Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Now on Fox the Last American Patriot Staring Mr B

Are you tired of all the politically correct sitcoms? Welcome to the year 2013 and the last American Patriot is Mr. B. Each week he will deliver comedic justice with a touch of napalm Missouri style.
Watch as Mr. B interacts with the mighty Beakerkin arts players

Ducky: Now why exactly do no need an assault rifle.
Mr. B: It is easier to get an elk with an assault rifle then this Porsche here.
Ducky: You peasant trash that is my car.
Beakerkin: Correction was your car.
Ducky: I'll kill you peasant scum for this.
Mr. B: If communists threaten to inflict class genocide on us remember it is better to give then receive
Ducky: You idiot you shot my big toe socialized medicine, gun control........

Tune in next week as Mr. B explains why taxes should only be raised on Marxists.


Patrick Kelley said...

Beamish the neat freak is forced via dire financial straits to share an apartment with the one person willing to take him in, notorious slob and former Congressman Ron Paul. They play cards with Officer Beak. Hilarity ensues.

beakerkin said...

That has possibilities. I like the idea of Beamish demonstrating why liberalism doesn't work. Killing an Elk with a liberal's car is not as easy as an AR11

Ducky's here said...

Tune in to meet Mr. B's new date

Always On Watch said...

Have you closed your blog? I see that it's accessible only to those registered.

Always On Watch said...

I'm glad to see that you are returning to comedy. Politics right now is damn gloomy.