Sunday, January 13, 2013

Frum Zombie Retards

Once again the Frummies have invaded and really don't grasp that I hate them. I merely was annoyed at them up until this summer when they invaded and placed me through hell for 16 weeks. Of course none of this happens if asshole relative doesn't procrastinate and cost her kid a summer job. Of course the moron does and her son needs to attend a special yeshiva only found here. The entire family of religious mendicants stays for 16 weeks while I roast in hell.

Did I say I hate these people.

You can't enjoy a normal meal because they bring their religious idiocy with them. Of course the Sabbath ends and they stay until the last possible second and do not leave until 3am on Monday. Their kid is said to suffer from Epstein Barr but I swear it is from messed up religious parents who keep the kid up until all hours of the night.

I have grown so disgusted with these relatives that I purchased a cemetery plot in Guyana to escape these morons.

The subject of religious people showing absolutely no consideration for others never gets discussed. They think they have a divine right to piss people off. Don't they have other relatives to annoy.


Always On Watch said...

These people are nuts, Beak. Really.

Ducky's here said...

Why not just explain to them that they are welcome to share food while they are there but you don't necessarily eat kosher.

On those days when you are not eating kosher they need to make their own arrangements and they need to contribute for groceries.

Always On Watch said...

Spot on!