Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Welcome to Lefty Animal Farm

There was a time when lefties thought they understood justice. The examples from UC Davis and to a lesser degree Canada show why they don't.

Thuggish leftist clowns occupy a public space and harass Jews. No doubt if this abuse were aimed at Blacks, Gays, Communists or Muslims those on the far left would grasp the concept. A seizure of a public space is not to be confused with Free Speech. While one is in a free space anyone may film and record the activities. The fact that lefties don't want events filmed should cause all of us to ponder what events are taking place.

The students are free to protest, write ill informed and ignorant drivel in the University Paper. However when groups physically remove others from a free space and target Jews they have just violated several rules.

The ringleaders of this occupation should be suspended for one year and any student involved in violence should be expelled.

Now to Canada via Bruce Bawer. The University created a wall where ideas can be posted. A self described gay activist took down the wall because anti gay material might be there. Sorry, but lefties
don't have the right to silence lawful speech. I sympathize with gay rights in general but actions like this make gays look bad. The issue should be argued as personal liberty, human respect and none of your business as opposed to Marxist victimology.  


Ducky's here said...

NEW YORK (JTA) -- The pro-Israel group AMCHA Initiative claimed that Jewish students at the University of California, Davis were abused and threatened at a pro-Palestinian protest on campus.
AMCHA Initiative co-founders Leila Beckwith and Tammi Rossman-Benjamin alleged that demonstrators carrying "death to Zionism" placards occupied a public building on Nov. 19 and harassed pro-Israel students.

That's it folks. That's what has Beak's knickers in a knot.
Some Kahanist freaks were upset by an anti Zionist protest.
That's all folks.

beakerkin said...

Of course if this were young Republicans abusing random Blacks for
Obama's policy you would not be so blase. When Jews are mistreated by Muslims and lefties this is peachy.