Demand that all episodes of Scooby Doo be redrawn. The Mystery Van gets redrawn as the Choom Mobile. Barry O replaces Shaggy, Biden replaces Scooby Doo, Emmanuel replaces Fred, Hilary replaces Velma and Susan Rice replaces Daphne. Yes young kids can watch Barry O solve crimes while stoned.

We need to remake the Beverly Hills 90210 with the story of Barry O in a prep school in Hawaii. You can mix in elements of Saved by the Bell with Joe Biden playing Screech with a brain injury.

We need to recast Happy Days with Barry O as Fonzie. We need to redo Mork and Mindy with Barry O as Mork. We need to reshoot Batman with Barry O as Batman and Joe Biden as Robin. Ann Coulter will get to play Catwoman. Chris Cristie plays the Penguin. Rush Limbaugh plays the Joker. Newt Gingrich plays the Riddler.

Why bother venerating dead failures when you can watch Barry O abuse the Constitution with a variety
of executive orders, dismantle our military and blame everyone on the planet for his own failures.

Who needs Marx when you can have Barry O.  Who needs reality logic, economics, the constitution, sound management or leadership when we have Barry O.

Toss down your manifesto and hail the chosen one Barry O today.

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